Chapter 6

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I wake up to Tesfaye shaking me awake gently, "Ms. Grant?" "Fuuuuuuckkkk" I groan out throwing a pillow at him. "Ms. Grant, your sister has requested you take her to school." "Aghhh fine, bring her to the car, I'll be there in 10 minutes." I mumble getting up just noticing I'm on the couch. I sigh and go upstairs getting dressed into a black windbreaker and blue skinny jeans and sunglasses for the god damned hangover. I get in the elevator and go to the garage. I see Abel standing at my car and he opens the door for me. I go in and sit next to Chuck, "hi..." She says with a slightly nervous tone, "dont talk so loud." I say to her, "s-sorry..." She mumbles looking out the window as Tesfaye begins to drive, "Carmen..." She starts, "what?" I mumbled, "did you drink last night?" She asks concerned, "none of your fucking business Chuck." I snap at her, "y-you're right, I'm sorry." She mumbles looking out the window again, "L-" "don't talk to me right now chuck." I say to her. I see a tear roll down her cheek and feel a bit guilty again, but choose to ignore it turning to look out the window. We soon get to her school and Tesfaye unlocks the door for her, "bye Carmen." She says looking at me, I give her a dismissive wave and she looks down sadly and gets out of the car. "Ms. Grant..." "What?" I snap back at him, "you shouldn't treat your sister like that." He says beginning to drive to the studio, "who are you to tell me how to raise my sister?!" I say angrily, "because you're hurting her, she loves you Ms. Grant." He says, "I love her too shes my fucking sister." I say to him, "well then maybe you should show it." He says. I roll my eyes and look out the window not wanting to listen to him anymore. "We're here Ms. Grant." He says to me. I nod and he gets out of the car opening the door for me. We walk into the building and the secretary tenses when she sees me, I caught her cheating on her husband with one of the other assholes who work here and I hate her, "what can I help you with Carmen?" She asks, "tell Kenny I'm here and I'm coming up now." I say to her walking to the elevator. I press the button and Tesfaye and I go into the elevator when it comes, I feel Tesfaye's eyes on me, "do you wanna fucking say something?" I ask him angrily, "you''re beautiful Ms. Grant..." He says shyly. I smile and blush slightly, "I'm not even dressed really...thanks." I say looking at him. He looks down trying to hide his face causing me to smirk as the elevator doors open. I lead us to a door and open it seeing my stupid ass manager waiting for us, "Hey Kenny." I mumbled going past him to the recording booth. "Carmen, you're late." He says angrily, "I had to bring my sister to school." I tell him going to the booth. He rolls my eyes as I put my headphones on, "okay Carmen, Ride, tape one." I recorded most of my album and when I was finished and came out of the booth Tesfaye came up to me, "Ms. Grant, do you want to go to lunch?" "Yes I'm fucking starving, let me just tell Kenny so he doesn't get mad." I tell him, "its fine I already told him." He says. I smile, "lets go then." I say. We go downstairs again and go to my car, "I want to drive." I tell Tesfaye, going to the drivers seat, "were gonna go to this café I like." I tell him, "are you ever gonna tell me your real name Tesfaye?" I ask him, "you ever gonna tell me yours Ms. Grant?" Tesfaye asks me, "you know my names Carmen-" "your real name Ms. Grant." I feel myself get mad, "probably not, how do you know Carmen's not my real name?" "Kenny told me." "He doesn't know what it is." I snap back, "no, but he knows its not Carmen." Tesfaye says. I roll my eyes, "fine I'll just call you Tesfaye." I say annoyed. We get to the café and get out of the car. We get in and order our food sitting down across from each other, "So what do you do when you're not protecting me?" I ask him eating my sandwich "I usually like to write music or listen to music, maybe watch some movies." He says, "you like music?" I ask him, "yes, I really like yours actually, video games is amazing." He tells me, "its just so beautiful." He says smiling at me, "thank you Tesfaye, it was my break out hit." I say smiling back at him, "its amazing." He says, "so do you write?" I ask him, "yeah, but I dont think theyre that good." He says shyly, "you'll have to show me sometime, if you like my music it should be good." I say with a small smirk. What the fuck, why was I being so nice to this loser?! He doesnt deserve to know me. "Hey, are you Carmen Grant?" A girl asks standing in front of the table with a guy, "yeah, you want a picture?" "Oh my god yes! My friend and I are huge fans of yours!" She says excitedly. I smile and stand up taking her phone from her hand and taking a picture with them, "can you sign this too?" The boy asks holding out his phone. I nod and take it from him scribbling my name down and doing the same for the girl. They both hug me and thank me telling me that they loved me, "you're welcome, I love you guys too, have a great day." I say to them as they leave. "You're great with your fans." Tesfaye tells me, "I know, I love them." "Why aren't you like that with everyone?" He asks me, "another too personal question Tesfaye." I say to him annoyed. He sighs and nods, "my apologies Ms. Grant." He says then eating the rest of his sandwich, "did you mean it when you said I was beautiful?" I ask him biting my lip, "of course I did, its your personality that isn't." Abel says to me. "Well fuck you then." "Carmen, the people who love you the most treat you like shit, do you know that?" "Well maybe there's a fucking reason." I say to him anger taking over me, "Nevermind I dont wanna talk about it anymore." I say to him as I throw $8 on the table for a tip and get up going to my car. "Ms. Grant-" "just get in the car Tesfaye." I say to him.

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