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Double update :)

Right before lunch, we had gym and our coach announced we'd be playing dodgeball. Instead of letting us choose, he split us into two teams and I ended up on the same team as Laura and the opposite team from Abbie.

Right before we started, in the changing rooms, I decided to switch my glasses to a pair of contact lenses that I kept in my bag at all times.

But I didn't get a chance to even wear them, because Laura mistakenly elbowed me, making me drop my lens while she tried to take her earrings off.

So I stuck with my glasses.

He split us into teams of five.

Me, Kimberly, Matt, Ashton and Laura, versus, Abbie, Parker, George, Sarah and Riley.

Kim and Laura were probably the only people that knew my name, Kim because she's my only friend minus Lane, and Laura just knew me cause I hung around Lane.

The game began and I was fairly good, our team won the first round thanks to Ashton but after a while things started to take a turn for the worst.

Laura threw the ball towards the opposite team's direction but apparently I'm so short that she didn't see me standing right front of her, even though in reality I towered over her by at least nine inches.

I tripped over my lace and fell on Abbie. I scraped my elbow on the hardwood auditorium floor but she managed to get up without a scratch.

I told my teacher I was fine but he forced me to go get it cleaned by the nurse, which was a fear of mine because I hated the sting of the antiseptic first aid alcohol rub.

I didn't notice the blood dripping down from my elbow, until Kimberly pointed it out as she escorted me to the nurse.

"Oh shit, are you okay?" Lane is about to enter a classroom before he notices us walking in the hallway, my hand trying to cover my elbow from bleeding.

"I'm fine," I smile, appreciating his concern.

"Are you sure?" He says and Kim rolls her eyes and turns to the side but he doesn't seem to notice.

"Yeah, I'll see you after school," He nods and I walk past him, Kim walks ahead of me and the look on her face is unclear.

"He just always manages to pop up, doesn't he?" She sighs, rolling her eyes again.

"I guess?" I shrug, laughing a bit trying to lighten the mood.

"You know back where I'm from in China, they say if a guy has a girlfriend and he's chasing you, he's a toy boy always known as fuckboy here in the United States," She states pushing door of the clinic open for me.

"No one says that Kim," I laugh.

"Well it's true." She shrugs and deep down I know she's right, I just won't come to admit it.

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