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HELLO (READ ME) lol , I hate writing these AU things they are just annoying but um, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the story, maybe I'm moving too fast, or you don't like where it's going, or you just have a few tips or criticism, I'd really appreciate it, thank you, much love x 💖

The November air is unforgiving as I walk out the door of my house; it fills my lungs and soon begins to bite at my skin.

I sigh, and walk back in to get a jacket then take another look at my reflection.

Do I look depressing enough? I sigh to myself as I stare at my outfit. My leather jacket is a less dull shade of black compared to my jeans which makes me more annoyed the longer I stare at the contrast. My hair is in a very messy bun and curls fall under my bandana beside my ear.

Realising I don't need another jacket because his house is 8 seconds away, I grab my keys and walk out the door.

When I get to his driveway, I notice another car is parked at the far end, and it looks very familiar but I shake the thought away and grip tighter on my textbook.

Lane pops out like he's been waiting for me and I don't flinch because surprises don't do it for me. "How did that not scare you?" He laughs, sighing in disappointment I assume.

"So what, that would scare you?" I look at me and give a little smile.

"No, but you're a girl." My crush the sexist, ladies and gentlemen.

I decide not to enter my feminism mode today and let it go probably because I didn't want to start arguing before we even got into the house.

"Come on, let's start." I gesture to the door and force a smile.

He smiles back and pushes the door open with force. I'd been inside before, but I don't exactly remember it being this way, it looks fancier and the walls have been painted white instead of their previous colour, cream.

For 3 boys living here, the house in neat and smells like the cleaning product that I love the most back at my house, I take a deep breathe as he leads me to the living room.

My eyes follow his gaze and I notice Laura sitting on the couch, crossed legged and a bowl of crisps in between her thighs. She still dressed in her clothes from school today and her bag is on the floor beside her.

"Hey." She smiles at me, trying to swallow the food in her mouth.

"Hey," I wave at her, giving an equally bright smile, and watch Lane as he begins to speak.

"Babe, I think you better go, my mum might be home any minute from now," He looks anxious as he stares at the wall clock.

She nods, obviously understanding what he means, and he kisses her forehead, she shuts the door behind her leaving the two of us alone in the living room.

I begin to wonder why she had to leave before Mrs Salleras got back and the boy beside me snaps me out of my thoughts.

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