Chapter 41

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-a few hours later after some stops-
I wake up in a car and look over to see Abel driving, "Hey..." I mumbled sleepily, "hi, how was your nap?" He asks me, "it was good, is chuck okay?" I ask Abel turning to look at her, "yeah she's okay, she's taking a nap too." Abel says to me. I smile at him, "thank you for, getting us out. Really, it's so nice to be completely free and not constantly scared of your surroundings." I say to him smiling at him. He smiles sliding his hand onto mine, "I'm happy you're back Car-" "Lizzy..." I say giving him a small smile. He smiles back and leans over kissing me, "I-I missed you, you know that?" He mumbles glancing over at me, "I-I know...I-I'm sorry." I say to him. I look out the window into the darkness trying to see the surroundings, "where are we?" I ask him, "we're still in Nevada." He says, how long until we get to la?" "2 more hours." He says to me. I nod and rest my head against the window, "where are Chuck and I going to stay? We can't stay with you and Bella, where will I go?" I ask him, "don't worry about it lana I've got another place for you guys, Bella won't know, we can be together." He says smiling at me, "o-okay." I say slowly.
-a while later-
We get to LA and Abel brings Chuck and I to a restaurant. It was nice, I felt kind of stupid wearing my ass shorts and a crop top a leather jacket only covering my top, "Abel you didn't have to take us to such a fancy place..." I mumbled grabbing his arm, "no one will suspect anything don't worry..." he whispers to me as he takes my hand in His and giving me a warm smile. I nod trusting him, "three please." Abel says to the waiter. He leads us to a table and I sat next to Abel Chuck sitting across from us. I rest my hand on his thigh and he does the same to me as we look at the menu, "is it okay if I kiss you..?" I whisper, "yeah," he says turning to me and giving me a kiss, "I missed you..." I say stroking his thigh gently after we break apart, "I know I missed you too Lizzy." Abel says before returning his eyes back to the menu.  I look back to mine as well and look for what I want to eat, "what are you going to get?" He asks me, "I don't know, what are you gonna get?" I ask Him. He shrugs, "maybe just some pasta and some steak or something." He says looking at me. I smile and nod then look over to Chuck who seemed to be very quiet, "Chuck are you okay?" I ask her, "yeah, sorry I'm just thinking..." She says looking over her menu at me, "I'm probably just gonna get a salad or something." She mumbles, "you want me to get a pizza and we can split it?" I ask her. She nods and that's what we do.
-after dinner-
Abel brings me to a house, telling me to cover my eyes until we get there. When we finally arrive Abel puts his hands on my eyes and guides me somewhere, "alright, are you ready?" he asks, "I've been ready for the past 10 minutes abel-" "okay open your eyes." He says letting go of my hands allowing me to lift them off my face and seeing the house I used to own here in LA, "oh my god Abel it's my house! You got it for me?" I ask him as we walk towards the gate, "yeah, as soon as you-well you know, I bought it, I hoped I'd have a piece of you since you were gone you know?" He says to me, "Bella know about it?" I ask him. He smiles and shakes his head no, "nope..." he says with a small smile, I smile and pull him into a kiss, "Am I your dirty little secret?" I ask him smirking, "yes baby..." Abel says smirking and giving my ass a small squeeze. I let out a small gasp and hit Abel's shoulder playfully, "come on let's go inside I know Chuck's probably already in there." Abel says with a small laugh. I smile and take his hand as he leads me in. When we get to the porch he picks me up bridal style and carries me in causing me to blush and laugh, "oh darling, you're so sweet." I say covering my face with one of my hands, "why do you do that car? You're so beautiful." He says to me, "I'm just so-" "what shy? Come on Car, I've known you for a long time, I know that's some bullshit." He says smirking. I smile back and hug him as he puts me down after we walk into the threshold. I smile and look around, "you left everything the same..." I mumbled surprised, "of course Lizzy, all for you..." He says smiling as he watches me walk to the kitchen then the living room then going down the hallway and to the small studio I had in my house, Abel following me, "did you find this?" I ask him picking up a CD that was under a pile of shit on my table, "what is it?" He asked me, "it