fifty three

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QOTD: If you were Lola, what would you do? Be honest, think about it.

"You're soaked." I say quietly handing him my blanket, and in my other hand a towel for him to dry his body as he stands in front of the closed door.

"Forget about me, I came to talk to you." He walks past me and drops the pizza on the table.

I wipe my runny nose with the sleeve of my bathrobe. And move to sit on the table.

"Have you been crying?" He supports himself by putting both hands on the top of a chair leaning towards me.

"No," I tell him, "What kind of pizza is it?" I smile a bit, pulling the box towards me, opening to reveal a plain cheese and tomato, the best kind.

"I'm sure it's cold, sorry about that." He rubs the back of his neck, taking the seat opposite me.

"No, no. It's fine, thank you." I say and we both take a slice each.

I could've warmed up the slices but they actually tasted very nice just slightly warm.

"Are you going to school tomorrow?" Alex asks, breaking the silence between us just sitting there.

"I can't." I say.

"Why not?" He asks, and I don't know how he expects me to go to school ever again.

"I'm beyond embarrassed. I can't go back there ever again, I have no one that I care about there, everyone's already seen-"

"No one's seen it." He says.

"Everyone's seen it and you know that." I raise my voice when I hear it crack. He doesn't say anything for a while, and this is more awkward that I assumed it'll be.

"Sorry for yelling, this is more awkward than I anticipated." I saw bowing my head then quickly turning it to look elsewhere.

"You have every right to yell," He says and switches to the seat beside me. "And the cops have probably taken the video down anyways."

"The cops? Who involved the cops?" I yell, raising my eyebrows.

"You don't remember? And what do you mean who involved the cops, they have to do time for what they did to you." Alex says, following me as I stand up to go to the couch.

"They oldest person involved in this is 17, what do you mean do time? They can't go to jail!" I sit on the couch in front of the television, running my hands through my braids.

"They have to!" He says, his eyes filled with nothing but pity for me.

"No! They can't!" I yell, and the power goes out.

"Great." I roll my eyes sarcastically in the darkness.

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