Chapter 12

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I wake up next to Abel and sigh to myself as I get out of bed. I go downstairs and see Chuck sitting at the table and smirking at me, "what?" I say looking at her, "'oh Abel yes!' haha you said you hated him and 3 weeks later you're fucking him, and he's giving you, 'the best orgasm of your life'." She says smirking. I feel my face turn a deep shade of red and I look away, "shut up..." I mumbled, "is your friend picking you up today?" I ask her, "yeah and tomorrow's the day of the Washington trip." Chuck says to me, "okay, I'm gonna give your money tonight, remind me okay?" I tell her. She smiles and hugs me, "I'll see you later Carmen." "bye." I says she goes into the elevator. I go back upstairs and see Tesfaye's not in bed. I go towards the bathroom and hear the shower running. I take off his shirt that I was wearing and I went into the shower hugging him from behind, resting my head on to his back, "Car?" he mumbles turning to face me. He looks down into my eyes and brings me into another kiss, "do you do this with all your men?" Abel asks as his hands wrapped around my hips. "like I would tell you." I say with a smirk and rubbing the back of his neck, "you're so short it's adorable." Abel says to me, "Abel, I'm only like 3 inches shorter than you." "well it's still cute." he says smiling at me, "Abel, would, would you come on tour with me?" I ask him nervously, "of course Carmen..." he says as he pulls me into another kiss. "daddy..." I mumbled against his cheek, "not now Carmen." He tells me smirking slightly. I sigh, we wash up and get out. I get dressed and Abel gets in his clothes from yesterday and we go downstairs. I grab cereal for me and put it at the table with milk. I sit down and begin to eat and Abel sits with me, "can I have some of this?" he asks talking about the cereal. I roll my eyes but I nod and he sits across from me, "tesfaye, you know I don't want a relationship, right?" I ask him, "I know..." he says, "I remember what you said Carmen, just friends." I smiled and nodded, "good." I say then beginning to eat when we're done we go to the car and drive silently to the studio. I tell Kenny about my new album and he tells me we'd start working on it after tour we do editing on some of the tracks of the album and he suggests music videos for the song, "sure I'll think of a concept." I tell him.
-two weeks later-
I hear music from downstairs and go to investigate. I go into my music room and watch Abel play the piano I had while singing something, "what are you doing?" I ask him, "n-nothing I'm sorry Ms. Grant." he says getting up and walking away from the piano, I smirk, "no no, you want to play then do it tesfaye." I say to him, "Really Carmen I can't-" "do it or your fired tesfaye." I tell him. He sighs and finally agrees. I stood behind him and watched him play, "I just started writing this one..." he tells me. He plays me a song and tells me it's called prisoner. His voice is amazing and so is his song, "Abel, t-thats so good." I say to him, "you think so?" He asks me looking up at me like a kid, "you should, do something with this." I tell him. "thank you Carmen, it means a lot coming from a pop star." He tells me, "thanks." I say blushing slightly. "come on let's go pick up Chuck." I say to him. He nods and we go down to the garage. We're quiet until we get to Chuck's school, she's let out of the school and comes into the car, "hey Chuck." I say to her, "hi Carmen." She says giving me a small smile, "did you miss me?" She asks me cautiously, "I didn't have time to miss you." I tell her looking back out the window, "oh..." she says sadly. I sigh and look back to her, "d-do you want anything to eat? We can go out with Abel." I say to her, "really?" She asks a bit happier, "yeah wherever is fine." I tell her. We go to friendlys and sit at a table I sit across from Chuck and next to Abel. "Chuck I'm going on tour tomorrow." I tell her, "tomorrow? I just came back? We can't hang out?" "I'm sorry Chuck." I say to her, "you're staying with Electra okay? I'll be back in a few months." "does Electra know that?" She asks me, "of course she knows I'm not fucking stupid." I say to her rolling my eyes. Abel's hand rests on my thigh, "Carmen relax..." He mumbled to me, I let out an angry sigh, "why can't I come with you?" She asks me, "you have to go to school Chuck." I tell her. "Agh come on! You're my fucking sister, and I love seeing your shows." I sigh, "Caroline I'm sorry it's just not gonna happen, you can watch it on youtube, if Electra says you're good I'll fly you to see me." I tell her. She sighs angrily and leans against the booth, "whatever." She mumbles, looking back at her menu. I sigh and look at mine. I feel Abel's hand rubbing my thigh soothingly, "relax..." he mumbles, "the paparazzi are here..." he whispers. I nod and text Chuck telling her. I eventually notice where they were and acted fake nice to everyone so the press doesn't get anything on me. We finish eating and get desert. We all get ice cream obviously and begin eating it, "Hey Carmen," I turn to look at Abel and he pushes ice cream into my nose, I hear Chuck laugh and smirk a bit as I grab my bowl and give it right back to Abel, "you're such a child." He says shaking his head and wiping his nose, "fuck you." I say smiling. We're soon done and we leave, "I can't believe you did that." Chuck says smiling and looking at Abel, "I'm sure you're sister's thinking the same thing." Tesfaye says smirking at me, "shut up." I say pushing Abel slightly. Chuck laughs at us as we get to the car. I relax against the seat and close my eyes, falling asleep. I wake up and see I'm in Abel's arms, "huh?" I mumbled, "Relax Carmen I'm just bringing you to your room." He tells me, "you can stay with me..." I tell him. "o-okay." He says as we get to my room. He puts me down and takes off his jacket and shit until he's just in his shirt and pants then he gets into bed with me. I wrap my arms around him and he brings me into a kiss, "you okay?" He asks me  "I don't really want to go on tour tomorrow." I say to him. "I know Carmen..." he says as He gets comfortable, "you'll have fun, you always do with your fans." he says, "that's true." I say getting up, "can I have your shirt?" I ask him. He sighs and nods unbuttoning his shirt and handing it to me, "thanks." I say taking mine off and throwing it towards my closet with my bra and I can't help but feel Abel's stare on my back, "relax baby, I'm too tired right now." I say to him as I put his shirt on. He sighs and turns away from me, "okay, I'll wake you up tomorrow morning." Abel mumbles to me as I lay next to him. "goodnight." I say to him. Before I fall asleep, I feel Abel's arms around me and I smile to myself.

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