Chapter 21

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Chuck and I leave the hospital and are immediately surrounded by paparazzi, taking pictures of us and asking questions. I smiled a few times but tell Chuck to keep going to the car, "what happened to your sister Carmen?" "I heard she was driving is that true?" "Carmen why would you let your 14 year old sister drive?" I sighed but Chuck and I soon got to the car. Chuck gets in but I stay outside for a second, "either me or my sister will post updates on what happened to her, until then I'm not answering." I tell them as I get into my car, I drive us back home and we go upstairs quietly. "I'm going to my room..." Chuck Says, "hey wait." I mumbled she turns and I hug her, she seemed surprised but hugs me back, "I'm sorry..." I say to her "It's okay Lizzy..." She says to me. I let her go and she goes upstairs. I sigh and go to the fridge and grab a beer laying on the couch turning on the TV.
-a few hours later-
I open my eyes and see Abel, "hey, you okay?" he asks me, "y-yeah, sorry, I must've fell asleep." I say to him. He takes my beer out of my hands and puts it on the coffee table then takes off his jacket off and throws it on the chair then he lays on top of me. I put my arms around him and feel my eyes begin to close my eyes again, "Car, are you alright?" tesfaye asks me, "yes Tesfaye, I'm just tired." I say, "you wanna go upstairs?" he asks me. I nod and he picks me up and begins walking up the stairs with me in his arms, "Lizzy!" I hear Chuck scream causing me to instantly wake up fully and look at Abel, "put me down." I say to him. He does and I run upstairs into Chuck's room opening the door, "hey, what's wrong?" I ask her as I see her crying and sitting up in bed, "l-lizzy!" she says as I sit on the edge of the bed. She hugs me and sobs into my shoulder, "i-the car it-" "it's over now Chuck, you're safe."  I say to her rubbing her back to sooth her. "is everything okay?" I hear Abel say from the doorframe, "yeah, go to bed, I'll be there in a bit." I say to him. He nods and leave. Chuck continues to cry, "l-lizzy I remember everything, their screams and the noise of the truck-" "stop..." I say to her, "you're safe now Chuck, you're home, nothing's gonna happen." I say to her. I hear Chuck calm down a bit and pulls away from me, "when can I come to a show?" she asks me, "probably this Friday." I say to her. She smiles, "I missed my sister..." she mumbles. "i-I don't know why I act like I do sometimes..." I say to her. "me neither." she mumbles looking away from me, "are you alright Chuck?" I ask her, "I-I'll be fine..." She says, "okay I'm gonna go to bed alright? Call me if you need me." I say walking towards the door, "goodnight." She says, "night." I say going to my bedroom. I get into my pj's and get in to bed with Abel and he puts his arms around me, "you okay? Is Chuck alright?" He asks me, "y-yeah everything's fine Tesfaye." I say putting my hand in his as we cuddle, "Carmen, what do you want for your birthday?" he asks me, "I don't know." I say to him truthfully. Abel sighs and kisses My cheek, "I'm really sorry about the other day Abel..." I say to him, "thanks, I'm sorry for saying some of that shit Car, I shouldn't have." "it's all over now right? We're okay?" I ask him, "yeah, I don't wanna fight anymore." He Says. I keep thinking and remember what he said when we were fighting that was still bothering me, "Abel...what did you mean when you said you didn't want to be with that type of person anymore?" I ask him. "I thought you didn't want to fight?" he says to me, "i-i don't I'm just...confused I guess." I say to him, "I'll tell you about my past when you tell me about yours." he says to me. I sigh but nod and close my eyes, my past.
