Not A Good Girl (completed)  by coraleigh24
Not A Good Girl (completed) by coraleigh24
In most people eyes Samantha Brooks was as good as they came, she spent her nights studying and never bothered with boys. She never drank nor did drugs, barely ever swor...
  • shortstory
  • wattys2018
  • goodgirl
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Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte | ✓ by feelthenirvana
Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte | ✓by spoopy season
[First Book in the Snacks Trilogy] Prank: [noun] a practical joke or mischievous act. -- ❝Hey, can I orde...
  • funny
  • textroverts
  • sera
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The secret babies [Completed] by symplyayisha99
The secret babies [Completed]by symply.ayisha
Abigail, the youngest female servant of the Williams household, came with the intention to work for a period of time in order to save up enough money to pay for her moth...
  • wattys2018
  • completed
  • ceo
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Forbidden Human Mate by ectopiic
Forbidden Human Mateby babyjay
It is said that only the special humans get werewolf mates. Human mates aren't usually frowned upon in most packs, but as for The Larken Moon pack it's forbidden to clai...
  • wattys2016
  • alpha
  • mate
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Text Horror Stories {✔} by Ge-Ge-17
Text Horror Stories {✔}by Georgie Scattergood
These stories might make you shiver, quake and possibly pee yourself a little. Prepare yourself with multiple blankets, a cup of hot chocolate and let the stories begin...
  • scary
  • paranormal
  • shortstory
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Say "I hate you" (Completed-Under Major Editing) by Devilscrib
Say "I hate you" ( Devilscrib
"Just say I Hate You and I'll leave you alone forever. But, can you?" --------------------------- Daniella has always been and will always be a bad girl. A bad...
  • badgirl
  • badass
  • funny
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Indecent Interview {Completed} by Caz-May
Indecent Interview {Completed}by Caz
When attending a job interview for a librarian position happily married Ella meets Benjamin. He is not what she would normally find 'good looking' and is not the type t...
  • shortstory
  • naughtiness
  • makeout
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The Backseat | ✔️ by Mxrleyy
The Backseat | ✔️by ☹ hiatus ☹
HIGHEST RANKING : #2 in SS 16/11/2018 Maya Benson does believe that the past repeats itself - she just thought it wouldn't with her. Now that she's stuck in the back of...
  • gray
  • chicklit
  • badgirl
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The Billionair's Ex Wife(Completed ✔) by Alpha_Mann
The Billionair's Ex Wife( Imperial Alpha
CAESAR SERIES #1 "My father was right about you all along" He whispered dangerously through the room. "What are you trying to say Sebastian ??" Clare...
  • wattys2018
  • ceo
  • wife
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The Good Girl's Bad Boy | ✓ by XFiction_GoddessX
The Good Girl's Bad Boy | ✓by Shyan Dupre
Highest Ranking:#3 in Shortstory Status:Completed ❝You're -You're stupid❞I shouted as I wiggled my finger in front his face ❝That's the best you can do Doll face❞ He c...
  • youngadult
  • romance
  • projectbadboy
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Midnight Kiss | ✓ by linaxwrites
Midnight Kiss | ✓by LINA
〚 completed 〛 When Josie spots one of the cutest guys she's ever laid eyes on she immediately wants him to notice her. The only problem is that she's reserved when it co...
  • youngadultreads
  • christmas
  • teenfiction
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Hot Line | ✓ by iwearheelys
Hot Line | ✓by brit
in which a guy calls a sex hotline just looking for a friend. ©iwearheelys, all rights reserved.
  • love
  • shortstory
  • friends
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babygirl j.jk° by -Cup--of--Suga-
babygirl j.jk°by °·.·°·.·°.·°·.·°
❝don't stop babygirl❞ jeon jungkook lowercase intended
  • daddysgirl
  • shortstory
  • bts
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The Wrong Number by prerna_lamz
The Wrong Numberby Ana Lamz
*COMPLETED* "Hel-" "JUDY! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU RIGHT NOW? I'M DYING HERE!" "Uh..shouldn't you call 911 if you're dying?" *** Where Kenne...
  • sarcastic
  • teen
  • flirty
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The Jock's Blackmail by awkward_tumbleweed
The Jock's Blackmailby D G
Unknown Number: Well you gotta give me something! Hell, anything! You can't just dangle this in front of me for the rest of my life! Me: I wasn't planning on it... Unkno...
  • random
  • bookworm
  • breakstereotypes
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Sex\ Fantasy stories by TheOddWolvesOut
Sex\ Fantasy storiesby Everest_On_Earth
These are just small and or short attitudes for your pleasure. Rankings- 13-literotica 178-shortchapters 131-shortchapters 134-shortchapters 109-shortchapters 127-short...
  • literotica
  • sexual
  • romance
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Slave of a Billionaire by supriyak334
Slave of a Billionaireby Supriya Kumari
I moved to new town with my uncle and bumped into him. We hated each other from the start. When we bumped again it was the worst part of my life, it made me his slave...
  • romancelovestory
  • billionaire
  • argue
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Possessive Cold Hearted CEO by adindaalyssa
Possessive Cold Hearted CEOby Adinda Alyssa
"Apa dia kekasihmu?" tanya Noah sambil perlahan-lahan mendekati Raya. Raya melangkah mundur sambil berkata gugup "Me-memangnya apa urusannya denganmu?&quo...
  • romance
  • innocent
  • generalfiction
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She's the One by KateAnnee
She's the Oneby KateAnne
George Scott, a prince of Eastwood high-school along with the rest of the football team ruled the school corridors. Alongside their princesses, the cheerleaders. But to...
  • runningback
  • teenagers
  • shortchapters
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"File Under: Kink" (Erotic One Shot Collection) by JWKent81
"File Under: Kink" (Erotic One JWKent81
Here is a collection of erotic one shots that I have been writing over a period of time. All stories are written by me and tackle a wide array of different kink topics. ...
  • interracial
  • shortstory
  • mature
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