sixty five

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It wasn't even possible, so I don't know where he got his news from but there's no in hell that I'd be pregnant.

"What?" I say trying to get him to confirm what he said the first time.

"Are you-" He starts but I cut him off telling him I heard him the first time.

"How is that even possible- what makes you think, wait what?" My thoughts are all over the place as I unlock the door to my house.

"It was all over school today." He says remaining on the porch when I go inside.

He doesn't come in and I don't want him to. I drop my duffel on the couch and my suitcase on the floor and go back to the door to continue talking to him.

It was all over school today?

"And who told you this please?" I say hoping he catches the attitude I'm giving and lean against the door frame.

"Laura and-" He starts.

"Oh please, Lane I don't care about all of you and your pathetic drama and hatred for me, I have somewhere to be." I walk past him to lock the door to my house.

A part of me was hoping he'd say I don't hate you, but my subconscious scolds me for even engaging him in a conversation.

"You heard about Gabs?" He asks and I frown at his nickname for her.

"Yeah I'm going to see her." I say walking down the small stairs.

"Oh, me too. I hope she's okay." He tells me and I want to tell him I doubt it but I keep it to myself.

It immediately hits me from what I've den in TV shows and read in books they immediately cover the body in a black bag and declare the person dead, so what exactly are they trying to do at the hospital?

Again, I keep my insensitive thoughts to myself.

"Okay, bye." I say sharply ending the conversation.

I haven't looked him in the eye since I saw him before leaving to Los Angeles.

Because I'm afraid if I did, I'd crumble into a million pieces.

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