Chapter 64

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I wake up from my alarm and groan slightly turning over and shutting off the alarm. Abel arms were around me and he was still asleep. I pushed off his arms gently and got up, "Car?" He mumbles as I get off the bed, "go back to sleep Abel..." I mumble, "where are you going?" He asks me sleepily, "I've got to catch my plane to Sweden." Abel pulls me over to him and we kiss, "I'll miss you Lizzy..." he mumbles rubbing my side, "I'll be back soon baby." I say to him giving him another kiss and rubbing his beard. He nods and lets me go, "Lizzy we just got home..." "I know Abel, but you have to go back on tour anyway..." I say getting dressed, "I know but I love you..." He mumbles watching me. I give him a small smile and go into the bathroom doing my business taking a shower then putting my make up on. I get a text from Chase,
C- I talked to my manager and asked him if I could go with u to Sweden, he said yes
L- great I'll see u there babe
I put my phone away and went back into Abel and I's room grabbing my suitcase and kissing Abel goodbye, "I love you." I say to him, "I love you too." He says pulling me into an embrace. We hold each other for a bit longer and he kisses my cheek and neck sweetly. I hold him tighter and he kisses me, "I'll see you soon right? Call me when you get to Denmark." He says. I nod and pull away, "I'll see you later baby." I say to him leaving. I get into the car my manager sent for me and went to the airport. I see the paparazzi there as usual and give them a wave and going to my boarding line where I see my backup dancers Ashley and Alex and Ben all waiting for me. I say hi and they all say hi back Ashley and Alex hugging me, "so you're Carmen Grant?" Ashley asks me confused. I nod, "yeah but I hope it doesn't change anything with us, you guys were always friends with me when I was Lana." I say to her and Alex, "yeah of course, I was just saying because when I was younger I was a big fan of your music." Ashley says chuckling slightly, "oh thank you." I say smiling, "we can perform it too, I hope anyway, I'll have to ask Ben." I say to her as we finally get to my Jet. I sit down and text Abel that I'm on the plane and relax.
-11 hours later-
We're finally in Denmark but we have to go perform right away since we got here just in time for the show. I performed and we went back to the plane and went to Sweden. I see Chase at the airport waiting for me and hug him, "hey!" I say happily, "hi Lana." He says giving me a kiss on the cheek. We decide to go back to the hotel to get some rest and we do. Chase comes to my room with me and we sleep together. When I get up it's around 3 and we decide to go out. We go tour the sites and chase takes a picture of me and I post it. Chase and I were walking down one of the streets with a bunch of shops and stuff and Chase takes my hat away from me and puts it on, "you look adorable." I say to him laughing. He takes a selfie and posts it too. I smile and take the hat back as we go into a shop. We look around and I buy some stuff for Abel and myself. Chase gets something for his daughter and we leave going to a restaurant. As were eating I get a text from Abel,
A- is everything going okay Lizzy?
C- yes I'm fine babe sorry I didn't call I was sleeping for most of the day.
A- it's okay, love you have a good performance
L-Thanks baby <3
I put my phone away and Chase and I continue talking. Chase pays the bill and we go back to my hotel Chase walking me back to my room, "hey you wanna come in? We could rent a movie." I say to him turning to look at him. He nods and we go in, "what do you want to watch?" I ask him. He shrugs and plops onto the bed. I grab the remote and lay next to him and flip through the rentals. They were all in Swedish so I didn't really understand them but Chase found one that was in English so we watched it. It was toy story. Chase and I watched for a while and soon it was dark and I was getting more tired. I end up leaning against chase's shoulder and falling asleep.
