Chapter 38

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Abel and I are back in New York and we're on the elevator about to get to my floor. We came here so I could show Abel the new song I was writing for The Great Gatsby. When the elevator opens Chuck runs over to me and hugs me, "congratulations!" She says excitedly, "thanks sweetie." I say to her smiling, "come on, I'll show you my song, Chuck you should come too." I say as I pull to my music room and Chuck follows. I sit at the piano and began playing the song and singing it, Chuck and Abel watching as I do, "you should record that." Chuck says smiling at me, "I already did, while I was on tour, my producers are just putting the final touches on it and then it'll be out." I said smiling as Abel puts his hands on my shoulders, "it's beautiful babe, written so beautifully." Abel says, "thank you." I say to him looking up at him for a kiss which he accepts.
-a few hours later-
I hear my phone ring and pick it up without looking at the caller I'd, "hello?" "Lizzy?" I hear my mom's voice on the other end, "w-who is this..?" I ask nervously, "Lizzy I know you know it's me, I just called to warn you honey, Darren knows where you guys are and he's coming after you, he knows who you are Lizzy..." she says worriedly, "m-mom I love you..." "I love you too eliz-" "pat! Who are you talking to!" I hear Darren yell then the call ending. I feel myself beginning to cry.
I hear Carmen crying and get off the couch quickly going to her room Chuck following, "Carmen, Carmen!" I say to her frantically, she doesn't respond she doesn't even recognize that Chuck and I were there, "baby..." I whisper kissing her tears away, she finally sees me and wraps her arms around me, "abel-" she sobs and I hug her closer, "Carmen..." Chuck mumbles placing a hand on her shoulder. She turns and hugs her, "I'm so sorry..." she keeps repeating to her. "Can we talk later?" she asks her. She nods and leaves leaving Carmen and I alone, I go over to her and pull her into my arms. "what's going on?" I ask her, "i-nothing..." "come on Carmen, you know you can trust me, I won't expose you or anything you know that..." I tell her as I kiss her forehead, "i-I know Abel..." she mumbles. I sigh, "I'm sorry baby I just...can't...I have to go." She said wiggling out of my arms and going towards her jacket that was on the chair at her desk, "you're coming back right?" I ask her slightly worried, "yeah I'll be back soon..." she says quietly as she walks out of the bedroom.
Abel and I both knew where I was going, but he wasn't stopping me. He knew he couldn't. Before I leave I write a note for Chuck for later and put it in my music room on my desk then leaving. I call over a cab and get in, telling the driver to go to my favorite bar and he does. I go to the bar and order some Jim bean while tapping my foot to the song on the radio which was one of Electra's. A few minutes later a girl sits next to me ordering herself a drink, "are you Carmen Grant?" She asks me, "yeah that's me." I say. She rolls her eyes, "this is what he wanted..?" she mumbled to herself, "what?" I say in confusion, "oh nothing just thinking to myself how much better Abel would be better off without a stupid slut like you." "excuse me?" I say angrily, "yeah the other night when we were together all he could seem to talk about was his girlfriend Carmen. Well here we are and you don't seem much of anything besides and ugly drunk sorry excuse for a singer." she says taking a sip of her martini,  "you know what Bella or whatever the fuck your name is, at least I have the essentials of being a human woman unlike a anorexic bitch like you, I've got all the ass and tits Abel needs, and you must know that since you fucking raped him." I say to her. she throws her drink on me and leaves after slamming her glass on the table. After a few hours of drinking and thinking I come to an idea that'll help me Chuck and Abel.
