Chapter 40

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-a few hours later-
I open my eyes and see I'm in Abel's arms. I get up quietly grabbing my clothes and go to his bathroom jumping into the shower. I turn on the water and wash up thinking about what he said, why was he so nice shit I just need him to hate me. I feel so bad for lying to him, "Lana?" I hear Abel's voice say, "yeah, I'm just using your shower I hope you don't mind." I say to him, "no I don't..." he says as I hear him probably pissing. When he's done he doesn't flush the toilet probably so I wouldn't get burned alive but washed his hands, then pushing aside the shower curtain and coming in, "Lana...please tell me the truth." Abel says to me, grabbing my waist and pulling me to him, "what are you talking ab-" "please Elizabeth, I-I know it's you..." he whispers, resting his head against mine. I think for a second then look up at him, "Abel, I'm so sorry-" I'm cut off by Abel's lips on mine, kissing me lovingly, pulling my legs around his waist, "Abel, y-you can't tell anyone okay? Promise me..." I say to him, practically begging him, "why not?" he asks me confused "baby please trust me." I say to him, "I do trust you Carmen." Abel says kissing me again, "I love you." he says against my mouth, "I love you too Tesfaye." I say to him smiling as he kissed me, "tell me everything Car, I won't do anything." he mumbles rubbing my sides, "let's finish up in here first." I say to him. He nods and pulls away from me, then washing us up. I look at him and run my hands down his body until I get to his dick, he looks at me as I begin jerking him off. I hear him gasp as he starts to get hard, "L-Lizzy..." he mumbles as he looks at me, "hmm? What do you want Abel?" I ask him as I go over to him, kissing his neck. I feel his arms wrap around me as he groans and asks me for more, "you, Lizzy I want you." Abel says to me, I look up at him and he kisses me, "I missed you so much Liz..." he says as he turns me around and pushes me against the wall, "Abel..." I moan as he begins to run his cock against my pussy and clit, pushing it in a bit to tease me, "Abel, g-god please do something..." I beg him as he grabs my breasts and plays with them, then grabbing my nipples, pinching and squeezing causing me to moan his name, "you like this Lizzy?" Abel asks me, "y-yes baby..." I say between moans. His left hand runs down to my clit rubbing roughly causing me to moan his name, "Tesfaye please do something..." I beg him. He puts his dick into me suddenly causing me to groan and grab at the wall, "Tesfaye, oh god..." I moan as he thrust into me roughly not letting me adjust. Abel kisses my shoulder gently as he rubs my sides and fucks me, he goes deeper and harder trying to find my spot, "tesfaye! I ah, I need you, fuck!" I moan as I feel him wrap my legs around his waist to get a better angle. He hits my spot and I moan loudly letting him know, he grabs my ass causing me to moan again and buckle my hips into him, "you look so good Elizabeth, so good on my cock..." he says into my ear as he kisses right below it and then to my ear, biting and nibbling at the lobe, "Abel, I'm close..." I mumble as his hands wrap around my breasts and be begins to rub, "look at you Lizzy, coming undone for me, loving the way I fuck you, taking my dick so well..." Abel mumbles to me as he rubs my nipples. "i-ah, need to ahh, I need to cum!" I moan. Abel smiles and kisses me, "cum for me Lana..." he says to me. I cum and he follows thrusting into me a few minutes after, "so good Ms. Grant..." He says as he trusts in a few more times then pulls out. He pulls me to his chest and kisses me again, "you're beautiful..." He says as he rubs his hands down my body, "I missed you much." He tells me kissing me. I smile and hold his hand, turning around and kissing him. "I missed you too..." I say to him kissing him lovingly, "you look amazing..." Abel says looking over me. "Have matured quite nicely." He says biting his lip, "Thank you baby..." I say holding Abel closer to me, "what songs were about me in beauty behind the madness?" I ask Abel smirking, "a lot of them..." he says as he gets some soap and begins to spread it against my body causing me to smile and chuckle when he touched sensitive parts of my skin. I do the same for him and he kisses me when we're done. We get dressed and get back to bed, "please don't tell anybody, please..." I say looking into his eyes and bringing him into another kiss. I feel Abel push me back onto the bed and hug me, kissing me everywhere causing me to laugh, "I-I missed you Elizabeth." he whispered kissing me. I smile and kiss him back, "I missed you too Abel..." I say to him, "are we gonna talk about this now?" Abel asks me, "Yeah..." I say with a small sigh. He looks at me, "I 'died' because my mom and stepdad were coming back to get my sister and I, i-i couldn't let them..." I mumbled, "why? And what made you think killing yourself would fix it?" Abel asks me, "if I died, Chuck would get all my money, and if I died before my parents got there, Chuck and I could run away again. I didn't tell you because I didn't tell anyone, I couldn't risk anyone finding out, and I knew you could do better without me, and you are, look at you baby, you're a pop star." "But I miss you Lizzy, I fucking love you." Abel says to me, "I know Abel, I love you too..." I say looking into his eyes, "y-you've got a girlfriend now..?" I say to him a bit disappointed, "yeah, I'm with Bella Hadid, she's a model, s-she's not like you." He says getting on top of me and looking into my eyes, "when I'm with Bella I only think of you, I just, I miss you Lizzy..." he tells me as he rubs my thighs gently, "she's the girl you fucked while we were together right?" I ask him, "y-yeah..." he mumbles, "do, do you love her?" I ask him, he shakes his head and kisses me, "are you gonna tell me everything now?" Abel asks, "yeah." "why don't you like to be called your real name?" he asks me laying on my chest, "because my parents