Chapter 11

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-later that night-
The snow kept going and it was almost 7, "Tesfaye, I'm ready to go!" I call for him as I walk into the living room, "Ms. Grant we shouldn't be leaving in this weather." He tells me, "I don't fucking care I just need a drink." "What about your jacket?" He asks me, "Jesus dad its in the car, I'll put it on when we get there." I say pressing the button for the elevator, "Lizzy?" I hear my sisters voice call for me, "what?" I say a little angry, she comes into the room, "please dont go." She begs me, "chuck-" "please..." She says pulling me into a hug. I sigh and hug her back, "I-I'm sorry Chuck." I say genuinely. I see her face soften and her eyes water as she turns around and runs to her room. I sigh as the elevator doors finally open. We go in and the elevator begins moving down. We stand in silence waiting until the lights flicker then go out, the elevator stopping. I groan, "what the fuck?!" I say annoyed, "Tesfaye, you got a flash light?" I ask him, "yeah hold on." He says. A few seconds later a light goes on from next to me where Tesfaye was. I press the call button on the elevator but all they tell me is to sit tight because no one can come because of the snow. "Oh my god this is so stupid." I say leaning back up against the elevator. Tesfaye sighs and sits down, "I guess we'll just have to wait it out." He says. I roll my eyes and sit next to him. He puts his flashlight down pointing upward to give us a main light basically, "I wish it was at least warmer in here." I complain as I feel myself shivering, "here." Tesfaye says taking off his jacket and handing it to me. "I told you to grab a jacket." Tesfaye says, "oh shut up." I say rolling my eyes. "You have any service in here?" I ask him as I pull out my phone, "no." He says with a sigh. I groan slightly and lean my head against the wall. I feel the wall move slightly and realize its Tesfaye, "sorry." I mumbled, "its okay really." He reassured me. I smile slightly and make myself comfortable, "so your name is Lizzy?" "Dont call me that." I tell him. He looks down at me confused, "isn't it your name?" "Yes but everyones who's ever called me that has hurt me." I tell him, "what?" "Just call me Carmen...Please..." I tell him, almost in a pleading way, "okay... I'm sorry." He mumbles. "I can't believe I told you that." I said slowly, "Carmen-" "promise you'll never tell anyone that." I demand him, "I wasn't going to." He says, "I don't do that to people." He mumbles. I look up to see him just looking straight ahead, "are you okay?" I ask him, "yeah I'm just worried about my mom." He says to me, "oh?" "Yeah, she had to work tonight." He tells me. He asks me about me and I tell him whatever I could without talking too much about my childhood. I tell him about Chuck and Charlie, my sister and brother and he laughs at the funny stories I tell him about, "you know Carmen, you're not that bad." He says to me still smiling about my story I told him, "you're not as much of a bitch as everyone says you are." He says smirking, I smile and hit his arm playfully, "gee thanks." I say slightly annoyed, "so what about you Abel, how's writing music going?" "Its okay I guess, I know no one will ever care enough to see it so I write about what I want." He says, smiling at me slightly, "I'd read it, if youd let me." I tell him truthfully. "Y-you wouldn't like it..." "Why not?" I ask him, looking at him, "they're really...sexual..." He says blushing. I smirk, "Abel, I write sexual shit all the time, its not that bad." I tell him. "Really? I wouldn't think you would because you look so-" "innocent I know, that usually comes in handy though." I tell him smirking, "Carmen, do you like fucking around with people?" He asks me. I roll my eyes, "no, but I cant help it, sometimes I'm just out of it and I just fuck a random guy, that only usually happens to me when I'm drunk or high though." I tell Abel, "oh." He mumbles. I feel even colder and snuggle closer to Tesfaye, "yes Carmen?" He says smirking slightly, "shut up Abel I'm just cold." I say annoyed. I feel him put his arms around me and hold me closer. I look up at him and hes smiling at me, his dimples illuminated by the light as he does, "whats wrong?" I ask him, "you like me." He says smiling like a little boy, "oh shut up Tesfaye." I say pushing