-the next day-
I wake up on Chase and panic a bit when I see this. I think of what happened last night and relax realizing we didn't do anything stupid. I gently shake Chase awake and he smiles when he sees me, "morning beautiful..." he says giving me a small smile, "morning." I say as I get up and go to the bathroom, "I'll see you in a bit Okay? I'm going to take a shower in my room." Chase says through the door, "Okay." I say through the door. When I'm done doing my morning routine I get out of the shower wearing just my towel and go to my suitcase to get some clothes. I feel someone behind me and turn to see Chase, "you fucking scared me Chase..." I mumbled, "I'm sorry." He says biting his lip, "are you okay-" He cuts me off by pulling me against him and kissing me. I let him and put my arms around him. I feel his hands on hem of the towel and he pulls it off me pushing me on the bed gently and getting on top of me kissing me more. I feel his erection poking through his shorts against my bare clit and I pull him against me completely yearning to feel his arousal, "Abel..." I mumble causing him to stop. We look at each other awkwardly and he clears his throat getting off of me, "you should get ready for your show Lana." He says to me. I nod, "I'll see you there right?" I ask him. He smiles and nods, "of course." He says leaving my room. I feel my face turn red and I begin to get dressed, I can't believe I almost cheated on Abel. I think to myself as I get ready. I hear my phone ringing while I was putting on makeup and stop. I go into the bedroom and see it's Abel so I pick up, "hello?" "Lizzy what's going on?" He asks me angrily, "what do you mean?" I ask him confused, "I've seen the fucking news papers Carmen, Chase was in your room." He says angrily, "we didn't do anything Abel, we just watched a movie together and we fell asleep." I say to him panicking, "Lizzy I hope you're telling me the fucking truth." He says angrily, "baby I swear that's all that happened last night." I say to him. He sighs, "I-I'm sorry Carmen-" "it's fine let's just not talk about that right now, where are you Abel?" I ask him, "I'm in Vancouver about to go to rehearsal." He says to me, "oh cool, I'm going to go to rehearsal too, the show starts in a few hours." "Yeah mine too." He says, "I'll talk to you after my show okay?" He says to me, "alright I'll wait for you." I say to him, "okay I love you." He says, "love you too baby." I say as I hang up. I go out to my balcony and smoke a cigarette then head downstairs meeting up with Ashley and Alex. We go to the car and get in going to the venue. After the show I see Chase waiting for me on the side of the stage for me. I smile and walk to him and he pulls me into a hug, "you were amazing Lana, I'm so proud of you." Chase says to me, "thank you, you should let me go now, it's probably kinda gross absorbing my sweat." I say chuckling slightly and pull away from him. He nods and lets me go to my dressing room. When I get out and get dressed I grab my shit and go back outside to see Chase, "do you do anything after shows?" Chase asks me, "not really, most of the time I just wanna go home and sleep." I say to him. He nods, "I see why babe you look exhausted." Chase says as we walk to his car. When we get in and drive back to the hotel and we go to chases room to have drinks and talk for a bit. I decide to go back to my room after 2 glasses and kiss Chase on the cheek for goodnight. He smiles and thanks me as I leave. I'd get to see Abel soon.
-The next day-
Abel calls me at 7am waking me up. I answer tiredly and he says he just finished his concert. We talk for a bit and he tells me he's going home right away and told me he was hoping to see me there soon, "Abel I'll try to make it there by tomorrow morning Okay?" I say to him. He says okay, "I know you wanna go back to bed, I'll talk to you later Lizzy I love you." He says, "thanks baby, I love you too." I say as he hangs up. I put my phone back on the charger and go back to sleep. I'm woken up by Ben and he tells me I've got to go so I get dressed and we leave.
