forty seven

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I'm trying to make this exactly fifty chapters, sorry they're longer than usual 😭💖

Turns out I was wrong about a few things. Even though everyone seems to be having fun, I'm finding it a bit lame. This house can probably take more than a thousand people.

And I actually have no idea where the bathroom is.

Gabi only took us to a small portion of the house the other day, and now I'm in this whole entire side of the house I didn't even know existed.

I didn't expect to see seniors here, since Gabi, Dani and the rest of us are juniors. But when I get to the fourth floor, it's like a whole other place.

There are seniors everywhere and I don't know any of them, considering they don't hang around any one that isn't a senior.

The music playing is really low and not loud, and since our party is on the first floor, the music doesn't clash.

I feel very tired, and can't feel my body about to collapse anytime. I shouldn't have worn these shoes, I tell myself staring at my plain black converse.

I don't know why I feel so lazy and drained all of a sudden, but I feel someone reach for my bum, and just grab it.

I immediately turn round and shove whoever it is. When I see a blonde very good looking jock, I feel bad cause he's obviously drunk.

You're too nice, you shouldn't feel bad, he just groped you. A voice in my head tells me.

"Come on babe, don't be like that." He slurs, spilling his drink on the floor, and a bit on my jeans.

I just sigh, and turn around to leave but he drags me back by the arm, a strong hold around my wrist.

"Leave me alone asshole." I say struggling to get my hand back. He's much taller and well built than I am, and I don't even stand a chance.

"Come on Jackson, leave her alone." A voice says from behind me.

The guy immediately raises his hands up in the air as if he's surrendering, "Way to be such a prude." He tells me, before leaving.

I immediately turn around and face the person who spoke.

His eyes are a familiar sparkling blue, and his hair is jet black in a quiff. I didn't know people like this could exist in real life with his chiselled jaw, and perfectly white teeth.

"Are you okay?" He interrupts my thoughts.

You were probably just staring at him you idiot, thank him! My subconscious tells me.

"Yes. Th-Thank you." I manage to say.

"Do you need anything?" He asks, slowly beginning to turn around.

"No," I foolishly say, "Actually yes, bathroom? I mean, do you know where the bathroom is?"

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