fifty four

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"A fuse probably just broke to avoid the whole house exploding." Alex tells me, as we walk down to the basement.

I hold up my phone and use the flashing as a source of light before telling him, "I'm really never going back to school you now."

"You can't just stay here for ever, where are your parents anyways? Or do you live alone?" He said, and pulled out his own phone, turning on his own flashlight.

"My entire family is in London for the holidays." I said, before almost tripping down the remaining flight of stairs.

"Have you told your parents? I'm sure they're gonna sue." He shrugs, pointing his torch at my face, causing me to squint.

"I can't tell anyone, and neither can you. It never even happened," I warn him, pushing past him on the stairs, then finally getting into the basement.

"Electricity box thingys over there." I say finally, pointing my torch over at it.

I begin to walk slowly to it, before slipping on a wet substance that covers a small portion of the floor.

"Woah." Alex chuckles, as he catches me by the waist, and the quickly brush off, politely thanking him.

Alex walks past the water puddle on the floor and goes over to the electricity box, flips a switch and the lights come back on.

"I better head home, since you don't really feel like talking." He says politely, and I look outside the window when we get back to the living room.

It's still raining heavily and I'm sure he walked here, for some reason that I'm uncertain of, but I don't know if he wants to take a cab and I don't want to kick him into the rain.

"You're going to school tomorrow right?" I ask, leaning on the counter.

"Not if you're not." He shrugs.

"We don't go to the same school." I laugh, jumping onto the couch and picking up the remote.

"You don't know that," He shrugs again, with an even bigger smile spread across his face." I was thinking maybe we could go somewhere. You know, get your mind off everything."

"Where?" I raise my eyebrows, deciding already that there's no way I'm going anywhere.

"It's a surprise." Alex smiles.

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