Chapter 47

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I get to the studio and notice only Tesfaye sitting and waiting for me, "hey..." I Mumbled sitting down next to him, "what's wrong?" He asked me, "I don't know, last time we met shit ended badly..." I say to him, "just forget about that Car." He says to Me giving me a small smile, "yeah okay..." I say, "alright do you wanna record first to show me how we're going to do this?" He asks me, "yeah I'll go first." I tell him. I record the first part of my part and then go to where Abel was recording and he hands me a pair of headphones and plays me the song. I smile and nod at him, "it sounds good." I say to him sliding off my headphones. I look over at Abel, "go in there and we'll record your part." I say to him. He gets up and goes into the booth recording his part. He comes out and sits next to me and I let him listen to it, "I think it sounds good so far." He says, "yeah it does. " I say to him, "Carmen," I turn to Abel and he kisses me. I let him and he pulls me onto his lap, "Abel I can't do this, I can't be your slut again-" "you're the only one Lizzy, I broke up with Bella." He says holding me and kissing me sweetly, "w-why didn't you tell me..?" I ask him, "you blocked my calls and texts," He says, "I didn't think you wanted to see me." his hand gently rubs my Side as he kisses me, "why'd you break up with her?" I asked him as I pushed him away a bit, "because I wanted to be with you." He says, "why?" I asked him, "because I love you." "if you love me why didn't you break up with her before?" I ask him, "because I didn't- I still thought you were dead, I thought all this was fake. When you died I started to go crazy Carmen, I thought I saw you everywhere, when we were dating I still couldn't believe it, Bella supported me through your death and shit that's why I was so attached to her, I'm sorry Carmen I should've talked to you and I don't even know if what I'm saying makes sense I'm so sorry Elizabeth." He says to me as he covers his face in embarrassment, I look at him confused as well, "babe, I promise I'm alive." I say looking into his eyes and straddling him chuckling slightly, "here wait..." I mumble unzipping my sweatshirt and then looking back up to him, "lana-" "trust me..." I mumbled taking his hand in mine and bringing to my chest where my heartbeat was, "It's for you Tesfaye..." I mumbled as he felt it under his hand, "I missed you..." He mumbles against my cheek, "I missed you too..." I say pulling him into a kiss. He pushes my sweatshirt aside and pulls me closer to him. I smile and kiss him harder, "fuck..." I mumbled against him, "Car..." He mumbles against my cheek. I smile and pull him closer as I take off his jacket, "Abel, I want you back..." I whisper into his ear. He smiles and gets up pushing me against the wall, "Abel-" I moan leaning my head against the wall as he kisses my neck, "Carmen..." I hummed glancing towards him as his lips grazed against my neck, "you're alright with this?" He mumbles his hand running down my side slowly going towards my shorts, "y-yes daddy." I mumbled looking into his eyes, and biting my lip. His eyes grew dark and he smiles beginning to kiss me again, "I'm still mad at you..." i mumbled as my fingers grab onto the front of his t shirt, bringing him back into a rough kiss. I take take control, dominating the kiss as his hands slip to my waist and finally my ass, squeezing roughly and pulling my hips against his. He moans as I bite his bottom lip, my fingers digging into his dark hair. His hands are already going under my shirt, and he pushes it off me as i pull away from him slightly for air. I close my eyes as he begins to attack my neck again, kissing here and there in all the right places. I groan as I feel him push my bra straps from my shoulders, gently kissing my tattoos as he does, before beginning to suck and bite at them. Abel finally takes off my bra the rest of He way before grabbing my tits, flicking my nipples. "Y-you're so bad daddy, fucking me right here in the studio, not even waiting til we get home..." I mumbled as my back presses once more against the wall as he begins to kiss lower, "babygirl I can't wait any longer it's been so long..." he mumbles as he reaches my breasts before taking one into his mouth. "Don't think I'm not still pissed about bel-," I moan, letting my head fall back against the wall. I feel him snicker against me, a rush of air against my bare chest before he stands up, his dark eyes looking into mine as he places his forearms on either side of my head, "don't fucking talk about her Lizzy...she's nothing to me now." he mumbles softly, his eyes looking down at my boobs, causing goosebumps to rise along my skin, me feeling slightly self conscious but smirking and shaking my head to cover it up, "you like what you see daddy?" I say to him, he nods and leans forward to kiss me as one hand trails down my shoulder, between my breasts and lightly against my stomach, he's so goddamn close