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After watching a whole season of the vampire diaries in one day and an hour extra. I was convinced that I was slowly turning into a vampire. I was in transition. My head pounded, I could feel something crawling around my inside, and my vision was blurry.

Probably just a fever, I tell myself.

Mrs Salleras had planned a Thanksgiving barbecue and invited everyone from the church, and a few people around the neighbourhood, I didn't feel like going but either way, my mum would still come to my room any second and tell me I had ten minutes left.

I decided to wear a black sweater over a blue pair of jeans, adding a cream scarf around my neck. I decided to straighten my hair a bit, then I put it into a bun. Soon enough my mum came in and told me we need to leave, that people were starting to arrive at the Salleras' house.

The lawn was scattered with people dressed in bright colours, all holding plastic cups, or cardboard plates that held barbecued chicken thighs.

"Hey, glad you could make it," Lane completely catches me off guard. He smiled at me, his skin glistened under the sun, and it was a suprisingly warm day for the end of November.

His words made me begin to think because the day before, he didn't want to see me and now he's glad I could make it.

I try not to overthink things, and smile at him before he introduces me to another girl.

"This is Erica."

The girl is just as light as she is, if not lighter, probably mixed. Her eyes appear a light cloudy blue and I'm not sure if they're contact lenses or not. The dress she's wearing is red and hugs tight on her small curves, her nails long and painted white, and the more I stare at her, the more insecure I felt about myself.

"Hey, I'm Lola." I smile back at her, while I take the drink that Lane offers me.

"Do you want to come inside? A bunch of us are gonna play truth or dare?" He asks motioning to a group of people I recognize from school, all sitting on the deck with earphones plugged in or taking a drink out of a red cup.

"Sure," I say without thinking, immediately regretting my words.

I'm not happy with this chapter, so I wrote it a bijillion times and it's still bleh, sorry for the wait nonetheless :) xo

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