sixty one

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"Are you sure you don't wanna come babe?" Jamie asks as he stands at the door frame of the room I'm staying in.

"No, I'm okay," I laugh, "No parties for me." I tell him and he smiles at me.

"We're late," Adrian barges in and I turn my head to check the time that reads ten minutes past eleven. She notices me sitting on my bed in my pyjamas and gasps, "You're not coming?"

"She's not in the mood." Jamie shrugs, "Stay strong." He smiles at me again and leaves the room.

I pick up my phone and Lane's texted me one too many times. Dani texted me a lot as well but nothing from Gabi or anything else.

I don't bother opening the messages but as I close the messages app, I get another text from Lane that reads on my screen, why weren't you in school today?

I begin to read the texts from please let me explain, to nothing can justify what I did but I am really sorry Lola.

I want to cry as I read them, so I close them and throw my phone on the bed but it flips off onto the floor.

Someone knocks on my open door and I smile when I see Alex, "Hey." I tell him and he smiles at me replying.

"You left the party early?" I ask when I see he's dressed in a party looking, all-black outfit.

"You didn't go, I didn't go." He shrugs, taking a seat on the desk where I put my laptop.

"You didn't have to." I say but am glad he decided to stay here.

"What are friends for?" He quickly respond and I smile at him from the friend zone.

I'm not interested in moving forward with anyone right now, and I appreciate his sensitivity towards everything that has happened to me.

"Thanks." I quickly reply.

"I'm going out to grab something to eat, and just take a drive around. Do you want to come?" He points to the door, clearing his throat.

I'm not that hungry but the way he looks down and rubs the back of this neck, I know he feels I'm not interested in going anywhere and will say no.

"Sure, let me just change." I say trying to be enthusiastic and he raises his head up.

"Really? Oh okay, I'll be downstairs." He almost trips on his way out, and his face turns red.

I laugh a bit when he closes the door.

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