Chapter 7

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-later that day-
I finally get home and plop onto the couch. "Fuck..." I mumbled. It was a long day of recording and arguing with Kenny and I just wanted to unwind. I take out a ciggerate and light it taking a drag, "you know you shouldn't be doing that." I hear my bodyguard say, "I don't fucking care Tesfaye." I say looking into his calming brown eyes, "dont we have to pick up your sister?" He asks me. I roll my eyes and lay down on the couch placing my legs on his lap, "you get her, I'll stay here." "Ms. Grant, shes your sister, you should come." I roll my eyes, "fine, lets go." I say going to the elevator, Tesfaye approaching right behind me. We get into the car, me sitting in the back this time, and we go to Chuck's school. My sister comes out when she sees us, "hi..." She says as she gets in, "hey Chuck." I say with a small sigh. I see her smile slightly and look at me, "my class is going on a trip to Washington DC next week, can I go with them?" She asks, "I guess, how long is it for?" "Two weeks." She says, "two?" I say a bit surprised, "yeah." "How much is it gonna coast me Chuck?" "$250 I think." She says nervously, I sigh at the money, "fine." I mumbled. She looks at me surprised, "you'll have fun I guess, just dont do anything stupid or anything I would do." I say, "I wont Lizzy! Thank you!" She says hugging me, "I love you Carmen." She says to me, "I love you too Chuck." I say quickly. She smiles at me almost saying thank you, "I'm going to a party tonight, you gonna be okay by yourself?" I ask her, "yeah I'll be fine." She says smiling at me still, "you're gonna be okay right?" She asks me, "of course she will, I'll be there." Tesfaye says smirking at me, those damn sunglasses covering his eyes which I'm sure had pure cockiness in them. I smirk at him, "who says you're coming?" I ask, him rolling my eyes, "my contract thats who." He says. Chuck smirks at me and I cross my arms angrily, "fine but were taking my jaguar." I say smirking, "fine whatever." He says. We get back home and I go to my room to get changed for the party, I grabbed a short black dress and a pair of red high heels accompanied with makeup of course. I needed some fun tonight and why not let some nice guys buy me some drinks? I go downstairs ready to go and see Abel look at me, "do I like good?" I ask him, "yes Ms. Grant." He says to me. I nod and follow him into the elevator grabbing my purse on the way. On the way down i text Electra, asking her where it was. She sends me the address and I tell her I'll see her there, "Who are you texting?" Tesfaye asks me, "why are you so damn nosey?" I ask him annoyed once again, "is it your boyfriend?" He asked, "no he's in Italy, its my best friend, shes telling me where the party is." "You have friends?" He says surprised, "fuck you Tesfaye." I mumbled, "well you know I figured since you're such a bitch to everyone-" "are you still going on about that?! Jesus Christ." I mumbled pushing him against the wall, "sometimes you've gotta learn when to shut your mouth Tesfaye." I say then kissing him. He just kept giving smart ass answers and it was honestly turning me on. He kisses back almost immediately and puts his arms around me. I realize what I'm doing and pull away from him, "if you want to keep your job, I'd be nicer to me." I say to him. "O-okay Ms. Grant." He mumbles flustered. He straightens his tie and collar and wipes my lipstick off of his mouth looking at me still surprised. I drive us to the party and bring Tesfaye over to meet Electra, "Electra, this is my bodyguard Tesfaye, Tesfaye this is my best friend Electra." I say. Tesfaye smiles and goes to shake her hand, Electra takes it and they both say nice to meet you and shit like that. I grab a drink for me and look for a guy to have fun with.
-a few hours later-
I watch Carmen go up to a guy and they begin dancing together. She seemed to be okay until he starts to grope her, "I have a boyfriend." I hear her say. They begin fighting and the guy takes her upstairs. Everyones to drunk to notice or doesn't care so I follow them and hear they guy yelling at Carmen. I draw my gun as I reach a closed bed room door and I hear Carmen yelling for the guy to stop. I smack the door open and see Carmen on the bed and the guy trying to get her to fuck, "get off her." I say to the guy. He smirks but when he turns to me and sees the gun he listens pulling up his pants and leaving quickly. I put my gun away and go to Carmen who was still half naked and crying, "Carmen, Carmen its Tesfaye, you alright?" She just keeps crying so I fix her dress and pick her up, "T-Tesfaye-" "just call me Abel." I mumbled. "A-Abel h-he tried to-" "I know Carmen." I say to her rubbing her back and comforting her. I bring her downstairs and we get into the car, "I-I dont know if I should drive this." I tell her, "Just put it in drive and go somewhere close." She slurs. I listen to her and drive us to my house which was only two streets away. When I get there I get out and go to Ms. Grants side and help her out, her practically falling into my arms.
I look up at Abel and we looked into each others eyes, "Ms. Grant-" I kiss him and he kisses back, "not here..." He mumbles, picking me up bridal style and carrying me into an elevator. As the door closes he looks to me, "C-Carmen, y-you're drunk, I dont wanna have sex with you." I smirk, "who said anything about fucking, Tesfaye?" I ask him smirking. I pull him towards me and kiss him again, I feel his hands go to my shoulders and he pushes me away, "Carmen no..." He mumbles looking at me. I sigh and listen to him leaning against the elevator. The elevator soon stops and the door opens Tesfaye helps me to an apartment, "where the fuck are we?" I mumbled my head leaning on his shoulder as he digs into his pocket, "my place..." He says getting out his keys. He opens the door and brings me into his room placing me down on the bed, "you gonna be okay here?" He asks me, "stay with me daddy." I slur smiling, "Carmen-" "I dont wanna be alone..." I say a bit more serious. He sighs, "I'll be back Ms. Grant." Tesfaye says going to a drawer and pulling out clothes, "Tesfaye, do you have something I could do a little sleep sleep in?" I ask him with a small giggle, "just pick something out and wear it, I'm gonna take a shower." He says as he begins taking his jacket off, then unbuttoning his shirt. I unzip my dress and pull it off throwing it somewhere towards the side of the bed I was sleeping on, "for fucks sake Ms. Carmen, wait until I'm in the bathroom!" Abel says smirking, I smile and turn to him, "why? You want this?" I ask pulling at my bra strap teasingly. He looks at me for a minute but then rolls his eyes, going into the bathroom. I take out one of his shirts, taking off my bra and pulling his shirt over me. He was bigger than me so the shirt went to my upper thighs, good enough. I got into bed and pulled the covers over me.

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