Chapter 8

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I finish in the shower and come out drying myself and pulling on my boxers and my sleeping shirt. I go into the bedroom and see Carmen in bed already wearing one of my t shirts. I get in next to her and look her over, she looked cute, not acting like a slut or a bitch. "Goodnight Carmen." I say stroking her cheek gently. She stirs slightly turning away from me. I sigh and turn away from her as well. She was beautiful no doubting that, she just had an attitude and was always mean to the people closest to her, when I talked to her the other day though she was nice, I didn't understand.
-a few hours later -
I feel myself being shaken awake, "Carmen?" I mumbled confused and opening my eyes. I see Carmen thrashing in her sleep and mumbling, "Ms. Grant!" I say shaking her awake and holding her arms. She wakes up and looks into my eyes, "a-Abel!" She says hugging me and crying into my shoulder. "I-I'm sorry..." She says. "Its okay carmen." I say rubbing her back, "d-dont tell anybody about this okay?" Carmen says looking into my eyes, "okay..." I say to her wiping her tears away. Neither one of us seem to notice but we were cuddling. She was shaking still and I try to calm her down by rubbing her back while her head rested in the crook of my neck. She pulls away a bit and looks at me, but then runs to the bathroom and throws up, "Tesfaye..." she calls for me in a pleading tone. I come into the bathroom and hold her hair for her as she throws up in my toilet. When she's done she looks at me, "d-do you have mouthwash or something?" She asks still shaking, "Yeah." I say going next to her in my cabinet and grabbing some, "you have a fucking cup?" She asks me with her stupid usual attitude. I roll my eyes, "I'll be right back." I tell her going into the kitchen and grabbing a solo cup then going back to an impatient Carmen, "here." I say giving her the cup, "you should be nicer if you don't want me to fire you." Was the bitch bipolar? One minute she's crying now she's being her usual self. Annoying as fuck. "I'm going back to bed." I tell her doing exactly that. A few minutes later I feel Carmen next to me, "Tesfaye...I really am sorry for what happened..." she said. I turn to her and look into her eyes, "what happened Carmen?" I ask her, "I-I can't tell you..." she mumbles, "I'm sorry." She says. "I-it was just a dream." She says looking away from me, "would you ever tell me Carmen?" I ask her, "I don't know..." she says, "do you remember anything from last night?" I ask her rubbing her arm, "no, just about the guy trying to fuck me then you saving me, Abel." she says looking at me, "do you remember, what you did?" She looks at me confused and a bit concerned, "what did I do?" She asks annoyed.
"You kissed me." He tells me. "Okay, what do you want?" I ask him rolling my eyes, "what?" He says confused, "oh my god, you know, to stop you from telling my boyfriend, what do you want me to do for you?" I ask him, "what? Carmen you don't need to do anything for me, I won't say anything." He tells me, "no there's always a catch." I say looking at him, "I'm not gonna make you do anything carmen, I don't want you to, I'm not like that." He tells me. This was weird, no one ever just let shit go. I stare at Abel in utter confusion, he sighs and turns away from me, "thanks I guess." I say doing the same.
-the next day-
I wake up and notice Abel is gone. I get back into my dress and as I'm done changing Tesfaye comes into the room from the bathroom in just a towel. He had abs and was very well built. Fuck I'm glad he was a bodyguard, I'm glad he was my bodyguard. He turns to me and smirks when he notices me smirking, "you like what you see?" He asks, I look down knowing I'm blushing, "f-fuck no." I lie. I hear him chuckle as he goes back into the bathroom. I go down a hallway and eventually find another bathroom going in and doing my business and cleaning up a bit. I come out and go into Abel's living room where I'm greated by two dogs jumping up on me. I groan and push them off me, careful not to hurt them, I'm not a fucking monster. I head to the door when Abel comes in, "I see you've met my babies." He said petting one of the dogs, "yes very cute." I say rolling my eyes slightly, "Come on Carmen, they like you." He says with a small smile, I roll my eyes, "I'm going home Abel." I say to him opening the door, "okay, I'll see you soon though, you know Kenny will text me." I roll my eyes, "yeah yeah whatever." I say leaving.

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