forty five

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I end up wearing a leather jacket, a white turtle neck and black jeans putting my braids up into a ponytail.

Even though I have a headache from getting my hair done, I can't help but want to go to a loud party and get a bit tipsy even though a part of me is telling me not to go.

Lane gets to park on the inside of Gabi's house, since Dani tells us we are close friends while everyone else from school, has to park along the sides of the road leading to their house.

"You okay?" Lane says, slipping his arm around my waist leading me towards the house.

I tell him yeah, I'm fine and give him a warm smile to assure him.

Outside the house is a bit more quiet, and decorated very festively.

Mechanical reindeers covered in fairy lights swaying their heads from side to side, and there's a real Christmas tree that's decorated with ornaments.

Frost covers all the cars that are parked in a far corner, probably to avoid damage.

The music playing inside comes just sounds muffled to the outside world, and I can't make out what song is actually playing.

I decide to let my braids down cause the rubber band is just too tight and my scalp hurts.

When we get inside, everyone has a red cup in hand and helium balloons are stuck to the high ceilings in numbers 1 and 7.


I already got Gabi and Dani their presents. I got Gabi a phone case she's been staring at on tumblr for a while and I fixed her iPod , while I gave Dani a fur coat she said she liked when we went to urban outfitters and a MAC gift card.

I stare at the crowded room, people grinding, a girl is standing on a table dancing and her white shirt is completely transparent and soaked in beer?

"Hey Lane, glad you could make it. Lola, I'm digging your dreadlocks." This boy in our grade, Connor comes up to Lane and I with a cup in his hand.

"They're not dreads." I manage to say over the loud sounds of Drake echoing through the room.

"Right," He says simply, "Anyways, drinks are over there, food and whatever is over there, if you brought presents over there, and don't forget to wish the twins a happy birthday." He leaves us, giving Lane a pat on the back.

"Ignore him." Lane rolls his eyes and puts both arms around my waist and kisses right behind my ear.

"I'll go get us something to drink." Lane states simply and begins to walk towards the kitchen.

There are at least over two hundred people here but no one seems to notice me which I appreciate.

I pull out my phone when Lane leaves and stand in the corner.

"Lola!" I hear Kim say and immediately raise my head up.

"Kim? Kim what are you doing here? Are you okay?" I ask her placing a hand on her shoulder.

"No time for that, Lola you have to leave, something-"

"Kimberly, I didn't expect to see to here." Dani and Lane appear out of no where and Lane takes a hold of my hand pulling me away.

"Lola, I need to show you something real quick, nice to see you Kim." He smiles at her, and Dani drags Kim off into a corner.

And before I know it, Kim just storms out of the house, and the two hundred people party goes on without her.

I feel so cliche cause I wrote this on the bus.

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