Chapter 84

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I wake up in Abel's arms smiling as I remember last night. I hear my phone vibrating and turn around to grab my pants off the floor to get my phone out of the pocket. When I see Alex's caller ID I sigh but answer, "hello?" "Lizzy where are you baby? I'm so worried," "sorry honey I got caught up at the studio, I meant to call you but I was just busy." "Okay please come home soon okay?" He says, "yeah I'll be home soon okay?" "Okay I love you." "I love you too." I say hanging up. I sigh and lay back down not giving a fuck. I feel Abel shift and his arms wrap around me causing me to smile slightly. I turn to face him and wrap my arms around him cuddling him back, "who was it Lizzy?" Abel asks me rubbing my side, "Alex." I say with a sigh, "you have to leave don't you?" He asks sadly, "yeah." I mumble looking up at him. He kisses me and leans his forehead against mine, "when will I see you?" He asks me his thumb stroking my ribs, "probably at my party." I say to him. Abel sighs as I break away from him and go to the bathroom. I take a quick shower and blow dry my hair. When I get out of the bathroom I get dressed in my clothes that were scattered around the room and head downstairs and give Abel a kiss before I leave. I get downstairs and go to the couch grabbing my jacket then going into the kitchen and towards the door. As I reach for the knob the door opens and Lolita bumps into me, "m-mom? What are you doing here?" I bite my lip, "what are you doing?" I ask her. She panics quickly, "um..?" "Right, I'll see you in a few days with dad okay?" "Yeah..." She mumbles pushing past me. I sigh and leave going back home. I open the door and Alex runs over to me picking me up in his arms and hugs me, "hey baby! I'm glad you're back, I was so worried why didn't you text me?" He asks kissing my head, "I was just so busy Alex, I'm sorry I didn't tell you." I say as he lets go of me. "Baby I think we should talk about the other night..." "What night? What happened?" He asks me, "y-you raped me Alex." I say to him, "what? What do you mean Lizzy?" "Alex you hit me and told me to fuck you, you didn't give me a choice and I didn't want it, Alex it fucking hurt me, I know you aren't that kind of guy, or at least I thought I knew..." "c'mon Lizzy I was drunk, it was a mistake I'm sorry..." he says to me, "promise it won't happen again Alex." I say to him. He nods, "I promise." He says smiling at me. I smile back and we kiss. "Are you gonna be ready for my birthday at Venice?" I ask him. He sighs and looks away from me, "Alex what's wrong?" "Lizzy my band got a gig for that day, Lizzy it's a really big deal, it could do a lot for me, for us, please Lizzy let me go?" I sigh but knew it was what was best for him, "okay." He smiles at me and kisses me before going to the music room. When he leaves I begin to cry. He doesn't love me.
-The night of the party-
I look over the The outfit I chose and nod in acceptance. I put it on and look at myself, I'm wearing a blue and white checkered skirt and a white short sleeved shirt and I smile at myself in the mirror and decide that this outfit was nice. I put my bathing suit on under my outfit and go downstairs. I grab my keys and my purse and kiss Alex goodbye and go to my car. I drive to Venice beach and see Abel and Lolita there already, "agh thank you guys so much for coming." I say hugging them, "of course Lana, do you need us to help with anything?" Abel asks, "yeah just help me out the drinks in the coolers please." I say to him. We unload my car and soon Marina and Jack arrive with their kids and I go over to greet them hugging both, "hey guys there's some beer in the cooler, we're just gonna finish setting up." I say to them. They nod, "Lizzy where do you want me to put this?" Marina asks handing me a wrapped present with a card taped onto it, "Marina you didn't have to." I say smiling at her, "of course I did, you're my best friend..." she says returning my smile, "you can put it on that table over there." I say to her. She nods and goes over to the table placing the gift down and coming back to us, "Lizzy, Kent, this is your aunt Lizzy," she says gesturing to me, they say hi and the younger girl comes to me, "you have the same name as me!" She says excitedly, "I know!" I say to her sweetly kneeling down to her level, "you're so sweet honey." I say to her giving her a kiss on the cheek, "guys my daughter Lolita will come over in a minute and you can hang out. As if I planned it Lolita comes to my side, "hey mom," "Lo, this