-10 hours later-
When I get home it's around 2am. I unlock the door and go up to our room dropping my shit on the ground and crawling into bed with Abel, "Lizzy..?" He mumbles out sleepily. I kiss him and pull him against me, "Carmen..." he mumbles snuggling up with me causing me to smile. I was fully awake and I missed my boyfriend so I ran a hand over his body, "lizzzzzzyyyy." He groans turning away from me causing me to smirk slightly gently drag my nails along his body, "C-Carmen," He mumbles tired. I lean down and kiss him as my hand gently pushes up his shirt, "Car..." he whimpers moving his hand towards mine. I push it away gently, "relax Abel..." I mumble as I pull up his shirt to his neck and kissed his chest down to his v line very slowly. I feel his chest begin to rise and fall faster and Abel begins to pant, "Carmen..." he mumbles pushing my hair out of my face. I look up at him, "where were you?" He asks me, "don't worry about it baby..." I say running my hand against his stomach to his shorts, "Car," he mumbles gently placing a hand on my cheek as I pulled his shorts down and licked the bulge in his shorts causing him to let out little grunts and curses along with my name as I sucked his dick through his boxers. I feel one of his hands on his cock, rubbing himself and I grabbed his hand placing it on my shoulder, "be patient Abel..." I say to him with a small smile. He watches me pull down his boxers and and sits up slightly to look at me, "Lizzy," he mumbles as I stroke his shaft slowly and kiss his tip causing Abel to gasp, "Lizzy I need you..." he mumbles looking at me. I smile slightly at him and lick his cock base to tip. He shudders placing a hand in my hair and pushing me towards his erection, "Tesfaye relax." I say to him as I rub his cock. He whimpers, "Lizzy I want my cock in your mouth..." he mumbles, "is that what you want Abel?" I ask him as I kiss his v line gently, "Yes Carmen please..." he whimpers. I smirk and grab Abel's shaft bringing his cock into my mouth only sucking the tip slowly, "Elizabeth..." he groans arching his back to try and get me to go deeper. I pushed his hips down and held him against the bed so he wouldn't move and continue to tease him. I eventually give in and begin to suck his cock going as deep as I could gagging on him. He pushes me down and holds me against his cock. I swallow and Abel moans his grip in my hair tightening. He lets me pull off and I begin to bob my head trying to get as much of Abel as I could every time I'd take in his cock, "Car I'm close..." Abel moans grabbing his base and pushing himself in and out of my mouth faster, "Carmen..." he whimpers. I pull away from him and he groans causing me to smirk, "remember when I fingered you?" I mumbled against his ear as I gently kissed the top of it. He nods and puts his arms around me as I kiss down his jaw to his mouth kissing him gently, "I want to do that again, and maybe fuck you...if that's okay?" I mumbled against his mouth. He nods as his hands go to my breasts rubbing them through my shirt, "eager are we..?" I mumbled smirking at him. I bring him into another kiss Abel pushing up my shirt. I pull away from Abel slightly so he could pull it off and he does throwing it on the floor next to us. He looks at my bra and pushes the straps down off my shoulders. I lean down towards Abel pulling him into a kiss resting my forearms on either side of his head and Abel unclips my bra pulling away from me slightly to take it off. I look at Abel and kiss his cheek gently, "you're mine Abel..." I say to him my lips barely touching his cheek, "Carmen," he mumbles rubbing my breasts. I pull down my skirt and leave my panties on rubbing myself against Abel's cock a bit causing him to let out small moans, "where's the lube babe?" I ask him, "in the drawer." He says placing his hands on my hips as I lean over him to the drawer. I feel Abel grab my ass as I get the lube causing me to jolt slightly, "sexy..." Abel mumbles smirking. I smile slightly as I open the lube and put it on my fingers, "Abel I'll be gentle just tell me if it hurts okay?" I say to him. He nods and I spread his legs kissing down his thighs gently. I place one of my fingers at his entrance and rub gently trying to get him to relax as much as possible, "Abel relax..." I say to him as my free hand goes to his cock rubbing his shaft and balls gently, "try it now..." Abel mumbles. I push my finger in and leave it in there for a bit letting him adjust, he nods and I begin to thrust in and out of him gently while rubbing his erection. Abel soon begins to loosen up and he begins to like this more moaning my name along with profanities. I add my second finger and try to go deeper into him, "Lizzy more oh fuck," he moans. I smirk pulling out my fingers and lubing them up a bit more before putting 3 of them into him, "Carmen oh, oh god..." he mumbles trying to match my thrusts with his hips, "you're being so submissive Abel, so good for me you know that? Hm?" He whimpers and whines out my name as