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On Monday, the snow was sole high and fell lightly from the sky. It would soon be December and I was positive the Washington weather would take a turn for the worst and give us a snow storm.

I woke up feeling refreshed compared to most of my mornings and I didn't look too bad. After taking a shower and eating I went back upstairs to change my whole outfit after I stained my top with cranberry juice.

I decided to put on a plain white tee, a denim jacket over it and black jeans, I then grabbed my winter coat.

By the time I wanted to leave I accepted that I would be fifteen minutes late when I got to school.

I walked out the door of my house at the same time as my fourteen year old sister.

"Why are you late?" I raised my eyebrow at her, and stared at her appearance.

Her circle styled bright yellow skirt was a bit too short but she wouldn't listen to me if I told her so. Her white long sleeved turtle neck clung tight on her and for her age she had bigger boobs than me which was unfair.

Or maybe they're socks, I laugh to myself at the thought of her stuffing her bra but her answer brings me back to reality.

"Why do you care?" She rolls her eyes and I return the gesture, as she pushes past me and begins to walk down the sidewalk.

"You're gonna freeze to death!" I yell at her and laugh. "Here take my coat," I offer.

She pauses and turns round and takes my winter coat and puts it on before finally leaving.

"Thanks." She somewhat smiles.

The coat looks better on her, the contrast between the navy colour of it and her light skin looks nice. She'd gotten my mum's gene in that area and I got my dad's.

Although I didn't mind, people would make comments about how she was the better sister, prettier sister, more athletic and I tried not to let it get to me which took a lot of effort.

I hear someone cuss in frustration to my left and immediately turned round as Lane slam shut the door of his car.

"Everything ok?"

He blows air from his mouth and put his hand of his hips while his backpack stays on his stomach instead of the other way round.

"My car's acting up, but hey guess I can walk with you now," He laughs and jogs towards me and we begin to walk to school together.

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