my lips against his. I feel him burning up then pull away. "Carmen-" I cut him off again, liking the feeling. I feel Abel pull me closer to him, "Carmen, why, why do you act like this?" He asks me as he strokes my cheek, "what do you mean?" I ask him looking into his eyes then kissing his jaw slowly, "why do you... Why are you so mean to other people? I-I know its not you Carmen..." He says rubbing my side, "how do you know Tesfaye?" I ask him sliding my hand down to his thigh, "y-you just dont look like it Car." We were silent for a bit until Abel felt my hand stroke his thigh close to his dick, "C-Carmen I-" "just relax..." I mumbled into his ear as my hand landed on his hardening cock. I feel Abel's hands go to my waist resting them on my hips as I straddle him, "Carmen, w-we can't do this..." Abel says as I rub the bulge in his jeans, "why Tesfaye? Shy?" I ask him smirking then kissing him, "no, it's because you're seventeen." He says. I roll my eyes and undo his pants, "so?" "Carmen it's illegal." He tells me as his hands left my hips, "how old are you?" I ask him, "twenty three." He yells me, "that's only six years Abel-" "it doesn't matter its still illegal." He tells me. I roll my eyes, "Francesco was 8 years older and no one cared, I drink and do drugs and no one cares, no one would care about this if I said anything, which I wont, and you wont either right?" I say to him, "No..." He mumbles looking into my eyes, "good..." I say smiling slightly. I begin to kiss him again gently. He places he hands on my back and flips us, me being on the floor, "you're such a fucking slut..." He mumbles into my ear seductively then kissing my earlobe, then taking it into his mouth and sucking on it earning him a moan from me, "wanting me to fuck you so soon, we just met..." He whispers as his hands opening my blouse and looking at my lavender bra. His hand pulls down one of the cups and I feel his lips kiss down my neck and attach to my right nipple licking and sucking on it, "T-Tesfaye..." I moan arching my back and pushing my hips against his feeling his cock against the place i needed it, "I want you..." I mumbled pulling him into another kiss. "When you called me dad earlier, I much rather you called me daddy." Abel says smirking, "me too baby." I say, "you've warmed me up Car..." He says with a smirk. I feel his hand go up my skirt and push my panties aside pushing a finger inside of me, "f-fuck, daddy you feel so good..." I say digging my red nails into his shoulders as he thrusts his finger in and out slowly, "when you were with Francesco I couldn't stand it, I knew he was cheating on you, and you still worshiped him like a fucking god." Abel said thrusting his finger in deeper and harder unexpectedly causing me to yelp, "h-he was my boyfriend, I-I loved him." I tell him as he scissors his fingers to stretch me out a bit, causing me to moan, "I made me so upset, I felt bad for you..." he tells me kissing my cheek. "Thank you." I say to him as he pushed in another finger, a gasp and a small moan escaping my lips. He kissed me as he pounded his fingers in and out of me increasing his speed until I almost scream as he hits my g spot, "y-yes daddy right there..." I moan as he thrusts his fingers into the spot repeatedly until I cum, "good, so good Carmen..." he mumbled looking at me. I smile and kiss him flipping us, me still out of breath. I open his pants the rest of the way and slide his rock hard cock out of his boxers. He was dripping in pre cum already and I smirk, "already so excited..." I mumbled kissing Abel before beginning to stroke his cock slowly. I feel Abel tense, his hands gripping my arms, "fuck...y-you feel so good..." he mumbled holding me, it felt nice I felt like he, cared. I begin to rub faster and I feel Abel buckle his hips, "Carmen!" He moans placing his hand on my thigh and gripping slightly. I slide my thumb over the small slit on his tip and he gasps and moans, "Car..." he whimpers. I smile and lick off the pre cum causing him to moan again, "You're so hot Abel..." I mumbled kissing him roughly, making it soon into a make-out. He holds my hips as I rub and soon I feel him twitch in my hand and moan in my mouth, "fuck..." he mumbles out as he finishes in my hand, "You're fucking amazing." He mumbles leaning his head back, "would you fuck me when we get back?" I ask him, "w-what about