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It was finally Thanksgiving Break meaning I had three days away from the hell hole that is school, but as I continued to argue with Satan I realized that being in school was better than staying at home, well my home in this case.

"I'm telling mum, you called me Satan!" My sister yelled as she ran up the stairs to report me to our dear mother who was probably asleep, and first of all waking her would drive her crazy, second my sister telling her I called her Satan would drive her ten times more crazy.

She'd always hated us arguing.

When I heard her open my mum's bedroom door, I knew that was my cue to run away.

I grabbed my coat from the couch and shoved my keys in my pocket, barely tying my shoe laces I ran out the door to Lane's house, which took me about 4 seconds to be precise.

To my surprise and bad-luck, Mrs Salleras opened the door but she didn't judge my rough appearance, instead she seemed pleased to see me.

"Lola, I'm glad you're here," She looked up the stairs and called out to Lane which gave me enough time to adjust how I looked.

"He's been locked up in there since I got back, I don't know why, but maybe you can go get him to come down?"

I knew why and I think we all should by now.

"I think he's just tired, I'll come by tomorrow," I turn around to leave, but the look on his mum's face makes me feel bad and I decide against leaving.

"Lane? It's Lola." I tap gently on the door.

After a few seconds the door opens and there he stands, the waistband of his baggy checkered pajamas hanging low.

"Now's not a good time, how 'bout tomorrow?" He barely even opens the door. His voice is rapsy sounds like he's been asleep but he probably hasn't.

"Your mum, won't really.." I trail off, when I look behind him and notice Laura sitting on his bed in nothing, but the shirt he wore to school yesterday.

"You should leave." He states plainly and his words hit like bullets. 

"It's fine, I'll go, see you tomorrow," I immediately turn around, and walk down the stairs only to meet his mum at the door of the kitchen.

"Leaving so soon dear?" She smiles at me, and walks into the kitchen and I don't know why but I follow behind her.

You don't know how many chapter tens as drafts, I've rewritten this way too many times ugh. The one I initially wrote with the whole story just seemed so rubbish and idk, sorry if this was bad, I initially wanted the chapters to be this short, but I'll probably double update soon x 

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