Chapter 59

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As soon as we get to the hotel and are in the elevator we begin to make out. Abel was very eager and he was being rough which was getting me even more turned on, "you're mine Carmen, you know that..." "why don't you tell me again daddy..." I mumbled smirking, "fuck..." he mumbles against my neck as he begins to suck and bite at it causing me to moan, "such a dirty girl Carmen, trying to get me to pleasure you with your family with us, they could've caught us at any time you know that..." he mumbles as his hand goes where I needed him the most right now, "fuck I know Abel," I mumbled, "I just needed you..." I say to him as I feel him push my panties aside and push a finger into me, thrusting in roughly. We hear the elevator ding and he lets me off his waist and pulls his finger out causing me to whimper slightly. We get out of the elevator and he pulls me to our room quickly grabbing the key card and unlocking the room. He pulls me into another kiss and we begin to make out. Abel pulls away slightly, "what's wrong?" I ask him, "did you get me anything today?" He asks with a small smirk, "a doughnut." I mumbled, "fuck I was really hoping for something else..." he mumbles. I smile, "I'm sure you were..." I say. He pushes me down on the bed and reaches into his suitcase, "these will have to do..." he says pulling out some handcuffs. He turns me around pinning me against the wall grabbing my wrists and cuffing them together, "you should be a good girl for me Elizabeth..." he warns. I smirk slightly, "what are you going to do to me if I don't Abel?" I say to him, "you're already in trouble now Car, don't make it worse for yourself..." he mumbles wrapping a hand around my neck and the other on my wrists, pulling me against his back my hands resting against the bulge in his jeans. He pushes my hair to the side exposing my neck to him. His beard rubs against my skin as he kisses right below my ear, "what are you gonna do to me daddy..." I mumbled biting my lip as his hands rubbed my sides, "first you will be punished for kissing that little fucker." "Then I'm gonna use your mouth for something more...useful..." he says smirking. I let out a small "mhm..." to conceal the moan I wanted to release by held back, determined to keep my confidence. I feel one of Abel's hands go up my dress feeling my damp panties, "whore..." he mumbles against my neck with a smirk, "already fucking wet for me yeah?" He mumbles rubbing me gently with his fingers through my panties, "fuck Abel..." I mumbled, "what a mouth on you Elizabeth...we'll have to fix that..." he grabs the zipper of dress pulls it down quickly then pulling it off me causing it to rip, "you fucking asshole! That was like $200!" I say angrily. He pushes me against the wall roughly causing me to let out a whimper, "don't worry about it..." he mumbles as he pulls out his gun causing me to flinch slightly. His eyes soften slightly, "you still carry that around?" I ask him, "I wanna make sure you're safe..." he mumbles gently dragging the back of the gun along my jaw before he puts it down and reaches for my breasts. He begins to rub his thumbs flicking my nipples every so often, chuckling slightly at how I'm trembling under his touch. He punches my nipples suddenly causing my mouth to drop and I let out a moan feeling the pain to only add to my arousal. I finally am able to control myself when Abel kneels a bit and slides his tongue over my nipple then letting his beard rub against it as well the combination of senses causing me to arch my back and moan, causing Abel to chuckle darkly as he pushes down my panties, "you like this ms. Grant? Me taking what's mine, it turns you on doesn't it Elizabeth?" He says to me pushing one of his fingers inside of me causing me to let out a shaky breath. I feel my clit throb and feel the burning desire I had being satisfied with Abel's figures. I feel them brush against my spot and moan helplessly, "T-Tesfaye, oh god..." I moan. Shutting my eyes tightly and leaning my head against the wall flinching from the pain. He continues to thrust his fingers into me roughly and I feel the pressure building up in my stomach, "look at me Lizzy." I open my eyes and look at him, "look at me while I fuck you with my fingers." Abel orders me causing my heart to beat faster, if that was even possible, "d-daddy." I moan as I begin to roll my hips to meet with the thrusts of his fingers, "daddy," I moan. I feel like I'm dripping over him and he seems to notice this, pushing his palm against my clit grinding against it as he thrusts into me, "you're gonna cum aren't you Grant? I can feel you getting tighter around my fingers, so fucking desperate to be touched, fuck Lizzy, can't wait to have my dick in that pussy..." his dirty words only bringing me closer to the edge causing me to whimper. His mouth latches on to the tattoos on my collarbone, sucking harshly, surely marking me for a while. I moan and cum on his fingers, moaning loudly but Abel doesn't stop. I was sensitive and Abel knew it, he wanted me to do it again. My vision blurs, it hurt so much but felt so good, it's ecstasy. I just want to cum again. "Can't help yourself, can