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The Insecurities of a Fat Girl (#Wattys2016) by stelabloom
The Insecurities of a Fat Girl ( Baban
Julia Kristy Anderson, a 24-year-old woman who is independent, successful, has a nice home, a nice job and loving friends & family but some insecurities of her not so pe...
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fragmented ☓ 5sos AU by ELBloom
fragmented ☓ 5sos AUby shar
「What does a Badass, a Slut, and an Introvert have in common? They're all one person. Evie, Lyn and Evelyn have DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder, also known as Multip...
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Why We Sank by abitofaParadox
Why We Sankby Andrea ♛
"You have been sentenced to life in prison. Your ship will leave tomorrow for the island. Gather your things." When you've been decided a criminal, you're a...
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Winter: Celebrity Thief by Lava98
Winter: Celebrity Thiefby Demoness
Famous singer, Ivy Frost, and famous thief, Winter, both are the same girl, even if nobody but herself knows it. Judge her if you want, but she only steals for the great...
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Make The Yuletide Gay by mercurially
Make The Yuletide Gayby ish
Melaina Carson loves her job of wreaking havoc on the city, but it's her week off, and right now, she wants nothing more than a date with that girl working at the café d...
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What is #BreakStereotypes? by BreakStereotypes
What is #BreakStereotypes?by #BreakStereotypes
A guide to what the campaign #BreakStereotypes means.
18 ways to die by abitofaParadox
18 ways to dieby Andrea ♛
"I don't care if I live or die. I just wish something would make the choice for me." "Well why not do exactly that? You and me, around the world. We do e...
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Hurricane by Rebelliousox
Hurricaneby R x
Nothing ever happens in Maine. Not a single thing. Not until two years ago when Angela Cross' middle school best friend Rhea Nichols mysteriously disappears. Since th...
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Finding Zara by cookiecrumblin
Finding Zaraby cookiecrumblin
For some people she was the perfect girl, the one every girl wanted to be and the one every guy wanted to be with. For some people she was pure evil, the one they feared...
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Hoyden by cherryblossom2001
Hoydenby cherryblossom2001
"Is it so wrong that I like to wear tracksuit bottoms instead of jeans tight enough to cut the blood circulation to my brain; is it bad that I like to play sports a...
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slut by colouredswift
slutby sangee
slut slət/ noun derogatory a woman who has many casual sexual partners. ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ ever since meeting Crimson Smith who happens to be the school's slut, Adriel Amrit l...
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Of Silent Words and Crooked Hearts [EDITING] by mkuroneko
Of Silent Words and Crooked mkuroneko
Who are you? Are you what others see? Are you what you think you are? Are you what you pretend to be? Or are you someone else entirely? Gabrielle keeps everyone at a...
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Open [boyxboy] ✓ by flawed-
Open [boyxboy] ✓by ty • hiatus
Discovering your sexuality in high-school is one of the most challenging things a teenage boy can face. Being closet gay for months, finally coming out, being greeted wi...
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My Prince Charming   by strikinglystark
My Prince Charming by strikinglystark
*Now a young adult reads featured book* She was looking for what every girl looks for 'her Prince Charming.' She got what no girl desires, a forced marriage with a guy w...
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A Taste of Sky by lindavorjeinova
A Taste of Skyby Linda Vorjeinova
"He wasn't in love with her. He was in love with the idea of her. He was in love with the idea of Sky."
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Share Your Story by JazzyAngelXD
Share Your Storyby Angel
This is a campaign I am starting to help raise awareness of the struggles people face. Although our troubles may not all be the same, we all have them. Some things may b...
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The Breakfast Club by onesession
The Breakfast Clubby Salem
A retelling of the classic movie with a twist: Meet Idol, the basket case whom even she believes is crazy enough to be put in a mental institution. She's kind of weird. ...
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Boxing Academy by HecateTheGreat
Boxing Academyby Ya Girl Hecate👑
"Only the Strong Survive Boxing Academy" ~~~ Jocelyn doesn't like to stand back and watch as someone talks and talks behind her back. To her, solving a problem...
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The Day the Sky Fell by M1ckeyM0use300
The Day the Sky Fellby Bippity Boppity Back the Fuck...
The world has been dominated by humans for millenniums, and time and time again we are able to defeat the concept of nature and come out bigger and better. Well Mother...
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cookies | ✓ by _luvyourself
cookies | ✓by Divya
"sir, cookies for you." "for me?" All rights reserved. Cover by me.
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