Chapter 87

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My eyes opened slowly and I glance around, "Lizzy! Lizzy! It's gonna be okay!" An unfamiliar  mans voice says just above a whisper as he holds my hand, "can you hear me baby? Can you see me?" He asks me quickly, "w-who are you..?" I mumble out confused as I pull my hand away, "how do you know my name? Where am I?" "Carmen..." he whispers sadly. He was about to say something else when the curtains whip open and I see a tall blonde woman who looked like my sister, "Lizzy! Oh my god, I was so worried about you!" Chuck says hugging me, "fuck, I thought I told you to call me Carmen?! And why are you so much older? What the fuck is going on?!" I ask angrily. "Baby," I finally hear a familiar voice and look over to see Alex. My eyes soften as I see him, "how are you here? Y-you don't know where we went-" He shushes me, "I'm here okay, relax." I take his hand in mine and hold it as the doctor came in, "I need to talk to you," chuck? And the other guy said to him almost in sync. The doctor nods and they go out of the room. I hear the door open again and open my eyes to see my mom. I gasp, "m-mom..." I gasp starting to get up, "honey no, stay down, I don't want you to hurt yourself." She says to me coming to my side, "y-you're okay? Shit where's Daren? Mom what's going on-" "he's in prison honey, it's okay." She reassured me with a small smile. I feel relieved and relax again looking up at Alex giving him a smile.
Chuck and I go to talk to the doctor. Something was definitely fucked up with Lizzy, "doctor, Lizzy's so confused, she doesn't remember him, they've been together for 25 years!" Chuck tells the doctor, "yeah she doesn't remember us." I say after chuck, "give me a second with her. The doctor says pushing aside the curtain and seeing Lizzy.
"How old are you ms. Grant?" The doctor asks me, "17." I say, "what was your most recent album?" "Born to die." "Who's your boyfriend?" "My last boyfriend was Francisco but since Alex is here..." I say giving him a smirk. He smiles back causing chuck and the other guy to roll their eyes. The doctor pauses for a second after asking me a few more questions before looking back up to me, "ms. Grant, you're 43 years old, "what?! What the fuck are you talking about?!" "Ms. Grant you have amnesia, you've forgotten 26 years of your life due to the head trauma in your car accident." What the fuck, this is so fucking stupid, will I ever get my memories back?" I ask the doctor, "probably, but it'll take time." "Probably?!" Everyone but Alex says, "yes, if Lana goes about her everyday life memory should slowly come back to her." I sigh annoyed, "when will I go home?" I ask the doctor.
-2 days later-
I finally get home although it doesn't feel like my house. Alex pulls me into a kiss and I smile into it, "so baby, how did we reunite?" I ask him as we pull away from each other, "we met at a bar again a few months ago." He says smiling at me. I smile at him and nod hugging him, "listen Lizzy, I gotta go practice with the band, I'll be back." I nod and let him go deciding I needed time to myself anyway. I look around the unfamiliar house, look at the different pictures around the house, a lot of them were of me doing concerts. I see a new picture of me and a young girl on the fridge and pull it off. She looked so familiar, a lot like me actually, dirty blonde hair green eyes with tan skin and a face shape similar to my own. I gasp, "I have a daughter..." I mumble out. I noticed she was tanned which confused me cause I'm pretty pale. But I remember the guy at the hospital... "oh..." I mumble out in realization. I look to my phone and decide to look through it, seeing pictures of me and the guy, we were so happy, I was happy, actually happy. I look through more pictures and see a picture of me and the guy kissing. I didn't even know who he was. I look through more pictures of me and him and see a baby girl with us, "I-I have a daughter..." I whisper out surprised. The worse thing is that I don't even know her dads name, or her name. I go to contacts on my phone and call chuck, "Lizzy?" "Yeah, what's my kids name?" I ask her, "it's Lolita." She says to me. I nod, "okay I'll talk to you later." I say hanging up before she can say anything else. I find Lolita's contact in my phone and dial her number. It rang a few times but she picked up, "hello?" She says sounding tired and upset, "um...hi." I say cautiously, "what's wrong?" Lolita asks, "listen, I um...I don't remember anything, I'm sorry, I just wanted to, let you know I guess..." I say to her. She sighs, "well now you did, anything else you want mom?" The name sounded so foreign to me, "what's your dads name?" I ask her, "Abel." She says, "okay thanks, I'll talk to you later. Bye..." I hung up and went upstairs. I find a box and open it to see pictures of me when I was younger with Abel, his lips against mine my hand gently resting on his cheek with a ring on my finger. I stare at the picture looking at how happy I was. After I stop looking at the pictures I go downstairs and find a music room. I grab the guitar sitting by the piano and begin to play the chords to Yayo and contemplating on what to do about, everything. I decide I need to talk to Abel. I grab my phone out of my pocket and am about to click on his contact when I feel Alex's strong arms around me as he gives me a kiss on the cheek, "whatcha doin babe?" Alex asks me. I didn't know what it was but something in my mind told me to keep my mouth shut about Abel, "oh I was just writing some music." I say to Alex giving him a smile, "you're back quick." I observe, "yeah got a problem with that?" Alex asks me anger laced in his tone. I give him a weird look, "no just making an observation babe." I say. His expression quickly changes to a happy one, "oh okay, so you're coming with the band and I for my birthday tomorrow right?" Alex asks. I nod and smile, "of course! I didn't even know it was your birthday! Wait doesn't that mean it was my birthday?" I ask him. He smiles and laughs, "yeah! And listen, we were so busy that day I forgot to give you this!" He says pulling out a necklace with our initials on it, "god Alex it's beautiful!" I say smiling at him. He smiles back at me. I give him a kiss and we smile, "I love you." I say to him, "I love you too." He says kissing me, "there's also another thing we didn't get to do..." he says smirking at me. I giggle as I kiss him and he pulls my legs around his waist and carries me upstairs as we kiss sloppily. He throws me on the bed and I watch him take his shirt off and get on top of me kissing me. I close my eyes and enjoy it, but to me it feels...wrong, I don't know. I pull away slightly from Alex, "what's wrong?" He asks me, "I-I just, I'm tired, can we sleep?" He sighs but nods taking off his pants and laying down next to me on the bed.

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