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Gabi and I spend the whole afternoon eating and before I know it, it's already getting to six in the evening.

"I'll drive you home," Gabi offers and I already assumed she would've, considering she and Kim brought me here.

Kim is still lying down on the bed but seems to have recovered from her hangover as she drinks water from a glass cup and eats from a bag of chips.

"Bye Kimberly, see you at school on Monday, don't forget my textbook!" I remind her as we walk out the door, and she waves to me, her mouth stuffed with chips.

"Do you know the way to my house?" I laugh, as Gabi and I begin to walk down the stairs.

She smiles and tells me she has an idea on how to get there, but I might still need to show her the way.

When we get to the living room, it's completely dark and the lights are off. A film is projected onto a huge white wall, and Danielle, Laura, Abbie and a few guys from our school that I don't really know, are all cuddled in blankets on the floor.

"I love you Jacqueline," a French accent speaks from the film their watching and I hear someone sniffle and blow their nose.

I shake my head and so does Gabi, but we find our way out of the dark house.

"Are you and Lane still dating?"

Gabi catches me off guard with the question as the makes a turn and I choke on my saliva from nervousness. "What?" I ask her.

"Are you and Lane still dating?" Her face is blank and she doesn't bother turning to look at me as her grip tightens on the steering wheel.

"Um, no I don't really know to be honest, I tried asking him since-," I begin but she cuts me off.

"Since you slept with him?" She says, but it doesn't even sound like a question.

I would have preferred to tell her myself, thanks Kim, I say mentally.

"Well yeah, we haven't really talked about it, he's been avoiding it," I tell her but soon start to feel slightly uncomfortable.

She probably notices my shoulders tense, and laughs, "Cutting the ice, I'm just kidding. Not trying to be so intense." She smiles at me and I return the warm expression.

"Oh this is my house," I point at mine and Lane is standing outside right in front of his own house, bringing things out of this car.

"You live next to Lane?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you didn't know." I laugh, gathering my things and she pulls into my driveway to drop me off. Lane spots me from the window and waves at me and I smile at him making sure he sees me.

I open the door and am about to swing a foot out before Gabi stops me, "Hey," her voice is quiet.

I turn around to look at her and her elbows are propped onto the divider between the two seats. Gabi stares at me and pushes the frame of my glasses further up my nose and I thank her.

She then helps me place a loose strand behind my ear, and I grip tighter on my phone.

Gabi leans in closer to me and before I have time to comprehend, her rosy warm lips are on mine and I open my eyes wide in shock as Lane stares at us from the glass at the back of the car.

He drops everything in his hands and folds his hand in a circle to cover his mouth, probably because he just watched Gabi kiss his girlfriend.

Was I even his girlfriend?

God, how many problems can you give one black girl?

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