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Abel's Princess (The Weeknd + Normani Kordei) by Shesagxoner
Abel's Princess (The Weeknd + Shesagxoner
Princess Scott is arguably The Weeknd's biggest fan and she finally get's a chance to meet him after getting VIP passes for one of his shows. Once they meet, Abel makes...
It All Started With A Text❤ (Completed) by jelenaismypizza
It All Started With A Text❤ ( ♡ hiatus ♡
Unknown: Are you hot? ;) Selena: It doesn't matter 'cause I'm gonna block you now anyway . Good luck doing your business by yourself-jacking off! bye :) C O M P L E T E...
His by curlsxo
Hisby leah 💓
She knew he was no good. She knew she had to get away, before it'd be too late. But she knew she was...h i s
Call Out My Name by lovelikeabelena
Call Out My Nameby lovelikeabelena
The aftermath of Abelena break up
The Broken Clocks by Flowerbomb1
The Broken Clocksby Mother with no kids
Alixander has a greed to succeed therefore she doesn't make time for anything or anybody if it's not beneficial for her money. Many people see her in different ways and...
True Colors (The Weeknd Fanfic) #Sequel by Shesagxoner
True Colors (The Weeknd Fanfic) Shesagxoner
⚡️THIS STORY IS A SEQUEL TO MY FIRST STORY "BIRD TRAP"⚡️ Abel and Camille have beat obstacle after obstacle fighting to love each other unconditionally. Now th...
His Angel (completed) by Yellow1017
His Angel (completed)by Yellow1017
When Ally gets the chance to perform in front of her school for a contest she gets a surprise. After that night she seems to be getting a lucky streak as her favorite ar...
Broken Promises ( s. gomez x h. styles) by anettjr
Broken Promises ( s. gomez x h. anettjr
In which Selena and Harry have to go through way too many obstacles to save their love. Social Media IMPORTANT NOTE - I've written this last year and honestly, looking...
skinny legends // gc by nohasaleh97
skinny legends // gcby bebewrites
a gc w ur fav (or not) stans or celebs ! ariana grande, selena gomez , perrie edwards , justin bieber , zayn malik , taylor swift , harry styles , camila cabello , kend...
Young And Pretty by Flowerbomb1
Young And Prettyby Mother with no kids
A young attractive girl named Pili'lani (pee-lee-luh-nee) Dayfield is a regular senior in high school who's ready for the world. She has big goals, which means she doesn...
Strip    -jb- by beyfore
Strip -jb-by L
Kimberly Harris is a troubled stripper living a pain filled and regretful life just trying to make it through her life in California. Justin Bieber is a Music sensation...
Deviant  (The Weeknd + Dreamdoll) by Shesagxoner
Deviant (The Weeknd + Dreamdoll)by Shesagxoner
While trying to find an escape from his relationship drama, Abel ends up in an Atlanta strip club where he meets a dancer named Angel. Their encounters soon grow from me...
Powerless •Sequel by wordaasia
Powerless •Sequelby asia 𓂀
Months later, we see Ryan and Keith doing much better as a couple. Ryan released from rehab having her therapy sessions regularly. Keith supporting Ryan like the good ma...
Boujee || The Weeknd by KristenGrandeHeaton
Boujee || The Weekndby KristenHeaton
Boujee " she don't depend on anybody knows just what to do with get body counting all that money like a hobby she don't give a fuck about nobody &q...
Ethereal On The Eyes by Flowerbomb1
Ethereal On The Eyesby Mother with no kids
When nineteen year old Mauve, becomes a babysitter for the known happily married couple, the Tesfaye's; little did she know also became a target in Abel eyes.
The Weekend | Completed  by TrendsetterLondyn
The Weekend | Completed by Laura
Beyoncé knows Shawn is with his girlfriend Ciara. Ciara knows he has someone else, she doesn't know it's Beyoncé though. Shawn is with Ciara during the week and with Bey...
Star: Tyler, The Creator by RadicalMisfits
Star: Tyler, The Creatorby des*~
[COMPLETED] Moving from Houston to LA to follow her dreams against her religious and strict parent's advice, Rose, a troubled aspiring singer songwriter is noticed by a...
More Than A Brother-in-law 🍁 by itsDyuti
More Than A Brother-in-law 🍁by Dyuttibayo ♡
|| Former title : In Love With My Brother-in-law. || ➼ A Larry Stylinson fanfiction. If only Louis confessed his love before, he wouldn't have to face this adversity. ...
LOVE WILL AnonymousA_A
"When you get fame , you give up privacy. You should know that Selena." He said angrily. **MATURE CONTENT** #4 in Harlena - 6/03/2018 #2 in Harlena - 5/13/20...
Selena Gomez One Shots by lcseyoutoloveme
Selena Gomez One Shotsby 🌙
These are a collection of one shots featuring Selena Gomez, with a bunch of different celebrities. These are all smut, some with fluff. Feel free to request!