Chapter 32

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I woke up next to Abel turning to him and kissing him, "Carmen?" He mumbles tiredly, "yes baby, good morning." I say laying on his chest, "good morning..." he says smiling at me slightly, "what time is it?" He asks, "11:26." I say to him. He sighs and groans turning towards his night stand, "I have to go record today." Abel sighs as I turn on my side to put my arms around him. I feel pain between my legs reminding me fun memories from last night causing me to smile and cuddle him, kissing his cheek, "we should get up Lizzy..." Abel says quietly, "agh, don't call me that." I say rolling my eyes, "why? It's cute, Lizzy Grant, singer songwriter and seducer." I roll my eyes and punch his shoulder lightly, "shut up..." I mumbled. I hug him and kiss him, "I love you." I whisper to him. He looks up at me and pulls me into a kiss stroking my cheek, "I love you too." he says smiling at me. Abel gets up and goes into the bathroom and I go through my drawers to find an outfit that doesn't look like Trash and smile to myself liking the outfit. I knock on the door and Abel tells me I can come in I do. He's in the shower and go in and hug him from behind, "hey." He says smiling, "hi..." I say kissing his shoulder then leaning my head against his back below his neck. "You okay?" He asks me, "yeah." I mumbled, "you want me to come with You to the studio baby? I don't have to..." I say to him, "yeah you can come, we can edit prisoner some more." Abel says grabbing one my hands that was on his chest and kissing gently, "you're being so sweet..." I mumbled, "anything for you babe..." he mumbles. I smile and we just wash up, "are you okay from last night?" He asks me smiling slightly as we start to finish up, "y-yeah, why?" "because I fucked you like twice and the second time I went a little rough on you..." he says smiling, "I liked it..." I mumbled smiling and biting my lip. He smirks and grabs my ass and I let out a small gasp and hit his hand away playfully, "Carmen..." he mumbles Smiling and giving me a small kiss again, "come on we should go..." I say reaching behind him and shutting the shower off. We get out and I get dressed drying my hair then going to chucks room, "Chuck wake up its Carmen, time for school." I say. I hear her groan and smile, "come on." I say smiling to myself. I go into the living room and grab my small purse. Abel comes in a few minutes later followed by Chuck. I brought Chuck to Starbucks to get her coffee and breakfast then bring her to school. Then Abel drives us to his studio. I sit on one of the desk chairs next to Lamar and listen to Abel sing one of his new songs for beauty behind the madness. He was amazing and the song was fucking great. Abel did a few more songs then called me in, "okay we'll sing the bridge and the chorus again and then we'll see of it sounds good okay?" he says looking at me, I nod and grab the headphones putting them on leaving one ear open to hear Abel or Lamar if they talked to me. We began to sing and finish the track after a few tries. We go to mix it and I sit next to Abel and watch him and Lamar make the song great. I lean my head against his shoulder and rub my hand against his thigh, "Abel you wanna grab a drink after this?" I ask him. He nods and I smile and get up going to the couch.
I look Over at Carmen which and notice she was asleep then go back to editing with Lamar. "Dude, you know Carmen likes you right?" I smile and chuckle, "yeah I know." I say to him smiling, "how old is she?" He asked me pulling away from the table a bit and leaning back in his chair, "she just turned eighteen." I say not stopping, "is she single?" Lamar asks me smiling, "yeah why?" I ask him, "I'm just curious, she's kinda hot." Lamar says smiling, "not for you bro..." I say to him, "you thinkin you can hit that?" Lamar asks gesturing at Carmen. I smirked to myself, "yeah I think I could." I say with a small chuckle, "you're totally friend zoned tesfaye, she acts like your friend." Lamar says smiling at me, oh Lamar so clueless. Of course I can't say anything, Carmen made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone until she was ready or whatever, "I'm pretty sure I could get her." I say smirking at Lamar, "go over there and prove it then hotshot." Lamar says smirking at me, "I can't right now Lamar..." I say to him, "do it, unless you're a fuckin pussy..." He says smirking. I roll my eyes and kept fucking with my songs.
I wake up and see Abel and Lamar talking about a song, "Hey guys..." I mumbled sitting up against the couch, "hey Car, we're almost done you can grab your coat." Abel says to me. I nod and go to the closet grabbing my coat and my purse then going back to the couch. I sigh impatiently and lean my head against the couch, "tesfaye are you almost done?" I ask him sighing, "yes Carmen." He says sighing back. I roll my eyes and relax again until I feel Abel's hand on my shoulder, "come on ms. Grant..." He says. I nod and get up following Abel to my car, "I'm Driving." I say to him going to my side and getting in. I floor it driving as fast as I could to a bar. I'm excited to drink with Abel. I grab his hand and bring into my thigh. He smiles and slides it more towards the inside of my thigh, "yes babe..." I say smirking and biting my lip. I grab my ciggerates and take one out lighting it and putting it in my mouth taking a long drag. Abel pushes his hand farther down my thigh and I smile biting my lip, "I can't do this, not now Carmen..." Abel says looking away from me, "okay darling...I-I'm sorry..." "Carmen you don't have to apologize to me, I like fucking with you." Abel says to me. I nod and continue driving until I get to the bar. I smile at tesfaye as we go in the club and go straight to the bar. We begin to drink, taking several shots, and I smile at Abel and take his hand leading him to the dance floor. I grind against him and his hands rest on my Hips guiding them against him, "am I doing okay darling?" I ask him placing my hands on his and glancing back at him, "y-yes Carmen...very well..." Abel says as he thrusts his hips towards me, "oh, anxious are we?" I ask Smirking. He smirks back and begins to kiss my neck slowly, "fuck Abel..." I whisper, "I love when you say my name..." he says with a small growl. I smile and then into him, "let's go home..." I mumbled him. He smiles and nods letting me go and letting me have a few more drinks.

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