Chapter 61

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I finally am let out of rehab and I see Abel waiting for me with Chuck, my mom, Sveta and Marina and Jack. I run over to Abel and jump into his arms kissing him. I've seen him a few times throughout the past few months but he's been really busy with tour and such, "Hey guys it's been forever." I say to them. It's been 4 months actually but it feels like forever. I hug everyone and thank them for being here for me, "Abel you've got to go sign some papers." I tell him. He nods and goes in and I talk to my family.
I'm really happy about Lizzy, she hasn't been this happy and looked this good in a long time. I missed her. I go into the the building and ask for Lizzy's paperwork. They call me into the back and sit me down, "Abel Tesfaye?" A man asks me, "yeah hi." "Hi I'm Carmen's therapist and sponsor to help her through her addictions, I just wanted to tell you that Carmen can drink casually just don't let her binge, as for drugs, please keep her away from them and keep an eye on her okay?" I nod and thank him for helping her, "she's so much better, well from what I saw anyway." He nods, "I did a lot to try to help her, I hope she does well, if she doesn't you know where we are." He says to me. I thank him as I finish the paperwork and go back out to see Carmen and everyone else. We go out to eat and Carmen invites everyone to her birthday party which was in a few days. They except of course and Carmen and I head back home.
Me and Abel get back home and I push him against the wall, "I've missed you..." I say smiling at him as I look him over, "I-I missed you too Lizzy..." Abel says placing his hands on my waist. I kiss him and he kisses back smiling, "love you Lizzy..." he mumbles, "love you too Abel..." I unzip his jacket and push it off him, "Lana..." he mumbles as I kiss his neck down to his shirt, "off..." I command him. He looks at me and pulls off his shirt, "so hot Tesfaye..." I mumble into his ear. I feel him tense as I kiss down his chest a v line until I get to his belt, "Lizzy..." he mumbles. I unbuckle his belt and pushed down Abel's pants, "Lizzy this will probably be fast..." Abel says causing me to smirk, "okay." I mumble as I rub Abel through his boxers. His hand reaches down into his boxers and pulls out his cock, "I need you." he says pumping his shaft a bit as he pushes his tip to my lips, "look at me." He commands causing me to look up at him, "gorgeous..." he mumbles as he pushes his cock past my lips. I first focus on the tip swirling my tongue around it and licking his sensitive spot slightly causing him to buckle his hips, "do that again Lizzy." He mumbles as he pushes my hair out of my face. I listen to him and do as he says causing me to moan, "so good Carmen..." Abel mumbles pushing himself into my mouth more. I take him to the back of my throat gagging but not caring. He begins to thrust himself in and out of my mouth, "you like the way I fuck your mouth Lizzy? Hm?" I moan on him causing Abel to shudder, "such a dirty girl Elizabeth..." he says, his breaths quickening and he begins to moan and gasp, "Lizzy..." he moans as he releases, "so good for me Elizabeth..." he mumbles as I swallow his cum. He wipes my mouth for me and I stand up, "let's go upstairs baby..." Abel says taking my hand and pulling me towards the stairs. We go up and he pushes me on the bed, "fuck Lizzy it's been so long," he mumbles pulling at my shorts. I help him push them off then sit up to take off my shirt. Abel kisses me as I do then pushes me down. He hovers over me kissing me as he rubs my tits through my bra. I whimper and gasp as he does and Abel smirks kissing down my neck and sucking and biting at the sweet spot on my neck then after he's left his mark he moves to my collarbone sucking and biting at my small tattoos as his hand unclasps my bra throwing it to the floor. His mouth moves to my breast sucking and biting in various places before his tongue rubs against my nipple, "Abel," I gasp placing my hand into his hair and rubbing his scalp. He takes it between his teeth and pulls on it causing me to moan, "Abel, fuck I missed you..." I say dragging my nails down his back as he switched his attention to my other breast. His beard rubbing against me adding to the pleasure he was giving me as he marked me. I feel his other hand move from my breast down to my shorts and he pushes past my panties rubbing my clit, "oh fuck." I moaned digging my nails into his back causing Abel to moan, the vibrations from his mouth bringing me more pleasure. He keeps altering and playing with my clit and I feel myself getting close, "a-Abel I- oh god!" I moan grabbing at his hair, "Coming for me already Carmen?" Abel says smirking against me, "fuck Abel..." I whimper, "I didn't even touch you yet..." he whispers blowing on my wet nipple causing me to shiver then giving my nub a small pinch making me arch my back and cum, "T-Tesfaye...oh-oh my god..." I mumbled. He smirks and pulls off my shorts and panties with one quick yank, then kisses down to where I needed him, "Abel..." I whimper. He smirks and begins to kiss the scars on my thighs towards my aching core. He rubs one of his fingers along my slit, "still so wet for me Lizzy..." Abel mumbles then continues to kiss my scars, "why would anyone do this to you..." he says to me more as a statement then a question, "I-I don't know..." I mumbled back looking at him. I sit up a bit as Abel licks a small stripe against my pussy, he pushes his tongue into me and I moan grabbing his hair Instinctively. He lets out a small moan sending his vibrations throughout my body. He continues eating me out and pushes two fingers inside me, "fuck..." I mumble out and bite my lip containing my moans, "I want to hear you Lizzy..." he mumbles giving my ass a small slap causing me to moan again, "Abel," I whimper, "what do you want angel?" Abel mumbles kissing my clit, "I want to cum daddy..." I say to him. He smirks and pulls me closer to his face divulging himself completely, "fuck Abel," I gasp as he pushes his fingers in and out of me, "a-Abel I need to-" "do it Lizzy, cum for daddy..." he says to me pushing me over the edge and releasing again, "fuck..." I mumbled relaxing again, "remember when we were first together and I made you cum 6 times?" He asks me smirking, "y-yes..." I mumble, "h-how could I forget baby?" I say to him smiling slightly. He comes back up to kiss me and I kiss back of course, "Lizzy," "hm?" He slams into me unexpectedly causing me to moan, "Abel agh what the fuck..." I moan, "you can take it..." He mumbles against my cheek, "mmm" i him wiggling my hips to adjust to him. He kissed my cheek lovingly and waited for me to adjust. When he feels me relax and I nod he starts to thrust into me. He puts his arms around me and kisses me as we moan each other's names. I wrap my legs around Abel's waist and create a new angle for Abel causing him to go deeper much to my joy. I feel him hit my g spot, "fuck Tesfaye right there!" I moan grabbing his shoulders. He smirks and goes faster directly hitting my spot, "a-Abel I'm so close, I-I need to cum..." "then cum..." Abel grunts pulling me into a kiss. He was close too, I can feel him twitching inside of me. I moan and release and Abel follows right after me, "shit..." he mumbles pushing into me a few more times then pulling out of me and laying on top of me, "I love you..." I mumbled to him, "I love you too..." he says rubbing my side. I relax and put my arms around him. "It's your birthday soon Lizzy..." "I know, I can't wait to party with you and my friends." I say to him. He nods and kisses my neck gently, "me too." He says. It was this Friday, I'm very excited.
I won't be publishing until lanas actual birthday so in 3 days 🎉

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