forty nine

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Dedicated to @Kidrauhls_Cutie 💖

I wake up in a dark room and hear the voices whispering on the the other side.

Lane, Abbie, Laura and Dani are all talking and I feel like standing up, but the room is basically pitch black apart from the light coming from under the door outside.

My body is weak, I can barely keep my eyes open, and I don't even remember coming here, or how I got here.

"He can't just rape her!" Dani tries to whisper, but it comes out louder than it should have.

I panic. I feel my heart beating fast, and I want to scream but it comes out barely a whisper.

"The plan was we take a few pictures and leave her alone." Dani whines.

"I want a bit more than that, and if you don't agree, you can leave." Laura says.

Laura. She brought me here. I asked about Lane and that's the last I remember.

"Laura, Abbie you don't have to do this." I hear Lane say, his voice cracking.

"You want me to tell the cops what I know about you?" Abbie says, a satanic tone in her voice.

I feel helpless and weak, I feel a lump growing in my throat, and I just want to bust into tears but I don't even have the energy to do so.

Dani eventually leaves after arguing, and slams the door behind her. I soon discover Gabi is here as well.

"Just help me get her clothes off," Abbie says, and I feel her tugging at my jeans.

I really want to fight, but what ever they put in my drink they most have over dosed me, but I feel like closing my eyes and going back to sleep.

They undress me completely, and I wish the lights were on, so I could see all of them, and examine their facial expressions.

I force all my energy into curling into a ball, and covering myself up.

If I talk, I will cry so I don't even bother saying anything.

"Gabs, get the camera." Laura says with a giggle, and tells Lane to get to it.

I don't know whose bed I'm on, but I feel Lane climb above me, he's probably not wearing anything either.

"I'm so sorry Lola, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, you can't hear me but I am so sorry." He whispers very lowly in my ear, and I feel what is probably his tear drop onto my cheek.

I want to drive a stake through his heart, but I can feel myself slowly falling asleep.

"Don't be such a pussy, Lane. Gabi, you stay and make sure he doesn't try leaving or anything. Leave the camera on the table across the side of the bed." Abbie says, as her and Laura walk out laughing.

I wonder why Gabi isn't doing anything.

"Gabi.." I manage to say, while Lane stares at me for a long time, the moon slightly illuminating his face.

"I can't help you." She cries, and I'm sure she's really crying hard because apart from the fact that Lane is taking advantage of me, she also has to watch.

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