Chapter 86

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My moms all over my dad as they go into the house. I sigh and go into my room throwing my shit onto the floor then turning the lights on to see lance on my bed causing me to gasp, "Lance?!" I say excitedly. He smiles, "happy anniversary Lo." He says to be giving me a warm smile. I run to him and we hug before he pulls me into a kiss, "god Lance I missed you, the party was so fucking boring baby..." I say as Lance begins to place longing kisses down my neck. I groan and tilt my head to the side allowing more access to my neck, "more..." I groan, "wait...I got you something..." He says going to my bed and reaching into his bag and grabbing a small box then handing it to me. I open it and see a ring, "oh my god Lance..." I mumble out surprised, "it's a promise ring okay? Lo please don't make a big deal out of this-" I cut him off by kissing him and hugging him, "I love it baby..." I mumble to him pulling it out of the box and sliding it on my finger. Lance smiles and pulls me into a kiss, "you wanna see what I got you..?" I ask him with a smirk. He chuckles and nods sitting on my bed. I lock the door quickly before going into the bathroom. I get changed and come out in some lingerie I got for Lance. When I come out Lance smiles devilishly, "fuck baby..." he mumbles out looking me over as he bit his lip, "get over here Lolita..." I straddle him and we begin to kiss. His hands start to gently rub up and down my thighs, as my hands rest at the hem of his shirt. I feel his hips buck into mine and let out a small moan "Lance..." I gasp as he mumbles, "take the shirt off Lo..." I obey him and he takes off mine almost immediately, and admires my body, "daddy...I-I need you-" "-Oh!" I feel his hands rubbing against my panties suddenly, "L-Lance..." I mumble out as he caresses my clit slowly as I whimper. Lance pushes my panties to the side, now fully in contact with my wet pussy rubbing my clit slowly. Lance pushes his finger inside of me, "You're so fucking tight, shit Lo, can't wait for my cock to be inside you..." His voice is husky and dominant. He pumps his fingers in a rapid pace as his thumb continues to rub my clit, "Lance I-" "so close already..?" He says smirking. "L-Lance..." I beg him as I grab his wrist hoping that he wouldn't pull away. I feel my orgasm building as my breathing starts to increase, "Lance, I'm close..." Lance groans and pulls his fingers out, pushing my panties back into place. He then stands up and places me on the bed looking me over as he pulls down his sweatpants then rubbing his growing erection in his boxers. He spreads my legs and began to kiss my neck as he rubbed my breasts through the thin material of lingerie, "so beautiful babygirl..." He whispers into my ear before pulling down the straps of the bra part kissing down while nipping and sucking at my sweet spots he knew of. "D-don't stop Lance." I groan out as I rub my body against him. He grabs my hips, "no Lolita..." he mumbles causing me to whimper. He smiles and pulls the rest of the outfit off me then pushing off his boxers. He lines up with my entrance and pushes inside of me biting his lip, before he leans down to kissed me. He pulls me to his chest, sitting up, all while he was slowly thrusting into me. I'm sitting in his lap, both of his arms pulling me against him as he fucks me. I let my head fall back moaning, and roll my hips to meet his. The angle he keeps pushing into me, directly hitting my g spot. His hands grab my hips, helping me go up and down his cock. One oft hands wandered between our bodies, reaching for my clit, rubbing it in synch with his thrusts, while I grab his hair, "l-Lance!" I moan as I finally cum on him. His thrusts become sloppier and he finishes inside me inside the pulls out once we've come down from our highs. I get up and go to the kitchen where I see lana, "holy shit! Lo you scared me!" She says after jumping, "s-sorry..." I mumble. "what's that?" She asks me, "um, my shirt?" I say confused but terrified knowing it was lances, "okay sorry, is it new?" She asks me yeah "Um kind of..." I say awkwardly. She either knew or didn't want to know. After awhile I go back to my room and Lance and I cuddled to sleep.
