sixty four

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When we get to Washington, the wind is cold and the snow is thick.

I look down at my black jeans and tank top and begin to wish I'd worn more, so I decide to throw my demin jacket over it.

The advantages of having braids is that they are thick, so I let the loose from my rubber band to keep my ears and the rest of my face warm.

We get into one of the cabs that are always just parked in front of the airport, and I volunteer to pay when we get off but Alex and I bicker back on fourth and we end up splitting the thirty dollar bill.

"I'll take you home." Alex says, when we get to his house.

"No, I want to go to the hospital with you." I offer, tightening the grip on my duffel bag that's slung across my shoulder.

He doesn't argue with me, but he looks at the clock and sighs, before giving me a very tired and small smile.

It's almost 3 am, and I feel like jumping onto his bed and sleeping but I take off my glasses to give my eyes a bit of a rest.

"Could you drop me home? Then I'll just drive on my own to the hospital, so I can drive myself back." I ask Alex when we get close to where I live.

"Sure." He replies but keeps his eyes on the road.

I feel really bad for him, losing his cousin. He hadn't heard back from Dani or anyone with her at the hospital and I'm sure he was hurting more than he let on.

He drops me in front of my house and I climb out taking my duffel and tiny suitcase from his car.

When I get to my porch it's dark but I see someone sitting on the large wooden hammock there in the darkness.

"Lane, what are you...?" I say, my heart racing.

"Lola?" He wasn't expecting me, seeing as his head was bow and his eyes were shut.

"It's three in the morning." I say, bringing my keys out, avoiding eye contact with Heinz

"I know, but I needed to talk to you really badly and you wouldn't answer my texts, or pick up my-" He starts.

"Lane, what do you want?" I roll my eyes, and snap at me but he doesn't stop.

"Are you pregnant?" He asks, catching me completely off guard.

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