-a few hours later-
I go back home and go into my music room just in case Abel was here or Chuck would notice. I go into my room and grab some of the heroin I kept in my desk drawer, then grab some of the cocaine I had as well setting both up on the table. "This better fucking work..." I say to myself as I shoot up with a lot more than usual and then do a line of coke. I feel the usual high but then something else. It was working. I feel myself become light headed and my eyes close. A few minutes later I hear the door open and try to open my eyes only to find I couldn't. I hear my sister's voice frantically calling for Abel and a few minutes later I feel Abel's hands on me, "Carmen!" I hear him say frantically while shaking me. I try to open my eyes again but could only see blurs of them, "Chuck----911" is sort of what I heard, "Car, what did you take, if you can hear me, tell me." Abel says as he strokes my cheek gently, "h-heroi-" I manage to mumble slightly, "Lizzy! Don't go!" Chuck says holding onto my arm as I feel myself completely pass out.
-chuck same time-
I hear the doors open and assume it's Carmen since she left earlier. I turn to go back to sleep but soon hear a small thud. I get up cautiously and head downstairs and go to Carmen's music Room, "Carmen!" I scream as I see my sister slumped against the couch, "A-Abel! Come help please!" I yell for him as I go to her, "Carmen!" he looks scared as he kneels down and grabs her shoulders shaking Her, her eyes open and they're glazed over looking and bloodshot from drinking, "Chuck go call 911." Abel says to me. I nod as I begin to cry knowing my sister was probably dying. I go over to Lizzy's desk were her cell was sitting and grab it calling 911 quickly, I tell them what was going on and they ask me what she took, "Abel, what did she take?" I ask him quickly, "Car, what did you take, if you can hear me, tell me." he says to her as he strokes her cheek, "h-heroi-" she was slipping. I run over to her and grab her arm, "Lizzy! Don't go!" I say to her as I rest my head onto her stomach my tears falling onto her shirt. Her breathing slowed, "no! Lizzy! Wake up!" Abel says frantically as he shakes her more, "come on Elizabeth p-please..." he starts crying but grabs the phone away from me, "she took heroin and it looks like cocaine." Abel says trying to stay calm as I still try to wake her up. Abel continues talking to them but all I could do was cry, the only person I had left to trust was Lizzy...and now I don't even have her. The paramedics came a few minutes later and took her to the hospital leaving Abel and I here to talk to the police. I went over to Carmen's desk to get her keys to her car so Abel and I could leave after and I noticed a paper folded up with my name on it.
I'm going to be alright. I found out that Darren and mom know where we are so I faked death so you would get everything and we could move again without suspicion. Leave for Las Vegas as soon as you get my money and shit I'll meet you there. I love you Chuck and I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier that this would be my plan if our parents ever figured out who we were, just make sure to leave as soon as the money gets to your account, I need to trust you okay? I'll meet you there and I'll leave a few hours after they pronounce me dead, you can't tell Abel, no one can know, if they find out we'll go to court and I might loose custody of you to mom and Darren and I don't want you to go through what I did, besides, Abel deserves better than me, I treat him like shit and I know it, I just want him to be happy and I know that won't happen while he's with me. Good luck with everything and I'll see you soon,
I stare at the letter for a few more seconds before I hear Abel call for me, "come on Chuck!" I sigh and put the letter in Carmen's phone case then put it in my pocket and going in the elevator with Abel.
Since we got into the car Chuck has been strangely quiet. I decide not to question it because people cope in different ways and soon we get to the hospital. We go to the desk and I ask for Carmen, the nurse bringing us to a room and I see the doctors trying to do CPR on her and turn into Chuck hugging her. She hugs me back and kind away, "we lost her..." a doctor says sadly, "Mr. Tesfaye, Carmen is in a coma right now...we don't think she's gonna make it..." She says to me. I nod and go to Lizzy's side, "I love you baby..." I say kissing her forehead then leaving with Chuck, "I'm gonna go sit in the waiting room and wait for her, "Abel, s-shes dead..." Chuck says to me sadly, "n-not to me..." I say to her, "i-i want her back..." Chuck says sadly, "me too." i say hugging her.
-a few days later-
Everything was over, Carmen was dead to everyone, except me who knows. I've got her money and stuff and I'm already ready to sell the house with one phone call. I packed up Carmen and i's important stuff ready to leave tomorrow after the funeral. It's gonna be different again but I don't want it to be...

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