he pushes against my fingers pushing them deeper inside of him. I curl my fingers and he moans, "Carmen yes do that again!" He moans. I smirk and do as he says pushing against his prostate rapidly, "Elizabeth! Oh fuck!" He moans releasing onto his stomach and chest, "keep going." He says to me, "Abel-" "I want you inside me Lizzy." He says to me. I nod and kiss him as I push a forth finger inside of him, "yes Lizzy fuck..." Abel grunts. I don't move right away letting Abel adjust then beginning to push in and out of Abel slowly, "Lizzy you feel so good fuck..." Abel mumbles pulling me into another kiss. I curl my fingers up again hitting Abel's prostate again causing him to jolt slightly, "does it hurt?" I ask him. He shakes his head no, "can you jerk me off too?" He asks me. I nod and take his semi-hard cock in my hand beginning to pump his shaft, Abel moans and puts his hand on my cheek gently, "so fucking good Carmen." He tells me as I continue to push on his prostate, "Lizzy I feel like I'm gonna cum again..." he mumbles looking up at me, his cock twitching and and Abel thrusting up slightly in my hand and against my fingers, "if you do do you think you could cum again?" I ask him smirking, "I-I don't know..." he mumbles watching me jerk him off and finger him, "Lizzy agh please it hurts..." he mumbles reaching his hand down to his balls and rubbing them, "Cum for me Abel..." I say against his neck kissing and biting gently, "Lizzy oh god..." he moans releasing in my hand and on himself again, "I need you, fuck..." Abel moans and he relaxes a bit, "Okay hold on..." I say to him going to my dresser drawer and getting the strap on, "I bought this for us I hope you like this baby..." I say to him as take off my panties and put it on, "Lizzy wait," "what's wrong baby?" He pulls me on top of him and he kisses me gently sliding his tongue along my bottom lip. I open my mouth and we make out for a bit. I slide the head of the strap on along Abel's cock to his hole, "Lizzy..." Abel shuddered, "you're alright with this right?" I asked me. He nods, "I love you." I tell him rubbing his beard lovingly. He nods kissing my nose, "I love you too..." he mumbles. I lube up his hole again and my strap on. I push the tip in slowly watching Abel to make sure he was okay. He seemed to tense but I kissed him and told him to relax and he listened allowing me to push in farther. He closed his eyes tightly biting his lip, "Lizzy let me adjust fuck..." he mumbles grabbing my arms that were around his neck. When he adjusts he nods and I begin to rock my hips slowly going easy on him trying not to hurt him but the feeling of the strap on rubbing on my clit and hearing Abel groan and feeling him wither underneath me get me even more excited and eager. I began to push in faster and harder, "oh fuck Carmen oh god! You feel so good fuck..." He moans pulling me into a kiss holding me tightly, "fuck Tesfaye..." I let out a low moan and a small grunt, "Carmen don't stop..." he whimpers his hands going from my arms to my breasts rubbing them and flicking my nipples causing me to gasp and let out a small moan. I stop for a second, "Abel get up..." I say to him as I pull out. He whimpers from the loss but does, "turn, ass facing me..." I command him. He obeys and pushes his ass against the dildo, "dirty boy..." I mumbled rubbing his hips and giving his ass a spank Abel jolting forward, "Elizabeth..." he moans. I smirk and push myself back into him and begin to rock my hips again. Abel seems to love this angle and he became more aroused and more vocal, "did I find your spot Abel?" I mumble against his shoulder before giving it a kiss, "sit up against me Abel..." I say to him, "w-wha-" "do it abel..." I say to him. He obeys and put my arm around him and place my hand on his throat choking him as I thrust into his hole and reach my other hand down to jerk him off, "O-oh god, e-Elizabeth I'm so close-" he whimpers leaning against my shoulder. I feel myself getting close too. I kissed his cheek and incensed the grip slightly on his cock and throat, "cum for me Abel, show me what I'm doing to you Tesfaye..." I say to him. He whimpers and moans cumming into my hand, "f-fuck Lizzy..." he mumbles. I continue to thrust into his ass until I cum and I slow down and pull out of him, "f-fuck..." Abel mumbles as I take off the strap on and lay next to Abel tiredly looking into his eyes, "Lizzy that was amazing fuck, was i supposed to like it that much?" Abel asks me. I chuckle and pull him into a kiss, "I loved seeing you come undone under me." I say smirking causing Abel to blush. He pulls me into his arms and holds me tightly, "I love you..." he mumbles kissing my forehead, "I love you too." I say to him. "I hope you enjoyed it, I'd love to do it again baby..." I say to him kissing his cheek. He smiles and holds me tightly, "can I go back to sleep to sleep now?" He asks me. I chuckle as we turn around and Abel spooning me until we fall back into sleep.

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