used to call me that." I say putting my arms around him, "what happened with them?" he asked me, the question I've been avoiding my whole life, "m-my step dad, h-he used to...rape me." I say to Abel, "what? Lizzy why didn't you ever say anything?" he asks me, "it's hard to Abel, I don't ever wanna remember that part of my life again..." I say to him, "when I do I just wanna get high or drunk until I forget." I tell him, "Lizzy, you can't let this take over you." "it already has Abel, all I could think about when I was Carmen was when I was gonna be figured out, I was scared everyday, maybe that's why I was such a bitch." I say to him, "I wish I knew Car, I would've helped you, I would've been there for you." He says kissing me, "the dreams that I woke up from sometimes, those were from the incident too, at least when you were there I felt more safe after, those were the only times I didn't drink." I say to Him, "I'm glad I was there then..." He says smiling slightly, "I missed you car, you should've told me..." Abel says sadly, "I, I knew you'd be better without me Abel, I was fucking up your life and your career and if we're together I'll probably do it again, I don't wanna ruin you Abel I'm fucked up-" "stop Lizzy. You didn't do anything to me, you mostly helped my career, you got me noticed, you helped me with my album Lizzy, who told you that shit, Kenny?" I shook my head no slowly, "the day I od-ed i left and went to the bar remember? And when I got there Bella was there and she told me that I was useless to you, I believed her. She made sense and I didn't want you to give up your career for me." "Why'd you have to go anyway?" Abel asks me, "my parents found out who I was. They were coming for me and Chuck. I couldn't let Darren touch her, and I couldn't let him touch me either. I just want to keep Chuck and I safe." I say to him, "is that why your a hooker?" Abel asks me, "it pays good." I say with a shrug, "aren't you rich?" He asks me, "I can't act like it, people will figure out me or Chuck." I explain to him. He sighs and nods, "you should come to LA with me..." he mumbles, "Abel I can't-" "if they find you can go to court for Chuck's custody." "Abel-" "please just...think about it..." he says to me looking into my eyes, I get on top of him and kiss him, "are you staying for a little while?" I ask him breaking the kiss for him to answer, "y-yeah, I'm staying until Tuesday..." he says kissing me again, "you should let me show you around." I say smiling. Abel nods and cuddles up with me. I grab his chin gently and pull him into another kiss his arms wrapping around my body and his hands on my ass, "do you love your boyfriend?" Abel asks me pulling away slightly, "No..." I say to Abel as I lay my head down on his chest. He hugs Me, "would you be with me again?" He asks, "I don't know..." I mumble, "why not?" He says sadly, "is it because I can't fuck you right? Or I'm not good looking enough for you-" "Abel no, stop that's not why, you're fucking hot and one of the best I've ever had in bed, and trust me I've had a lot." I say smirking, "it's just that...I'm not good for you, you're doing do well, with your career and shit that if I came back I'd fuck it up." I tell him looking into his eyes, "no you wouldn't Carmen, come on I love you-" "Abel I'm still using and drinking. I know what I did to you when I was drunk, I used to hit you and throw shit at you, I was a bad girlfriend and I don't want you to go through that again baby." I say to him, "Carmen you mean more to me then that-" "that's bad Abel, what if I start abusing you and you don't wanna leave because you love me? I wouldn't want you to go through that Abel." "But you wouldn't do that to me Lizzy-" he starts, "how do you know? I'm a bad drunk, what if I rape you or something crazy, I don't know what I'm doing sometimes-" "Car...y-you're not like that-" "don't lie Abel-" "shhhh, it's okay Elizabeth...You can trust me babe." I sigh and get up going to the chair next to the bed putting on my red converse and getting on my jacket, "Lizzy, where are you going?" Abel asks getting up, "I've got to check on Chuck." I tell him, "Carmen." I turn, "yeah?" "I love you." He says smiling at me. I shake my head smiling and then open the door walking down to stairs to Chuck and I's room. Before I get there my boyfriend, Adam approaches me, "did you fuck someone last night?" He asks me, "yeah-" "did you get my money yet?" He asks me, "no, I'm gonna go check on Chuck then go ask him." I say to him, "you didn't get it from him yet?" "No I was busy." "Doing what?" Adam asks me, "what do you think stupid! I was working!" I say annoyed. I hate it when he was like this he was being so stupid. "Go get the money right now Lana." He demands me, "no, I'm fucking going to check on my sister, now get out of my way-" I say pushing him aside. He grabs my wrist and pulls me to him, "no. Go get the money." "Adam let me go!" I say angrily, "what's the real reason you didn't get the money, are you fucking around with him?!" He yells at me, "no! You're fucking crazy! I wouldn't do that!" He hits me and as he does I push him away from me as a tear slips down my face, "fuck you!" I yell at him causing him to punch me. I begin to cry, "Abel!" I yell for him, "who the fuck is Abel!" Adam yells at me grabbing my neck, "n-no stop p-please-" I gasp closing my eyes. I feel the pressure leave my neck and I gasp for air. I open my eyes to see Adam laying on the ground and look over at Abel, "t-thank you..." I say slowly. I pull him into a hug and kiss him. "He's not good for you Carmen..." he mumbles to me, "let's run away together..." I say to him, "come on baby, you me and Chuck, "please come with me to LA, we'll be safe there I promise."  Abel says giving me a small smile, "Can we drive there? I still wanna show you around." I say to him, "sure, we'll take my car get Chuck and your stuff." I smile and nod going into the motel room. This was gonna be crazy.

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