was the last song I made, I sent it over here to see if Rick liked it, it was gonna be for your album..." I say to him, "is it the one about us fucking on the kitchen counter?" He asks me, "y-yeah." I say smirking at him, "yeah it's on my New album, starboy." He says giving me another small smile, "awe you named it after me?" I asked him, "yeah..." he mumbles. He pulls me into his arms hugging me tightly, "you know we've never done that right?" He asks me, "what?" "You know fucking on the kitchen counter." He says causally, "well obviously I'd like to..." I say to him. He smirks, "yeah I'd like to too..." he says, "We should try it soon..." He says touching the small of my back gently. I smile and roll my eyes slightly as I go back to the mudroom, "Lizzy, I'm going out, I'll see you later okay?" Chuck says walking out the door with a purse in hand, "Chuck we just got here-" "I know Lizzy, please just let me go, I wanna meet people and shit." she says, "okay fine, be back by 11 okay?" I say to her. She nods and hugs me then leaving. As soon as she's gone Abel backs me into the nearest wall and kisses me, his hands still heavily grabbing my breasts and my ass greedily. I smirk as we pull apart shortly, Abel let's me catch my breath as he begins to suck and bite at my neck playfully, "a-Abel, f-fuck..." I mumble. He smirks, "I can't wait to fucking hear you Ms. Grant..." He mumbles against my neck. I moan at the name he used to call me as he pushes his hands under my shirt rubbing my breasts slowly whilst licking his lips, "so good for me Lizzy..." he whispers against my cheek. I smirk and push my hands up his chest and push up Abel's shirt and throwing it to the couch, "your turn..." he whispers, doing the same with my jacket and shirt. Abel kisses me everywhere as he fondles with my breasts and brings me to the kitchen counter. Abel pushes me up against it and he pulls off my shorts and panties, "abel-" I gasp as his hand goes to my clit and rubs roughly, "look how good you are Car, loving whatever I do to you..." Abel whispers as he continues with his fingers, "oh, Lizzy you're so wet for me..." Abel mumbles to me, his voice huskier and deeper than usual, "f-fuck, Abel..." I gasp as he thrusts his fingers a bit deeper hitting my g-spot, "agh-T-Tesfaye!" I moan my nails digging into his shoulders, "close your eyes..." Abel mumbles to me. I listen to him and close them. A moan escaped my lips at a single stroke of his tongue over my slit. I arched my back off the counter while my eyes rolled to the back of my head. He kissed the inside of my thighs causing me to moan and smile enjoying the feeling of Abel's beard against me, then turning his attention alternating to each thigh, giving them equal attention, "y-you're so good..." I mumbled as my one of my hands rests on the counter, the other going into his hair. Abel pulls my legs onto his shoulders and his tongue returned to my clit, the heels of my feet digging into his back as he pushed a finger into my pussy, "a-Abel, o-oh..." I clench around his finger the vibration of his moan causing me to moan again, thumb stroking my bud and a steady stream of moans and profanities (look I used a big word) fell off my lips, "t-Tesfaye I-I'm so close fuck-" I moan my hand gripping his scalp. As he heard this he stopped, "Abel!" I say angrily but he didn't let me protest throwing me against the counter ass facing him my boobs on the cold counter, "dirty girl..." Abel whispers to me, sliding a finger across my slit, "o-oh...a-Abel agh please-" I beg him before he slams into me unexpectedly causing me to moan and grab at the counter. Abel wiggles into me a bit more "you feel so good Lizzy..." he mumbles into my ear as he places his hand on my ass, squeezing as he pushed in and out, "f-fuck, I-I'm cumming-shit" I moan and release on him resting my head on the counter, "I'm not done with you yet..." Abel says to me. I nod, "make me cum again..." I mumble to him, "You're my slut aren't you Lana?" He asks me, "y-yes daddy..." I groan as he begins to fuck me again, he felt so good moving in and out at a quick pace, "A-Abel..." I moan feeling myself getting close again, "I'm close Car, fuck..." He moans, "I love you." I say to him between gasps and moans, "I love you too Elizabeth..." he mumbles as we cum together, "f-fuck Abel..." I mumbled as he pushes in a few more times then pulls out kissing me, "you alright?" He asks, "y-yeah, c-can you clean this up I gotta go shower." I ask him and he nods, "I'll meet you in there." he says.

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