fifty eight

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Los Angeles is a dirty city.

There's nothing wrong with it. I'd heard a lot about it and come here once when I was eight years old; but the streets are covered in more litter than your average American city, and there is a large mass of people.

Being here feels so surreal, and I'm scared of the consequences I might have to face for agreeing to come but I'm enjoying the experience so far.

I almost peed on myself as the plane was taking off but Alex offered me his hand while Jamie and Stiles told the worst Knock Knock jokes, so bad that they were funny and Adrianna read a magazine quiz to me, trying to find out which Hollywood Justin I was compatible with.

 Bieber or Timberlake.

"Dude, have you called Mamsie?" Jamie asks Alex, pulling his small suitcase along the sidewalk.

"Yeah, I called her this morning. I don't think she's expecting more than two people though, I told her it was just Jamie and I." Alex replies.

"Someone fill me in." I say looking in confusion.

"Mamsie is Alex's grandma, she lives in Beverly Hills, and she's loaded, cause she used to be a porn star-" Stiles is soon interrupted by Jamie.

"I don't think you were meant to tell her that part." He says through his teeth.

"It doesn't matter if she was a porn star." Adrianna shrugs taking a sip out of her milkshake.

"That's cool.." I say blankly, trying not to be sarcastic or anything offensive.

Alex walks beside me while Jamie and Adrianna walk in front of us and Stiles walks far behind, managing to carry his duffel bag and play Mortal Kombat X on his phone at the same time.

Alex tells me, we are all going to be taking some sort of cab, to get to her neighbourhood and I just nod while we wait in a parking lot for our cab.

They all begin to talk and I just remain quiet, although alot of people assume I don't engage in conversations because I think I'm better than everyone else, but that isn't the case. I just feel like if I involve myself the conversation would most likely die out.

The cab-, cabs arrive and Stiles, Alex and I take the first one while Adrianna and Jamie have lots more room in the second cab.

I'm very anxious that Palos Hills High has left our house phone a message or two asking why I'm absent, or they may have even called my parents. I quickly begin to type an email from my mum's gmail account explaining that we went to Nigeria for a very urgent family event which is why she can't be reached on her phone.

"This is believable right?" I hold my phone up showing Alex who laughs and he pushes my phone down slowly, telling me to, 'not sweat it.' 

I try and relax as we pass through the gates of a very reserved neighbourhood with high gates called Bel-Air.

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