Chapter 53

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Abel brought me back to his house and I go to Instagram and start a live on the Carmen account, my fans were very confused, "hey guys, I need to tell you this, it's true I am Carmen Grant and I am alive." all the fans were freaking out, "I had to fake my death because of my step dad, he abused and raped me throughout my childhood until I ran away and became a singer with a new name, My real name is Elizabeth Grant. When I faked my death he was about to find me and that's why I had to do it. I spent a while in Vegas and that's where I reconnected with Abel. I know for many of you guys my death really effected you and I'm so sorry. I understand if you don't wanna be a fan anymore, just know I love all of you so much and the hardest part of me leaving was leaving you guys because you always tell me when we met at shows and shit that I saved your life and stuff. I'm Lana Del Rey now if you didn't know and I'm still making music. The reason I'm telling you guys all this now is because I was recently kidnapped and Tortured by my stepdad but Abel and the police saved me and arrested Darren so I don't have to be afraid of him anymore, I'm finally free to be Lizzy Grant. I love you guys so much and hope you will understand, I might come back as Carmen but I don't know yet, love you." I say as I stop the live stream.
Abel kisses me and I kiss him back, "how are you doing?" He asks me, "I'm not sure...I keep thinking something bad is going to happen." I say to him, "everything is gonna be okay Carmen, you're safe now..." he says pulling me into a kiss. I pull him onto me as we lay on the couch. We begin to make out and I feel his hand run under my shirt rubbing against my small cuts gently, "why did he do this..?" Abel whispered to me, "I-I don't know." I mumble to him. Abel lifts my shirt and kisses the cuts gently, "You're so beautiful." he mumbles to me, "don't lie." I say to him as I place a hand into his hair, "I'd never lie to you." He says to me reassuringly as he rubs my side kissing to my breasts.
He pulls my shirt back down and cuddles me. I sigh to myself as I rub Abel's back. I feel his lips against my neck kissing up gently until he found my spot causing me to gasp and wrap my arms around him as he begins to suck at my neck surely leaving a small bruise. I wanted to moan but I couldn't, I was too scared to. I just let out shaky breaths and gasps, "Lizzy, are you okay?" He asks me nervously, "y-yeah..." I say shakily. "what did they do to you?" Abel asks me concerned. I shake my head and just hug him, "I love you Abel." I mumbled, "I love you too..." He mumbles kissing me.
He picks me up and I snuggle into the crook of his neck as he brings us to our bedroom laying me down on the bed and kissing me longingly and lovingly, "I missed you so much Lizzy..." He whispers into my ear as he sucks and bites at it gently. I smile and pull him closer and we cuddle for a while, "you want to watch a movie?" Abel asks. I nod and we sit up a bit and Abel flips through the movies on Netflix to try and find something for us to watch. We decide on Seven Year Itch because Abel knows it's one of my favorites, "you want popcorn?" He asks me. I nod and smile at him, "that would be great thanks." I say to him removing my arms from around him to let him get up.
I begin to watch it and finally feel myself relax for the first time in months. A few minutes later Abel comes in with popcorn and lays next to me on the bed he puts his arm around me and leans his head against my shoulder. He opened his mouth and I placed a popcorn on his tongue and he ate it right up causing me to giggle. He smiles at me and I give him a quick kiss, "I missed you..." Abel mumbles placing his hand against my thigh, "I missed you too Abel." I say to him kissing him again. We watch the rest of the movie.
Carmen was more quiet then she used to be. I felt bad when I made her flinch, she's also always in so much pain now, I love her and I hate to see it. After the movie she was basically asleep. I take off her clothes gently and put her sleeping clothes on her. I feel her her tense as I lift up her shirt, "I'm sorry." I say to her. She nods and relaxed a bit again as I take off her shirt and bra and put my shirt over her. I then remove her pants and then get up to shower. When I'm done I get up and go back to the bed laying next to Carmen pulling her into my arms and kissing her. I feel her stir a bit and turn over to snuggle against me, "goodnight baby I love you." I say to her, "love you too..." She mumbles tiredly.
