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Turns out Truth or Dare actually translated to 'Who do you have a crush on' or 'Perform Sexual/Dangerous activity'.

Everyone else seemed to be having fun, taking shots, lap dancing in the house while the adults stayed outside on the lawn and didn't seem to notice their teenage children having 7 minutes of heaven.

Every time it came to my turn I just chose truth and they asked if I actually had a crush on Lane, do I date white guys, just stupid questions and I needed to escape fast.

Being the liar I am, I pretended to get a text from my mum saying I needed to go to my own house and get something.

I stood up and left the circle and Lane's house, trying my best to avoid my mum seeing me leave while she chatted with some friends on the lawn.

When I got to my house, I immediately removed my shoes and dove onto to the couch turning on the television.

Me watching an old episode of Pretty Little Liars was shortly interrupted by a knock on the front door, assuming it was my mum I began to panic.

But then I realised my mum wouldn't knock on the door, she had her keys or maybe she didn't.

I had a feeling it would be Lane, and my instincts were right when I opened the door.

"You weren't having fun?" He pulled the corner of his lips into a small smirk.

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