you Elizabeth?" Abel says to me, voice gravelly above the wet sound of his fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, "You just need me to make you come over and over again, look at you, Lizzy, fucking yourself on my fingers. I wanna see you Lizzy, Look at me when you come." I moan and feel myself clench around him a few times before finally letting myself cum. He smirks as he pulls me to the bed and bends me over his knee, my face buried in the bedsheets and my ass in the air. One of his hands wraps around the handcuffs around my wrists, the other gliding over my cheeks causing me to whimper wiggling my ass causing Abel to give my ass a small pinch, "daddy..." I whimper, "yes Elizabeth? Are you ready for your punishment? Are you gonna take it from daddy right?" He asked me. I nod, "didn't hear you angel..." "yes daddy." I say to him. A silence came between us but it also seemed so...loud. I breathe in and before I let it out, Abel's hand comes down on my ass hard and I let out a small scream. He continues with a second spank that makes the first seem gentle, but it only turns me on more, wetness now costing my thighs. I feel myself pulsating around nothing, I was so desperate for Abel and I'm sure he knew it. I wanted him so bad and it only increased as he slapped my ass harder and harder. After my ass is red from him his hand gently slides against my entrance, "Abel..." I whimper my hips buckling against Abel's knee dampening his dress pants even more. He smirks, "you just want me to fuck you lizzy, just push my fingers into you again don't you me. Grant..?" I moan and he smirks pushing me onto the floor gently and onto my knees and I feel myself trembling in anticipation for Abel to do something. He smirks but sits on the edge of the bed allowing me to take the opportunity to take off his shirt and tie then his pants leaving his big cock stuck in his boxers, "Lizzy...take them off." Abel demands. I do as he says and pull them off his cock hitting his abs, "Lizzy, fuck take it..." he mumbles pushing his tip against my lips. I do as he says and he pushes me onto him fully, "fuck." He moans as he places his hand in my hair, "get ready Ms. Grant..." He mumbles. I look up at him curiously but I then feel his cock nudging the back of my throat and I gag causing Abel to chuckle, "fuck Elizabeth, your mouth feels so good on my cock..." he mumbles thrusting into my mouth causing a muffled and groaned response. The sound causes Abel to groan, his cock twitching as he cups my face with both hands. He smirks as he watches himself thrust into my mouth, not enough to hurt me of course, but enough thrusts to leave me dripping for him, wanting nothing more but for him to fuck me just as he uses my mouth. As he pushes in my nose brushes against his happy trail and tears fall from my eyes as he guides my mouth up and down his cock. I need to cum so bad, I just want Abel. I feel Abel lean back slightly and hear him grunt and curse under his breath, as he slowly comes undone. I smirk to myself wanting to make him cum for me, so I swirl my tongue over his tip causing him to moan out my name and buckle his hips his cock going deeper causing me to moan again, "Carmen..." he growls using my head to push me off of him causing me to whimper, "I said I'd fuck you didn't I?" I nod eagerly causing him to smirk, "use me daddy..." I mumbled to him. He pushes me against the bed, ass up and I feel his hand slap it, "you're so ready for me Car..." he mumbles as he runs a finger along my entrance, "place daddy, I need to be fucked, I bet chase would've by now-" I feel Abel slap my ass and growl at me, "he'll never touch you like I do Lizzy..." "Abel fuck me then." I say to him. He slams into me unexpectedly, "a-Abel!" I groan, "so fucking tight around me Car..." He says as he thrusts in and out of me quickly. It hurt but I liked it and I didn't want him to stop my moans and other noises escaping into the pillow. Abel grabs my bound wrists and pulls me up against his chest causing me to gasp and Abel's free hand grabs my jaw and pulls me into a kiss. As we make out I feel his hand run down my body to my aching clit and he pushes down on the nub causing me to moan out and buckle my hips, "a-Abel..." I whimper only causing him to fuck me harder and faster. I was close and Abel knew it, "d-daddy..." I groan as I feel myself on the edge, "cum for me Elizabeth, I want to feel you cum around my cock." He says to me as his hand wraps around my neck and he adds pressure only adding to my ecstasy as I cum on him, "so good for daddy..." Abel says as he tenses inside of me his cock twitching and his load filling me up. I let out a small moan as I feel it. Abel stays inside of me for a few more seconds then pulls out. I felt used and a whore and I loved it. Abel grabs keys from the nightstand and unlocks my handcuffs and pulls them off me. I look up at him and he pulls me into a kiss, "you're mine Lizzy..." he says, "don't fuck around with that dick anymore okay? He can't give you what I can." I nod and snuggle into his chest, "I love you Abel..." I say against his neck. "I love you too Carmen." He says as we both go to sleep.

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