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At the end of the day, pretty boy comes to my classroom looking for his princess.

"Hey, have you seen Laura by chance?"

I tried my best to ignore him, the less I thought about him, the more that 'crush' I had on him will disappear and I could stop leaving myself to hollow in my bed every night reading fanfiction and eating Doritos. He stands there obviously not taking the hint and decides to repeat the question.

"No I haven't sorry," I reply, taking my books and slinging my bag over my shoulder to leave but his huge body blocks me in front of the doorway. When I bump into him he laughs, holding out a letter to me.

"My mum said to give you this, she wants you to help out with the sunday school again this week, she said the kids really liked you." And here I was hoping it was a love letter where he'd profess his love to me and we'd ride off into the sunset on one of his many horses.

I just nod and stuff the paper into my pocket leaving him alone in the classroom.

Outside it was pouring cats and dogs, I pull out my least favourite notebook to cover my head then I begin walking.

A car pulls up beside me and starts to drive slower to the rate of my walking. Immediately knowing who it is I begin to walk faster, then the tinted glass rolls down.

"It's just a car ride, you can't avoid me forever," His smile is bright and I can hear music oozing out from his car.

"I'm not avoiding you," He probably won't have heard me over the rain.

He leans over pushing the door open, and before I know it he's asking me if he should turn up the heat and if I'm cold.

Being completely awkward, I start giving him directions before he reminds me.

"You probably haven't noticed, but we live right next to each other." He can probably see my cheeks flush in embarrassment, so he tries to comfort me by laughing it off.

The rest of the car ride is awkward, he tries to make small talk and I answer all his questions trying to be as polite as possible, until I notice something dangling on his keychain, and there it is.

A credit card sized polaroid of him and Laura.

I immediately remember talking to him is unhealthy and would only cause me ever more heartache in the end. He notices I go a bit quiet but probably ignores it as he pulls up on my driveway. He will never want me. As my times as I give him my heart, he will never want it.

"Thanks for the ride." I quickly climb out before he can see the first tear that threatens to roll down my cheek.

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