is your aunt marina, uncle Jack and their kids Lizzy and Kent." I say to her. "So she's your sister?" Lolita asks, "no she's my best friend, like my sister though." I say to her. Lolita says hi to them and then the kids go hang out and practically run into the water. Marina and I catch up and stuff and soon more of my family and friends arrive. When chuck sveta and mom arrive I call Lolita over to meet them, "Lo these are your aunts, Chuck and Sveta, and this is your grandma." I say to her. They greet her and we all talk for a bit. I grab a beer and start drinking, "lana." I turn to see Abel, "yeah?" "Do you want to go on a walk or something?" He asks me. I nod and follow him down a path on the edge of the beach, "are you okay? You seem a little off." He asks me, "yeah, I'm just...thinking." I say hesitantly, "bout what?" He asks. Of course, "Lizzy?" I shake my head, "it's nothing don't worry..." I say to him, "sit down Carmen." I listen to him and sit down on the short rock wall that was along the path, "what's wrong Carmen?" He asks me concerned, "honey it's nothing-" "where's Alex?" He asks me causing me to sigh, "his band got a really good gig tonight so I told him to go." "But it's your birthday?" He says, "yeah I know but this could really help him Abel, he's been trying for so long..." "still I don't know he should've compromised..." Abel says hesitantly, "it's fine baby." I say to him giving him a reassuring smile. We're quiet for a few moments, "you doing okay at the party?" He asks me, "I guess so, I just hope Lolita likes chuck and mom and all." I say to him, "I'm sure she will Lizzy don't worry." Abel says, "I hope so." We're quiet for a bit again until Abel moves a bit and faces me, "you look beautiful Lizzy." He says to me as his eyes scan my body, "thank you baby." I say to him. His eyes rest on his lap as his hand grabs mine cautiously, "I miss you Car..." he mumbles leaning his head against my shoulder, "miss you too..." I say looking up at him. I feel the need to kiss him, I want to feel him against me again but it's wrong. I know it is, "I know you didn't fall the other day..." He says breaking the silence, "what?" "The cut on your lip..." he says. His hand going up to my lips and his thumb rubbing against the cut, "Abel," he cut me off by kissing the bruise right under my lip, "fuck..." I whisper breathlessly, "I just want the truth Lizzy..." he mumbles against my lips. I look away from him and dig through my purse until I find my cigarettes. I struggle to light the cigarette, my lighter being out of fuel or some shit, "here." Abel throws me his lighter and I light up. After I move the cigarette away from my lips it's replaced by Abel's lips, his mouth opening for the smoke to go into his mouth when we pull apart and Abel lets out the puff of smoke and a small groan, "holy shit Tesfaye..." I mumble out being surprised at his reaction. I grab his face and pull him back into a kiss, straddling his lap, "fuck..." I mumble out as he pulls away from me biting my lip playfully as he does, "lemme touch you..." I whisper against his ear, "fuck Elizabeth..." he mumbles rubbing my hips gently, "it's not a good idea, we're so close to the party." He says placing one of his hands against my neck and pulling me closer so my forehead touches his, "but baby...I want you..." I whisper against his lips before I kiss them. He sighs, "you're fucking drunk..." he mumbles, "I'm not drunk Abel, just buzzed." I say to him. He looks around a bit then smirks at me, "choose a thigh Lizzy." He says to me. I smirk and move my left leg to be between Abel's thighs, my knee against his crotch. Abel grabs my hips almost instantly and looks up at me as if asking if he could start. When I nod he smirks and begins rocking me back and forth on his thigh, "A-Abel..." I let out a small moan as I start to ride his thigh, "honey, fuck...I-" I cut myself off with a moan and wrap my arms around Abel. His strong arms wrap around me as I continue, going faster. Abel mumbles my name against my cheek letting out a small grunt as well. I feel his cock twitching against my knee and when I look at Abel his eyes were shut tightly. I pull away from him slightly and run my hand down to his cock and rub him through his jeans, "Carmen y-you don't have to-" "I-I know baby shhh..." I mumble out. I use my free hand to make Abel face me and pull him into a kiss. The moans coming from him pushed me closer my orgasm and I try to rub him faster to get him off. One of his hands reached up and brought my face down and kisses me hard again. Gasps