thirty five

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Dedicated to @broken_girl12

Jade and I practically hated each other.

I always thought sisters were meant to bond and be best friends like the people in reality shows or movies, but in real life I hated having a sister. It was like living with your worst enemy from school, having them in your house.

But for some reason, while we were sitting down in the waiting room, while my mum was getting a blood diffusion, and some other surgeries I wasn't aware of;

Jade held onto my hand.

At first I was a bit disturbed by her even taking the seat beside me when she could've taken other seats, but she then rested her head on my shoulder.

"I hope mum's okay," Jade whispers, interlocking our fingers and I squeeze her hand and reassure her that mum will be just fine.

The thing is I'm not even sure of my answer.

How has she gotten this sick without me even noticing? I was too absorbed in my life to even notice what all the tablets she was taking were for.

We wait for another hour and my dad is in the surgery room with her dressed in the special surgeon suit and mask as well, and by this time school is about to end.

My dad comes out telling us we should leave and gives me the car keys to drive Jade to cheerleading practice, and pick Sari up from school, we beg to stay but he doesn't listen and tells us to leave.

On our way out of the hospital, I look down a hallway and on the wall in bold letters it says Abortion on a glass slab with an arrow leading down the hall.

I see a female doctor in a lab coat comes out with two ladies, an older Asian lady with short black hair, she looks nervous as she clutches onto her handbag but smiles at the doctor.

Beside her stands Kim. Kim?

Beside her stands Kim? It takes me a while to register that Kim is standing right next to her, and the lady is probably her mum, and I recognise her from seeing her pick Kim up from school sometimes.

Is that why she missed school today?

I quickly get in the elevator to avoid her seeing me, dragging Jade by the arm.

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