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How old are you guys? 🤔

I wake up to Alex and Stiles tapping me lightly, well Alex tapping me and Stiles whispering in my ear.

"Hold on baby girl lemme whisper in your ear, lemme tell you something that you really wanna hear girl-" Stiles raps in my ear and is soon interrupted by Alex.

"Shut the fuck up." Alex says, with an amused tone in his voice and I laugh.

I woke up a few times during my nap and heard everyone giggling and watching TV downstairs, they probably had dinner already but I was too tired to join.

I also had a really bad headache from all the unwanted crying.

"Quit bitchin' okay? She's awake." Stiles smiles at me when I open my eyes.

"What time is it?" I groggily reach to grab my phone but instead I almost knock over a plate of food I'm assuming they brought for me.

"It's nine thirty." Alex says, checking his watch.

I groan.

It's very annoying when you plan on taking a quick thirty minute shut-eye and you wake up like five hours later.

"I hope Mamsie's not irritated that I missed dinner." I say feeling very disrespectful.

"No, she didn't eat with. Adrian had her friends over-" Alex says but Stiles cuts in.

"Kylie fucking Jenner was here. Felt like a dream. She even spoke to me, I actually died." Stiles kicks his feet up onto the desk while sitting on the swirly chair.

"Really?" I sit up in shock, asking Alex to confirm what Stiles just said.

"Yeah, she's friends with me and Adrian." Alex shrugs, lying down on my bed more.

"That's really cool, it's too bad I missed her." I say feeling a bit disappointed I didn't get to meet her.

"She's throwing a party tonight." Stiles points out and I laugh.

"Haha, no." I literally say, feeling Alex's eyes as he stares at me.

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