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"Anne, do you mind if I leave early? I have to do some things back home."

By do you mind if I leave early, I have things to do back home  I actually meant I was too tired to finish my shift and I had to go home and watch danisnotonfire on YouTube.

I did feel bad because I was a volunteer and I was meant to be helping raise money for cancer research by selling clothes but today I wasn't really into it.

She let me go because there were loads of other people who could cover and she was just a really nice lady.

The walk home was 20 minutes and I was too tired to endure it, pulling my phone out to call my mum, I remember the car isn't really working that well.

Always being hungry, I decide to go to the Cheesecake Factory and get myself a few cupcakes to eat while I watch videos on YouTube. Mistake. When I walk in I notice a tall boy and his hair in golden and brown coloured knots.

Immediately knowing who it is I turn around and bump into someone much shorter than me. Mistake number two.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't see- Lola? Hey what are you doing here?"

What kind of question is that? What am I doing at the cheesecake factory. Nothing, just hunting elephants, you know.

"I just came to get some food but I'm actually not that hungry anymore." I told her, she looked up at me her eyes wide and sparkling.

"You sure? You can join me and-" She starts to point over to her forever lover and I immediately decide against it.

"No it's fine, I'll see you on Monday." I push past her, rolling my eyes a bit and letting out a huge sigh of relief.

That was a bit mean, but I'm not the nicest person either.

I really wish I could hate Laura, I really do. Even with her red, black and white cheer uniform, her short size zero build, her blonde her and green eyes, she wasn't a typical demonic cheerleader named Mackenzie, she was the nicest person I'd ever spoken to in that school.

And I was the opposite actually. I wasn't that nice of a person.

Another reason why he'd choose her over me.


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