fifty nine

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Sorry I've been AWOL I have a really important exam 😭

"Darling, you look like a goddess." Mamsie says, taking my hand and spinning me around twice when she sees my dark skin glistening under the Californian sun.

I am flattered, and I don't know what to reply, so I just tell her a small thank you while Alex stands beside me awkwardly, and Jamie and Adrian drag their stuff out of the cabs before they drive away.

Alex's grandma is quite tall. Her hazel brown hair is in loose waves, and brushes lightly above her shoulders, her eyes sparkle at me and that's when I take in how much cleavage is in my face.

For her age, which I'm assuming is around sixty, her boobs still are very perky, and I don't realize I'm staring till she says, "They're not real."

"Oh, I wasn't staring, I didn't mean- I was just," I say but she cuts me off laughing and Alex joins her while I stand there in a log of embarrassment.

She asks my name, and I tell her, then she asks if I'm from Nigeria and I nod confirming her answer.

The house is a Spanish styled villa, with lots of rose vines stuck to the pillars and the rest of the building. There are lots of open spaces, and not many doors, at the back there's a large pool and a garden with a footpath, and I have a feeling I will enjoy my stay.

"Are you okay?" Alex says, rubbing the small of my back while we walk up the stairs into the house.

"I'm great, thank you so much for bringing me." I smile very deeply, causing Alex to smile along.

When we get to the living room, Stiles plops onto the couch, Jamie goes searching in a cupboard for DVDs, and Adrianna goes into the kitchen with Mamsie and that's when I assume they've been here before.

"Should I show you your room? We're only here for two days." Alex tells me pointing to the stairs.

I've seen too many big rooms in the past month, and this one is by far the most beautiful one so far.

With a balcony, and linen curtains flowing in the wind, I'm astonished by every single detail in the room. The marble and crystal covered bathroom, the large walk in wardrobe with no clothes in it and the king sized bed.

I wish I could live here.

"It's so pretty." I simply tell Alex and he agrees with a smile.

"Dinner's in a few hours, I'll come get you, or I can stay with you if you want." He offers.

"It's fine, thank you so much though." I reply.

He nods and closes the door behind him on his way out, while I sigh and drop my duffel bag on the bed.

I plop onto it removing my shoes and decide to take a nap, but instead I just soak my pillow with tears.

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