to my fucking jeans I wish he'd just take them off! He seemed to read my mind as he teases the button on my jeans, tracing the hem back and forth, "Jesus Christ Abel..." I mumbled rolling my eyes slightly, "what Carmen? What am I doing?" He asks, his eyes innocently looking into mine but a smirk playing on his face, "you know exactly what you're doing Tes-" before I could finish I feel the button open, and then my jeans are slipping down my legs, until they hit the ground causing me to smirk and look up at Abel as I step out of them. I grip his hair slightly and begin to rub his scalp causing him to groan immediately, his fingers flexing against my hip at the action, he loves it. I begin to kiss him, deeper then last time, pressing my body against him, I'm a thirsty bitch. The wall is rough against my back, but I don't give a flying fuck as Abel's fingers make their way into my lavender lace panties, causing me to whine immediately as his fingers rub against my clit, "Tesfaye..." I groan as my nails dig into his shoulders, hips pressing into his hand eagerly, wanting more from him, "Mmm, someone is already so wet," Abel mumbles against my lips with a small smirk as he kisses my jaw. "You're so dirty Carmen, letting me fuck you in my studio, anyone could get in you know that..." he says to me. I moan and nod, "yes daddy..." I mumbled leaning my head back against the wall. His thumb keeps circling my clit, causing small jolts inside of me causing me to let out small moans and whimpers. He chuckles as he takes my earlobe into his mouth sucking and nibbling at it as he roughly flicks my nipple, squeezing my breast as his fingers continue to rub my clit, "a-Abel, I I'm so close, please-" he stops and pushes me away gently then taking off his shirt throwing it with my clothes across the room, "A-Abel..." I mumbled desperately, "you want me Car?" He asks, "y-yes daddy, please, I-I need you..." I look at him with need, and he gives in, "take off my pants Carmen." He tells me. I take them off quickly and look back up at him, "what now baby?" I ask him. He doesn't respond but instead pushes me against the table and pulls my legs around his waist, "Car, you're so beautiful babygirl..." he mumbles against my neck as he rubs his dick against my entrance, "mhm..." I hum back as I just want him to fuck me. He pushes in a bit but pulls out and smirks causing me to get annoyed, "Abel god just Fuck m-" He doesn't let me finish as he slams into me unexpectedly, "Abel!" I moan out in pain, "T-Tesfaye!" I moan as he begins to thrust into me quickly, not letting me adjust, "take my cock Elizabeth..." He grunts against my cheek before kissing me, "oh...Abel..." I moan my nails digging into his back. He wraps my legs around his waist and finds a way to go deeper inside of me causing me to moan and push my hips towards him, "y-you feel so good-shit Lizzy, y-you're so amazing..." he mumbles. "Y-you're so tight," he groans as I feel myself tighten around him every time he thrusts into me, a hum of pleasure leaving me as he pinches and squeezes my breasts, leaving red marks on my skin. He's panting already causing me to smirk, "I-is that all you got..?" his dilated eyes on my body looked up at me and he smirked, "y-you want more Grant?" He asks me, "y-yes..." I say smirking until he begins to somehow go harder and faster my arms tightening around his shoulders, as I feel myself throb as his pace becomes shameless, ramming into me over and over again until my eyes roll back. I let out a whimper as his hand went behind my neck and he pulled me into a rough kiss. I let my nails drag down his back, causing a groan to come out of him, "fuck Elizabeth..." He pulls on my arms, wrapping his hand around my wrists and pinning them above my head. I feel an immediate thrill, especially as he pushes one leg upwards into the curve of his arm, giving him more room to fuck me. My back arches off the table immediately as he thrusts deeply into me, a loud moan leaving me. I begin to fall apart under him as he grinds his hips against mine, his eyes never leave my face, darkening at the look I'm giving him. "You're close..." he mumbles, my small breathes me clenching around him are big clues. I can't even respond, I'm too busy thinking about how he felt my eyes closed tightly as he pounded into me, my fingers tightly against his shoulders as he fucks me against the shitty writing table, hitting my spot, "fuck Abel yes!" I moan as I feel myself hitting my high. I moan out his name as I cum on him, "Elizabeth..." he groans as he cums after a few more thrusts. He relaxes on top of me for a few minutes until I can't stand the position we're in, "baby, my back hurts on this table..." I mumble. He pulls me off and lets me sit on the chair as he grabs our clothes, "you wanna come to my place?" He asks me. I smile and nod at him as he hands me my clothes.

Guys I'm sorry for the mistakes in here when I write these I'm always tired as fuck.

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