Chapter 83

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I smile as I walk to the red convertible waiting for me, "who's car is that?" Lance asks me as I get in, "it's my moms." I say to him. Lance glances to the house and back to me giving me a smirk as he drives off. He brings us to the mall where we go to a restaurant. We eat and talk for a bit Lance talking shit about students in my class causing me to laugh at his stories, "Lolita, I-is everything okay?" Lance asks me, "yeah baby why?" "Well babe you weren't in school for a few weeks," "I'm fine Lance." He looks at me with concern, "Lolita please tell me what's going on, come on I'm your fucking boyfriend." I sigh and look away from him as our food comes, "and what about your mom, you said she was dead Lo." "Dead to me Lance." I say slightly angry. He sighs and shakes his head, "so why'd she come back into your life?" I sigh, "can we talk about this when we get back to your place Lance? Please?" He huffs but nods and we continue to eat. After we're done Lance brings me to the movies and we see avengers. Lance gets us popcorn candy and drinks so we have everything we need to sit through the 3 hours. At the end of the movie I swear I saw a tear fall from Lance's eye causing me to chuckle a bit. After the movie we go back to Lance's house and I pull him into a kiss, "no Lolita." He says to me, "what?" I ask him, "you said we'd talk about what happened to you, joe come on," I sigh and hesitate, "I, I tried to kill myself Lance," I say to him, "what?! Why?" He asks worriedly. "I'm just not worth it Lance." I say to him sadly. He grabs my chin and makes me face him, "I'll prove to you that you're worth it." He says giving me a warm smile. I smile back as he pulls me against him and kisses me. His hands trail down from my shoulders, tracing my sides to my hips, then running his hands down to the front of my thighs and up under my skirt to my panties, squeezing her hips and finding the elastic waistband and pushing them down quickly causing me to whimper, lifting my hips as he drags my panties down, "Look at these baby," he says, showing me the panties before leaning back down and running his lips from my jaw to my ear. "They're all wet. Is there something you need? Is there something that you want Daddy to do?" He whispers huskily against my ear. I let out a small moan, "use your words Lo..." He mumbles as he sucks and gently nibbles on my earlobe, "f-fuck L-Lance..." I let out a shaky moan as I push my chest towards him, "you want me to touch your tits Lolita?" He asks me. I nod frantically and he smirks before kissing me as his hands slide up to grope and began to massage my boobs. I let out a whimper, built up from all the pleasure and Lance smirks and begins kissing down my neck, "I'm gonna take care of you Lolita..." Lance says as he wraps my legs around his waist and pushes me against the couch. He pulls off my shirt quickly and smirks when he sees I'm not wearing a bra, "slut..." he mumbles groaning and pressing his hard cock against my dripping pussy through his jeans as he leaned down to lick one nipple, then the other. "So beautiful babydoll..." he hummed as his hands grabbed my breasts, his thumb and fingers pinching and tugging on one nipple, his lips wrapping around the other. Fuck he was too much, "daddy...I-I need more..." I moan, arching my back and pressing my breasts into his hands. The way he's touching me made my heart beat so fast, I can feel it throughout my body, making me want more "don't be a brat Lolita." He mumbles as his teeth graze my nipple as he switches to my other breast  at the same time he grinding against my slit and pressing hard against my clit, making my hips buck up against him on instinct, "Daddy! Oh, please, Daddy!" "What do you want me to do baby?" "P-please fuck me Lance oh my god!" I moan, "mmmm I'm kinda busy right now." He says giving my nipples a tug, "fuck Daddy please I need your dick..." I moan. He slaps my pussy and I clench at his hand letting out a whimper. Lance smirks as he goes back to my nipples but lets his thigh push against my pussy as he does, tugging, rolling and squeezing. I moan as I feel myself clench around his thigh and release on him, "fuck, Lolita so dirty..." he mumbles kissing me. I hear him undoing his pants and smile happily as he pressed his hips against mine and his cock pressed and rubbed its way against my pussy as he rocked his hips. "Oooh, that feels so good, baby..." he moans, "I don't think it's enough, though, I think I might have to actually put it all the way in. You want that?" He asks me, "you want Daddy's cock in you Lo?" I nod desperately and Lance smirks and pushes my thighs apart then pushing into me, "holy shit Lance," I moan grabbing his hair, "you're so fucking tight Lolita, should've prepped you." Lance says as he stays put for a sec so I could adjust. Once he felt me relax he started pushing into me and gradually built up speed, "Daddy oh god..:" I moan, I wanted more and Lance knew that increasing the speed and thrusting upward trying to find my spot. When he did I let out a loud moan to let him know and he smiles devilishly and pounds into me. I begin to feel my stomach tightening and feel Lance begin to get sloppy and I grip his hair as I cum around him, moaning his name, "yes baby fuck..." he mumbles as he releases right after, "holy shit..." he mumbles as he relaxes on top of me, "always worth it baby..." he mumbles.

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