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On Thursday, I was meant to meet one of my only friends who actually cared about my existence, Kim, at my locker so we could eat lunch together in the canteen.

When I got to my locker she wasn't there so I decided to drop off a few of my books instead to lighten my bag a bit.

I stared around the hallways and basically everyone was lowkey making out or holding hands, confessing love to each other. I sighed and shut my locker but a paper flew down causing it not to close completely.

I always check my papers before I toss them out, but this one wasn't a starburst wrapper or one of the reciepts that usually float around in my locker. This was different, my heart began to race as I saw the handwriting before I even started reading the note.

Meet me down at the boys locker rooms during lunch? Please?


I sighed and threw the paper back into my locker and officially closed it, when I turned round there was my lunch buddy, staring at me with wide eyes and her hair in a very neat ponytail compared to other times I see her.

"Hey Kim." I smile at her as we begin to walk down the hallway, and she grins as if she's on to me but doesn't say anything.

"What?" I ask in amusement and she rolls her eyes before laughing and saying,

"Was that a love letter?"

Trying and trying to explain to her, she ignored. Continuing to chant quietly, Lola's in love.

"I'm not inlove." I half lie. And besides love is a really strong word, my conscious tells me.

"Well I actually came to tell you that I have a group project, so I'm going to have to skip lunch, I'm really sorry. We could meet up after school?" She pouts.

I tell her it's ok and there I am left in the hallway with 30 minutes to spare in my lunch break. Stay in the hallways, or go to the canteen and watch Cupid shoot everyone but me with love arrows.

Or I could go talk to Lane.

The boys locker rooms like you would guess is completely filled with boys. The smell of very dirty socks and too much axe deodorant fills my nose and I immediately start to cough; choke.

"Are you okay?" I turn around as someone places a hand on my shoulder and of course you guessed it.

Prince Charming. Or in my case, Lane.

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