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I had some how managed to convince Lane to let me watch Where We Are: One Direction's Concert movie for the seventh time, and I ended up in tears.

"Are you crying?" Lane laughed, and turned to looking at me with a look on his face that said, are you seriously crying?

I couldn't help it. I was obsessed with people I'd never met or even seen with my own eyes, maybe they weren't real, who knows?

Okay, the members of One Direction are real, but I don't know that for sure. They were so beautiful and I had imagined seeing them in concert but every time they came to Washington, I was back in London visiting my dad for a holiday.

"I'm not crying," I laughed wiping my 'sweaty eyes', while Lane continued to laugh.

We ended up watching only a few minutes of it because we tuned in when it was close to ending.

"Everyone's gonna be looking for you, you know?" I smiled standing up to get a drink from my fridge before I noticed how full I felt.

"What about you?" He walks towards the kitchen's island and rests both elbows on the counter.

"Doubt it." I laugh pointing to my mum through the window, while she throws her head back in laughter talking to someone.

"Where are your sisters?" He asks.

I reply telling him that my younger one went to her friends house, and the one that's almost my age is at the barbecue somewhere.

"Sorry if I came off as weird yesterday when you came over, it's just.." He blurts out then begins to trail off.

"Laura doesn't like me, does she?" I genuinely laugh, looking around the fridge to avoid looking at him.

"She likes you," He says looking completely flustered. I stare at him and raise an eyebrow with a grin on my face.

"Okay, maybe she doesn't like you as much as she should. But I've been telling her, she should, you're pretty cool, you're the type of friend everyone needs," He smiles looking at the screen of his phone.

"Tell her she has nothing to worry about," I smile.

She doesn't have anything to worry about, what I have with Lane is just a friendship of some sort. He will always see me as a good friend and that would never change.

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