twenty two

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Hello guys :) Happy New Year 💕


Wednesday and Thursday go by pretty quickly and finals are finally over, no pun intended. It's finally the day of the Masquerade Ball, and Kim's words scare me to the point where I begin to contemplate Lane's invitation.

"I'm not sure if I should come tonight or not, you're making me anxious," I say into the phone placed on my shoulder, while I check under my bed for shoes to wear.

"I'm not saying you shouldn't come, it's just I don't- Lane, you know what forget I ever said anything." For the past twenty minutes while we both got ready, Kim's been going on and on about how she doesn't trust Lane, but even though twenty minutes ago, I could not bear to hear her go on about all the things that could possibly go wrong tonight. I was already anxious enough.

"I better start getting ready, I'll see you soon," I smile even though I know she couldn't see me.

"See you soon," She replies with a settling warmth in her voice. Then I hang up.

I seat in front of my desk, where my mirror is placed and I begin to straighten my extensions. It's half past six, and by the time I'm done, it's half past seven. I know there's no one in hell I'd be ready by eight which is Lane said he'll be here, so I decide to text him telling him to come at eight thirty.

I pull my hair into a sleek ponytail and make sure each hair stays in place with some gel, I begin my makeup then I remember, Kim and the rest of the committee said only light or pastel colours, so I decide to use a glittery brown on my eyelids, and add a small wing of eyeliner, before I remember I'm meant to wear my contacts first.

I shrug and wear them anyways, but wash my hands first and they feel a bit strange because I haven't worn them in a while. I slip on my two piece dress thing, and pull out heels that won't make me any taller than Lane, if anything we'd be the same height, at most.

I pull a cream colored scarf from my mum's room and put it around my shoulders.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror, and look out the window in hope of seeing Lane before he comes to press the bell. And to my luck, a vintage red car pulls up right in front of my house. I grab my small purse for the night, throw my phone in it and run down the stairs.

"You're leaving?" My mum says from the couch, and immediately stands up rushing to me, "Oh, no let me take pictures first, no wait- go back and brush your hair!" She says sending me upstairs but I tell her my hair is fine and Lane is already here.

My mum forces us to pose for a photo to send to my dad and we finally get to leave, on the porch Lane tells me I look nice.

"You look hm," I shrug teasing, and he puts his hand on his chest pretending to be hurt and we both laugh, "You look nice too," I smile.

His hair is neat, and his knots has turned into dark brown and golden curls, he's wearing a black suit with a white shirt, and a bow tie. Pretty simple, but he makes it look more than just that.

"You remembered the car," I smile as he opens the front door for me and I slip in, pulling my dress in the car as well.

"Yeah, 1963 Porsche 356B Karmann Coupe, the one you liked, of course I'd remember." He smiles and starts the engine, playing songs that sound like they're from the 1920s, as we go along.

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