and moans left my lips as I cum on Abel's thigh. "L-Lizzy!" He moans causing him to cum in his pants, "oh fuck!" Abel curses leaning his head against my shoulder. After a few minutes coming down from my high I got off of him and notice the two wet spots on his jeans, "do you have your swim shorts?" I ask him. He nods, "I'll get them, you can get changed into them and we'll go swimming." He nods and goes into the bathroom and I begin to walk back to Abel's car near the beach. When I get to his car I open the door and grab his bathing suit. As I close the heavy door Lolita appears next to me causing me to jump, "holy shit Lo, you scared me." "Where's dad?" She asks me, "he's in the bathroom, he asked me to bring him his swimsuit so he can change." I say to her. She nods suspiciously and lets me go. I get to the bathroom where Abel was, "Abel?" I call out, "Car?" I hear him respond from the bathroom, "honey I'm here." "Okay I'll be right there." A few seconds later he comes out and I give him his shorts. He thanks me and goes into the bathroom. I wait outside for him and soon he comes out. He also takes off his jacket revealing his tank top underneath, "Let's go." I say to him taking his hand in mine. When we get to view of the party I let go of his hand. I take off my shirt and my pants and I smirk to myself as I catch Abel staring and as he glances away quickly as I catch him. I go into the water and swim over to him, and we start talking until I feel myself being picked up and scream out in surprise. As I look over and see marina, "Marina!" I say giggling. Marina laughs and drops me into the water. I come up from the and push her into the water. She laughs, "bet you can't touch the bottom Lana." I giggle and duck under water with marina and we both touch the bottom at about the same time then when we get to the surface we fight over which one of us actually touched it first and then we all got out. I got changed in my extra clothes, which were a white short sleeved shirt and some short black shorts accompanied with my Venice jacket. We went to the bar I rented and I started making drinks for all of us, giggling and laughing at my friend's jokes. A few minutes later Marinas kids and Lolita come in and Lolita comes over to me, "mom, I need to talk to you." She mumbles to me, "sure sweetie what is it?" I ask her, "no mom, I mean, alone..." she mumbles, "okay." I say and follow her outside. We sit down on some rocks and I look up at her, "what's wrong?" I ask her, "what's going on with you and dad?" She asks me, "what? What do you mean?" I ask her, "mom, I remember the other night, where were you?" Lolita asks me, "and today, you two were gone for a while." I feel my cheeks heat up, "Lolita I don't know if I can tell you yet," "so there is something..." "I'm not saying that-" "mom, what about Alex?" She asks me, "I know I know..." I mumble looking away from her, "Lolita I just don't know what I want yet okay?" "Well you better fucking decide, you can't...he can't get hurt again Lana." Lolita says to me sadly. I pull her into a hug, "it'll be okay baby." I whisper to her, "now come on let's get inside." I say to her. We go back inside and everyone started dancing to the music coming from the jukebox. After dancing I was hot so I took off my jacket and gave it to Lolita who was going outside anyway. At sunset Abel grabs my hand and pulls me outside, "Abel? What's wrong?" I ask him, "I just...I wanna give you something, come with me." He says pulling me to his car. He gets in and grabs a small box and hands it to me, "Abel you didn't have to..." I say smiling at him softly as I take the box from him. "Just open it." He mumbles. I unwrap it and open the box to see a gold necklace, "Abel, how did you even-" "you left it at the house when you left us, I kept it because I knew you loved it so much." Abel and I went out before Lolita was born and I made a necklace that had wild at heart engraved on one side and the coordinates of LA on the back, I thought I lost it forever. I hugged Abel tightly burring my face into the crook of my neck, "I-I can't believe you did this Abel..." I mumble against his neck. I pull away slightly and pull him back into a kiss, "you're so fucking sweet." I tell him. He smiles a bit and I turn around, "could you put it around me?" I ask him, "yeah." I hand him the necklace and pull my hair out of the way and he puts it around me. I smile at him and grab his hand, "can we have a few more drinks Abel?" He smiles and nods and we head back.

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