I wake up my heart beating fast against the my chest and my arms wrapped around Abel tightly breathing heavily. He was hugging me back and whispering sweet things into my ear as i clung to him. He kissed my cheek and I began to cry, "You okay?" He asked me pulling away from me to look into my eyes, his calming me down a bit. "I-i don't know, I-I think it was a dream or something I-I'm sorry." I mumbled pulling him closer. He kisses my forehead as I snuggle into him my tears running down my face, "O-Okay, Lizzy I love you..." He tells me stroking my cheek. I nod and kiss him, "thank you." I whisper to him, "Abel I'm really sorry about our fight, you were right about everything I was doing was fucking stupid, I shouldn't have cheated on you and I shouldn't have been doing drugs and shit I'm sorry I love you." I say kissing him again his beard rubbing against my face causing me to giggle slightly. I pull away from Abel and get up, "where are you going?" Abel asks me as I head to the door, "I'm gonna go play guitar and write, I'm awake now." I say to him. He sighs and nods, "please come back to bed soon." He says to me worriedly "I will." I say giving him a small smile knowing I was lying to him. I go downstairs and grab a beer then going to the music room grabbing the guitar and putting headphones in so I wouldn't wake Abel up. I slide my headphones on and play, humming along to the melody I was making
-a few hours later-
I wake up to see no Lizzy and I sigh getting up going downstairs. I hear Lizzy humming and follow the sound towards the music room, "Lizzy?" I call for her, getting no response so i go in. Shes playing guitar with headphones humming along to familiar tune, probably why she didn't hear me. I watch her for a bit until she looks up and sees me. She pulls off her headphones and smiles at me slightly, "good morning." She says to me, "hey baby." I say sitting next to her, "you want breakfast?" I ask her. She shrugs and looks away towards the floor then back to me, "I'm not really hungry." She mumbles, her words slurring slightly. I glance around her and see 2 empty beer bottles, "you drunk?" I ask her, "only two don't worry about it." She says to me. I nod sighing slightly. whatever, "okay I'll be in the kitchen, come in when you want to eat okay?" She nods and I leave.
I go into the kitchen after a few hours and grab some cereal from the cupboard then getting a bowl. I sit at the table and looked through my phone as I ate and when I finish I go into the living room and see Abel playing video games. I sit down next to him and watch him for a bit, "Can I try?" I ask Abel once he finishes his round, "yeah." He says. I smile and take the controller from him then siting on his lap Abel letting out a small, "whoa" causing me to smirk. I feel Abel putting his arms around me and putting his chin on my shoulder. His hands resting on mine, "You're so tense Lizzy, Relax." Abel said kissing my cheek. I listen and try to relax Abel selecting a new game and editing options for me so it would be a little easier.
Abel tells me to press start and I do. We begin to play and we die multiple times causing both of us to swear at the TV. I move a bit on Abel and he clears his throat and I smirk slightly but act innocent, "babe, how many more bad guys are there?" I ask, "a few more Lizzy, a few more..." Abel mumbles out moving one of his hands away from mine and resting it gently on my waist rubbing gently causing me to blush, "a-Abel,-" "don't worry you're doing great..." he mumbled. I nod and continue playing and soon feel Abel's fingertips dragging against my bare thigh gently. I bit my lip as I got a fucking headshot, "good job Lizzy..." Abel tells me he his lips pushing against my neck sweetly his fingers pushing against my thighs. I bit my lip again and shot another guy and Abel begins to rub my inner thighs slowly, "I missed you Lizzy..." Abel says kissing my earlobe slowly, "I missed you too..." I mumbled shutting my eyes slightly and leaning back against Abel, "you died." He says to me causing my eyes to open me and look Up at the screen seeing I have died. I pause the game and lean back against Abel pressing my body against his and feeling his hard cock against my ass. I hear him let out a small gasp and smile slightly, "y-you feel good..." I mumbled as I lean my head against his shoulder, "You're okay with this right..?" He asks me kissing my neck gently, "y-yes...Abel I haven't made love in...a long time, I mean I've been fucked obviously but I didn't love th-" "I know Carmen..." he hushes me and begins to slide his hands go up the rest of my thighs to my panties. He begins to run his finger in small circles against my clit through my panties. I let my mouth fall open and I let out small moans, "fuck I missed that sound..." he whispers as his other hand went from my waist under my shirt and to my hardening nipple, "f-fuck..." I mumbled biting my lip and turning my head and kissing his neck gently biting and nibbling at his sweat spot, "Carmen..." he mumbles his hand gripping my breast hard, I let out a low moan and Abel pushes down my panties and he looks at me allowing us to kiss. He smiles as we pull apart, "I've missed this..." He mumbles his hand sliding inside of me rubbing my bud before pushing two fingers inside of me, "o-oh..." I moaned out shutting my eyes tightly as Abel thrusts his fingers into me, "I missed pleasuring you, causing you to say my name and cum on my fingers..." He mumbles "Abel..." I moaned out as his hand ran up and down my body his hand rubbing me quickly causing me to let out a series of moans, "You're sensitive Car..." he mumbles as he feels me clenching around his fingers. I was already close and he knew it, "I haven't-i haven't had an orgasm in s-so long Abel..." I say to him as I feel my breathing become labored and more difficult than before, "cum for me Lizzy, let me see you cum for daddy..." he mumbles to me. I moan and release on his fingers, "so good for me Lizzy..." he whispers kissing my cheek. I smile slightly, "t-thank you daddy..." I whisper to him. He picks me up bridal style and brings me to our room placing me down on our bed and rubbing himself while looking at me, "gorgeous..." he mumbled, "let me please you daddy..." I say to him biting my lip looking up at him innocently, "a-as long as you're okay with it..." he says to me. I nod standing up and bringing Abel into a kiss. His arms wrap around me and he hugs me close. I slide my hands to the hem of his shirt and grab it Abel pulling away so I could take it off, "Car?" He mumbles looking up at me, "what's wrong?" I asked him, "i don't want to hurt you..." He mumbles stroking my cheek, "don't worry about that..." I say to him, "but Lizzy-" "I'll be fine Abel, just let me adjust and go slow okay?" He hesitates but eventually agrees. We kiss and he pulls off my shirt and I put my hand in his pants rubbing his cock causing him to moan and lean against my shoulder, "C-Carmen, oh god y-you feel so good..." Abel moans his arms wrapping around me. I smile and kiss him as my hand rubs quickly. After a bit of teasing I pull away from Abel and pull down his shorts revealing his large erection through his underwear. I smile and begin to rub again before Abel groans and I pull down his boxers getting on my knees in front of him, "Lizzy you don't have to do-" "I know I want to..." I mumble as I take him into my mouth causing him to moan and immediately and place a hand into my hair pushing me more onto his dick, me gagging on his cock. "C-Carmen shit..." he mumbles as I start to Bob my head, "hm Elizabeth suck that cock..." he mumbles holding his base and beginning to fuck my mouth slowly. I hummed against his twitching cock, causing him to shiver and curse under his breath. He moans as feel him tense, "Car I'm so close..." He mumbles. I moan and begin to rub his balls and what I couldn't get of his dick for him, "Lizzy o-oh, y-yes..." I smirk as I feel his balls tighten and he cums in my mouth. I swallow and pull away a line of spit coming off of him. I wipe my mouth and stand up kissing Abel again, "can you go again?" I ask him as I pull away. He nods eagerly and I push him onto the bed climbing on top of him. I rub his cock again causing him to start to get hard, "let me touch you..." he mumbles. I nod and his hands go to my breasts gently rubbing. I moan and grind against him causing us both to moan, "y-you feel good..." I say to him, "s-so do you." He says as he humps me, "s-sorry-" "it's fine Abel it feels good..." I say to him. He smiles pulls me down a bit so his mouth could suck onto my nipple nibbling and sucking alternating and giving each breast equal attention, "o-oh Abel yes..." I moaned placing my hands into his hair and rubbing his scalp while I grind myself against him, "such a dirty girl Elizabeth..." he mumbles against my nipple causing me to moan again, "y-yes Tesfaye!" I moan, "I want you to ride me baby girl..." Abel says to me giving as he lets go of my tits to give my ass a squeeze. I nod and bring him into a Kiss, "you're an amazing boyfriend Abel I love you..." I say to him as I move towards Abel's erection hovering over him before setting myself onto him causing me to moan "s-shit oh, fuck Abel y-you feel so good..." I mumbled shutting my eyes tightly as I sink down onto his cock. He moans and grabs my hips as he lets me adjust, "Elizabeth..." he groans, "its been so long." He mumbles looking me over. I blush but give him a small smile before I begin to rock my hips slowly. He moans as he closes his eyes and grips my hips harder, "f-fuck me Carmen yes!" he moans encouragingly causing me to moan and to go faster, "I-I need to cum..." I say to him, "already baby?" He asks me teasingly, "s-shut up!" I say with a small smile, "come on Carmen show me how much you love riding daddy's cock..." he mumbles to me, "I-oh...mhm fuck Tesfaye!" I moan as I cum on him. He smirks and flips us and begins to thrust into me quickly causing me to moan again, I fucking love this I missed him so much and loved him and loved this, "y-you're amazing Abel..." I mumbled gently stroking his cheek rubbing his scruffy beard the other going into Abel's hair and pulling at it slightly causing him to moan again. "I love you Carmen." He tells me "I-I love you too." I say to him as he continues to fuck me. I pull him into a kiss and we let out a series of moans and grunts until he cums inside of me, me following right after, "so good Elizabeth..." he says kissing the side of my neck. We lay together for about 20 minutes before Abel tells me he has to go to record today, "Abel please don't go, not today please, I just got back baby I'm so scared I-" "everything will be okay Lizzy, I'm one call away you know that." He says reassuring me. I sigh, "please can I just come with you at least?" I ask him desperately. He nods and kisses me, "of course my love." He says to me.

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