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Sorry for typos if any, it's almost 2am here in England and I'm half asleep rewriting this, bear with me.

In sophomore year, I was a bit more noticed at my school. I was more outgoing, more athletic, cheerleading, dance committees, parties, you name it, I was involved.

I had a best friend, Abbie, who backstabbed me like the bitch she is.

Anyways, that's not the point. Well, not yet. Abbie and I were close. We did practically everything together. She was the only person my parents let sleep over, she was always at my house or vice versa. We went to the some church every Sunday, and taught the some Sunday school class together.

She could sing really well, and I would help her practice, play the piano whenever she had auditions or had to go for competitions, that all went to waste when she started dating this guy, Grayson.

Grayson was the average sixteen year old boy, had girls left and right, drove his dad's Lexus to school, and unfortunately Abbie was naïve enough to fall into the hands of such a man slut. She was in love so deep no one could come between her and her true love, at least that's what she said to me every day for one month.

Things started to turn for the worst and Grayson soon decided that Abbie was not his type anymore, that I was.

I stayed away from him and warned her but she was certain that her best friend of three years was trying to ruin her one month old relationship, soon enough I let her be on her own. Grayson tried and tried with me, but I wasn't having any of it. Soon enough Abbie learnt the truth when Grayson broke up with her because 'he liked her friend', well me.

After cheerleading practice I left my diary in the gym locker room, like a movie, she stole it and told everyone the next day at school that I slept with her boyfriend and a whole other pile off rubbish that I deleted from my memory.

Abbie is now Laura's best friend and they are both convinced I slept with Grayson till date.

"So you didn't sleep with that kid?" Lane asks, laughing at me trying to hold the liquid in his mouth from pouring.

"No, I did not, do I give you a sex vibe?" I tease, closing the fridge after looking for food. Even though Mrs Salleras provided more food than I could ever need at her get together that was literally 40 steps away. However, I wasn't interested in going back there.

"I don't know, what does a non-virgin look like?" He laughs even louder, brushing his shirt.

I immediately notice his appearance and begin to blush. His toned body told the light blue button up shirt he's wearing firmly. The collar loose because he's taken off his tie and it rests on the couch behind him. His hair appears way darker than normal, and his eyes a bit duller.

"Well I've heard that after you've been disvirgined, you look better. I mean if it's with the right person; you sort of start to glow." I smile and our eyes lock, and I begin to wonder why we're talking about this.

"So Laura doesn't like me because she think I slept with her best friends boyfriend two years ago, which I didn't by the way, and now she thinks I'm trying to sleep with you, that's..." I trail off not wanting to say that's idiotic but makes a bit of sense I guess.

"Go ahead," Lane prompts me to finish my sentence.

"That's pathetic. She's insane." I blurt out, trying to put it lightly.

I look out the window and the crowd has died down a bit at his house, but there are still alot of people, so I try to convince him I'm not feeling well and he should head back because I feel like I'm keeping him from his own party.

"You should go, everyone's probably looking for you."

"Aren't they looking for you?" He smiles, putting his tie round his neck again.

"No one's ever really looking for me," I put on a smile and stare at soda I've placed on the counter.

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