your sister?" He asks out of breath. "She'll listen to music, she always does." I say giving Abel another small kiss and a small smile, "o-Okay, but we should try to be quiet for her." I roll my eyes and get off of him, "You're too damn nice." I say to him as I get off of him and fix my bra and panties then button up my blouse. "I know..." he mumbles as he buttons up his shirt and pants cleaning up our mess with his hanky as best as he could. A few minutes go bye and I bring Abel into another kiss, "baby," Abel mumbles, "hm?" I hum as I kiss him, "what are we?" He asks me, "I dont know, friends I guess." I mumbled. "O-okay..." He mumbles pulling me onto his lap again, we begin to make out and I smile into the kiss, he was a good kisser. I pull away from him to catch my breath and notice the lights have turned on. I smile and get off him letting him get up and he helps me up after. As I get up the elevator starts going back up again and I smile at Tesfaye, "Jesus Carmen." He says chuckling and checking me out. I smile and blush slightly as I take his hand in mine and walk him towards the stairs as soon as the elevator doors open. "Carmen, are you alright?" Chuck asks me from the top of the stairs, "Yeah Chuck I'm fine, I'm alright." I say to her giving her a hug, "I'm going to bed okay? I'll see you in the morning." "Okay Carmen goodnight." She says going into her room and shutting the door. I smile at Abel and take his hand bringing him to my room, "wow this is really nice." He says looking at my king sized bed with freshly cleaned navy blue sheets and matching pillows. I smile at him, "thank you Tesfaye." I say smiling at him, "You're TVs fucking amazing!" He says smiling and looking to the flatscreen that was on the stand in front of my bed, "thanks baby." I say smiling at him. I slid my hands onto his chest and kissed him softly, "damn." He says grabbing my ass. I chuckle and gasp wrapping my legs around his waist. I take off his jacket and threw it on the floor near my closet, followed by his shirt, "You're so hot..." I tell him kissing his neck as my hands rubbed against his pecks and abs. He flips us and unbuttons my blouse kissing my neck and chest until he got to my bra, he takes it off and examines my breasts smiling then kissing me, his hands running across my nipples sending shivers down my spine causing me to arch my back, "Carmen..." He mumbles as he pulls away from me and pulls down his pants and boxers. His cock sprung free against his abs i gasped slightly, he was big, "nervous Car?" Abel asks me smirking slightly, "of, of course not." I say arching my back and getting ready instantly. He smiles and pulls down my pants looking at my body, "Carmen, you okay?" He asks me kissing my neck lovingly. I nod nervously and Tesfaye pulled down my panties. He bit his lip and holds me closer to him, "you ready?" He asks me. I smile slightly and now, still nervous Abel pushes into me gently. I feel pain and moan letting a tear slip down my cheek, "Carmen, you're okay right?" He asks me rubbing my sides and kissing my cheek. He was being so sweet, "I'm fine Abel, j-just let me get used to you..." I say to him. He smiles as be wiggles a bit further in, I nod and he begins to thrust into me slowly. I grab my headboard and grip as he thrusts in faster. "Abel!" I moan moving my hips to match his, he smiles, "you like this Car? You like the way I fuck you Carmen?" Abel asks me as he thrusts into me harder and faster. I felt him hit my spot causing me to  moan and grab his ass. He moans and flips me over and begins to fuck me doggy style, "yes Carmen!" Abel moans as he fucks me grabbing my nipples as he does, hitting me directly into my g spot again, "fuck yes Abel!" I moan gripping the sheets. "I need to cum!" I moan as I feel him grab my ass, "fuck Carmen..." he mumbles going faster and rubbing my clit as he fucks me. I moan loudly and release on him, him following. "Shit Car..." he mumbles pushing into me a few more times until he pulls out, "fuck..." He mumbles laying next to me. I collapse onto the bed and breathe out in relief. "Abel...that was one of the best orgasms of my life." I mumbled, he doesnt respond he just puts his arms around me and gives me a kiss, "goodnight Ms. Grant..." He mumbles, "goodnight Tesfaye." I mumbled back taking his hand in mine.

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