-Carmen a few hours later-
I get up looking over at Abel who was still sleeping and sigh before getting up and pulling on my bikini from last night then my shorts, "Lizzy..?" I hear Abel mumble as I grab my shirt, "I have to go home..." I say to him, "no Carmen stay..." he mumbles wrapping his arms around me from behind. "I-I can't..." I say to him. Abel grabs me and kisses me, dominating the kiss immediately and pushing me back down against the bed, "stay with me Elizabeth..." he mumbles as he kisses down my neck gently causing me to melt my hand going to his shoulder and resting it there, "I have to go..." I say to him, "I've already stayed too long..." Abel sighs and hugs me tighter, "I love you." I say to him rubbing the back of his scalp. Abel looks up at me, "leave Alex." He says to me. I look away from him to the floor sighing, "I can't..." I mumble, "Lizzy I know you guys used to date when you were younger or whatever but you've both changed, you should know that." He says to me. I sigh, "Abel, Alex helped me through everything, he's an amazing guy-" "Lizzy I saved you." Abel says, "oh yeah from one guy-" "no. I saved you from yourself. If I wasn't there for you you'd be dead right now, or alone. You and chuck wouldn't even be close cause when I met you you treated her like shit!" Abel's voice started guying more irritated and I can tell he's tensing up, "Alex taught me how to drive, he helped me learn how to play guitar, read music and encouraged me to persue my music career while everyone kept telling me it was a stupid dream. He helped me have fun in the world when no one else could, he got me out of boarding school when I most needed to leave." "who helps you now Lizzy? Who gets you outta jail, who saves you from fucking killing yourself, who's always there when you call and not out with his stupid fucking band! He may have known Lizzy the girl, but I know the fucking woman and that's what's fucking important right now! Well maybe not cause you still act like a fucking child." He says coldly, "I'm fucking leaving." I say angrily, "don't fucking come back this is the end for us!" He says angrily. I throw him the bracelet he gave me and flip him off then go to my car.  As I start my car I feel tears stream down my cheeks and get even more angry. I let out a scream out of frustration then drive back to my house. I storm into my house drop my shit on the ground and straddle Alex immediately who was asleep on the couch waking him up, "Lizzy?" He mumbles out as I kiss him harshly. He goes with it though and kisses me back his hands resting on my waist. I slip my tongue past his lips and begin swiveling my hips to rub against his crotch. I hear his phone ringing and he glances down at it and so do I and roll my eyes at the noise before I read the name and my heart stops; Darren. My eyes widened and I stare at it figuring out what to do, "Lizzy, it's not what you think." He starts as I pull away from him slowly, now scared and confused. My hearts beating so quickly in my chest that I feel like it'll explode, "t-than tell me." I try to say in an assertive tough voice but ends up being weak and scared. "Lizzy he's my dad." He says to me, "y-your dad..?" I mumble in shock, "we didn't know when we were dating, we just found out a couple years ago when my mom told me." He says. "Alex he hurt me so long why didn't you tell me?" "Because baby girl...we want you around..." he says scaring me a bit, "w-we..?" I whisper out. He smirks and pulls me against him again kissing me. I push him away but he grabs my wrist and pulls me on top of him, "Alex no! Please stop!" I scream desperately trying to pull my wrist away, "no baby, you're all mine, and of course Darren's, he can see you you know? Baby look up at that clock." I look away from it as much as I could but Alex slaps me, "come on bitch, be the big fucking slut you are and look in the camera as I fuck you." He sneers. As he pushes me against the hardwood floor and starts to pull off my shorts "no! Stop!" I scream as I fight him as much as I could. He rapes me and I don't look anywhere but the floor as the dark wood only got darker as my tears ran out of my eyes. When Alex was done he slams my head against the floor with a chuckle and does it five more times until I start to make noises to satisfy his sadistic needs, "my whore..." he says smirking, "Alex what happened to you..?" I whisper out, "I found the world baby." He says as he gives me a last kick and walks to the bathroom. I get up weakly and get into my car. I get in and start driving and grab my phone dialing chucks number immediately, "hey Lizzy sveta and I were just heading to the airport what's up?" " me..." I mumble as the car swerves, "where are you?!" She asks worriedly. I look up at the street posts and even though there was like 60 of them to me I could make it out, "Ventura boulevard..." I mumble looking up at a street post, "Lizzy go to a store close by, I'll meet you there." I know I won't make it, I can barely see and chucks voice got more and more distant by the minute, "Chuck I love you..." I say to her. "Lizzy everything will be okay.........................................................................."
Lance left about an hour after mom did, we heard her and dad yelling and the door slamming as she left. I started to get ready for school knowing I'd probably have to find my own way to get there today, it was around 5:30 am. I go downstairs and see dad sitting on the couch watching the news, "morning dad." I say to him. He nods acknowledging my existence as I head to the kitchen to get something to eat. I look through the window thing and see dad on the phone so I start listening, "is she okay?" "How do you not know!" "Chuck what fucking happened?!" He's getting frustrated, "where is she?" "Okay I'll be there in a bit. Bye." Dad gets up quickly practically running upstairs then comes back down wearing a basic outfit, "dad-?" "Come on! We're going to the hospital!" He grabs my arm and pulls me away from my pop tarts. I follow him to his lambo and we get in and speed off, "what's going on?" I ask him, "your moms fucking dying." He says angrily. My eyes widened and I nod. Dad turns on the radio and they're talking about the accident, "a man and his son were heading to school in an suv when Lana Del Rey's jaguar came out of no where at 55 miles per hour, 30 miles over the speed limit, the man was killed, Lana's in critical condition and the boy is being treated, nothing severe. I feel myself get more nervous, this could be my last time with her, her last birthday with her, I want her to stay I finally have my mom I didn't want to loose her. I feel tears running down my cheeks. We finally get to the hospital and asked us for Elizabeth Grant. She led us to a room and we went in to see mom. The doctors asked my dad a few questions and then sent us back to the waiting room went and saw Chuck there with Sveta. I sat down as dad went to go talk to chuck. I get a call from lance. I pick up, "it's not a good time right now babe." I say to him, "hey this is lances son, he died a few minutes ago in a car crash, he wanted me to tell you, he also said he loved you." My heart shattered as I feel more tears run down my face, "c-can I come to the funeral?" I ask him, "of course. Thanks for making my dad happy..." He says as he hangs up. I begin to cry more than I did before. I've never felt so broken.

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