fifty one

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Dedicated to corpseparty79

My phone's been going off for the past three hours and I've now found myself all the way from Everett, here I am sitting in a mall parking lot in Seattle.

It only took thirty minutes to get here, but it felt like an eternity with the amount of times I stopped to clean my eyes.

My phone starts to ring again and I'm sure it's either Lane, Kim, Sebastian or Eugene. Maybe even Dani this time.

I look at the name that shows on my screen and it says Mum.

I immediately suck it up and take a deep breath. "Hello?"

"Lolade, hello? You didn't even bother calling me all this while, how are you?" She sounds very happy and well.

"I'm good mum, how is the church thing going?" I hold back all my tears and can't wait for this conversation to end.

"Actually I'm in London now with your dad and Jade and Sari, are you okay with flying over alone?"

I hate airplanes, more than anything. Being on then gave me anxiety, and even worse I'd be on my own. I'd done it before but the thought of it made me nauseous.

"Yeah. Just tell me the details when you're ready, I'll pack or whatever." I tell her because there's no way I'm going to stay here.

I contemplate telling her what happened but I can't. There's no way. If I did, then Lane would be charged for rape or sexual assault, Gabi, Laura and Abbie for revenge porn, which is two years plus a fine.

I can't.

No matter how bad they deserve it I can't find it in me to tell my mum and I feel myself starting to cry again.

"I'm at a friend's house, I'll call you when it's tomorrow morning on your side. Bye mum." I tell her and hang up.

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