forty six

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I want to go after Kim, but as I turn around Dani stands right in front of me and I'm obligated to say,

"Happy birthday Dani." I smile giving her a hug, before asking where Gabi is.

"She's here somewhere, she's feeling a bit sick though, probably went up to her room but she'll be glad to see you." Dani returns a smile and thanks me for the coat I gave her.

Lane hands me a pink drink in a red cup, and it smells very sweet, I assume it's rainbow sour and vodka mixed.

I hold the cup in my hand, while Dani, Lane and I just stand in a mini circle in the middle of the room.

"You don't like the drink," Dani frowns, "I could go get you a different one." She says and begins to walk away but I pull her back by the wrist.

"It's fine. I like it." I take a huge gulp of it and feel a strong burn in the throat, and there's a white powder at the bottom. I begin to panic.

"What's this?" I tilt my cup downwards and show them the button of my cup.

Lane tilts his downwards showing me the exact same powder, and Dani does the same.

"It's glucose," He laughs, "Keeps the alcohol strong."

I just say oh and we all begin to make small talk and I even see Sebastian and Eugene.

"Dani, you have to come see this." Eugene drags Dani away, along with Sebastian, Lane and I are left alone.

People are being loud, and frantic and I can't help but have anxiety that the jocks tossing vases around are going to eventually break one.

There are even more people than we started with and I'm beginning to wonder how that's possible. But this house could probably hold a thousand people anyways.

It's past nine, and I'm suddenly starting to feel my bladder fill up.

"I have to use the bathroom." I speak loudly in Lane's ear, enough for him to hear me.

He offers to come with, but I tell him I have an idea of where it is, seeing as I've been here once.

He just nods and goes to hang out with some of his friends.

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