I was alone at the house with Darren. As much as I begged my mom not to leave me alone with him she did, and I already knew what was going to happen. I feel his stare on me as I hand him the beer he asked for, "you're being such a good girl for me Lizzy." he says to me as he takes the beer away from me. I don't say anything as I begin to walk back to my room but he stops me, "go into my room." he says to me, "n-no..." what was that?" he says getting up, "I-I said no..." I say quietly. He slaps me and grabs me by the hair bringing me into his and mom's bedroom, pulling off my skirt and looking at me as he rubs his dick through his pants, "no Darren please..." I beg him, he smirks and pulls out handcuffs attaching my wrists to the bed, "so you don't get any ideas..." he says looking at me, "n-no stop please..." I beg him again as he pulls off his pants, "Carmen! Carmen! Stop! Wake up!" My eyes open to see Abel looking at me scared, "Carmen..?" he whisper stroking my cheek and kissing me, "a-Abel!" I say wrapping my arms around him and hugging him crying into his shirt, "you're okay Carmen...You're safe baby..." Abel says rubbing my back and kissing me lovingly. I cling to him as I continue crying, "it's okay, Lizzy you're alright, you're safe..." he keeps telling me. I'm still shaking and crying as Abel kisses me sweetly and wipes away my tears, "relax Carmen..." he whispers. I look into his eyes, I still didn't trust him, why didn't I?! I want to but I can't, "Tesfaye, d-do you love me?" I ask him trembling, "yes Elizabeth." He says kissing me. We cuddle until morning him eventually falling asleep and me almost doing the same.
-a few days later-
Abel's first album was coming out today and I was really happy for him, we were in his studio right now, I was taking him to dinner to celebrate, they were finalizing the album. "Carmen I'm going to put our song on a different album, is that okay?" he asks me looking into my eyes, "yeah that's fine." I say, watching him and Lamar finish up the album. I slide my hands onto Abel's shoulders and rub slowly. He smiles as he's talking to Lamar, we couldn't act like we were more then friends unless we were alone, so I kept it simple. I feel a vibration in my pocket and take out my phone to see a text from Electra, "when can we hang out I miss you." it says, "we could probably hang out later if you're free." I send back. She sends a smiley face and I smile, I guess I'm hanging out with her later. A few minutes later Abel gets up and smiles at me, "it's done." he says. I smile and hug him, "congratulations tesfaye." I say hugging him. Abel kisses my cheek and thanks me, "Abel you can go with her you're album will be released." Lamar says to him. He smiles, "thanks dude, I'll see you later alright?" he nods and Abel takes my hand and brings me to his car, "meet me at this address okay?" I give him a price of paper with the address on it. He smiles and nods pulling me into a hug, "I'll see you in a bit right?" he says. I nod and go to my Jaguar getting in and driving to the restaurant where I meet up with Abel. I smile as we're brought outside and set at a table. "I'm so happy for you Abel, I hope everyone likes your album like I do." I say to him, "thank you Carmen." he says smiling at me. We talk about music and stuff for a while while we look at our menus. We order our food and continue talking, but I slide my hand onto Abel's thigh, sliding my hand up slowly, "Carmen..." he mumbled, "what?" I ask him acting innocent, "the paparazzi are here..." Abel mumbles looking around slowly, "so?" I say smirking. He sighs and takes my hand off his thigh, "later okay?" he says. I sigh but agree, "are we gonna talk about the other night?" he asks me, "no why would we do that?" I ask him, "because you were crying and panicking Carmen, I just want you to be alright." he says to me taking my hand in his, "I'm fine Abel, it's been happening for years I'm used to it." I say to him, "Lizzy that's fucked up you should see someone for it, it's fucking you up." "what did I tell you about calling me Lizzy." I say annoyed. "Ms. Grant please-" "It's none of your business Tesfaye." I snap at him, "is that why you drink and do drugs too? To forget about whatever happened to you?" he asked me, "change the subject Abel." I demand him, "Carmen please listen to me-" "please stop talking Abel." I say as I start thinking about Darren and everything begins to happen again causing me tear up, "Abel..." I start crying and rest my head against his arm, "fuck Carmen I'm sorry..." he says hugging me, "I hate thinking about it." I say to him, "Carmen...You need help." Abel says to me, "no I'm fine." I say pulling away from him. He signs but finally changes the subject. When we finish I go back to the car. "you'll come back to my place later right?" I ask him, "yeah sure I'll be there." he says.

This whole families pretty fucked up

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