fifty seven

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"Are you okay?" Alex asks as we sit in the back sit of his car while the driver takes us to my impending doom.

"I'm starting to think I should've just gone to school. And I have the worst fear of airplanes. The worst." I tell him, handing him my passport.

"Oh, and turns out we don't need these if you're travelling within the United States, I'm so stupid." He laughs, handing it back to me.

"Oh right, how didn't we figure that one out." I smile back at him, pulling my phone out to check my social media notifications.

It's quite annoying how I sit down all day waiting for Harry Styles to tweet something completely random like the yellow grass grows knee high, or shake an apple from an apple tree. But the moment I decide to get up and do the chores I was meant to do ten years ago. He finally tweets.

I sigh to myself as I read his tweet where he thanks everyone for voting from One Direction at the KCAs.

"If you really don't want to go, I could take you back home. You could go to school." Alex offers, with a slightly sad expression on his face.

"What am I even saying?" I laugh, "I don't want to go back there, I'm glad you invited me." I smile at him.

The drive to the airport is short and before we know it, we are boarding a plane that's a bit smaller than average.

We go onto the runway and climb the stairs onto the plane and that's when I realise it's a private jet.

When we get inside I'm astonished, there's only a few hostesses on board and when we get on board there are already three people sitting down.

"I thought you wouldn't come." A boy I recognise from the party says, I think he's a senior at Palos Hills, but I'm not so sure.

"Sorry we're late, I had to go get someone; guys this is Lola," Alex introduces me to the three.

"This is Stiles, this is Adrianna and this is Jamie." He points to each of them and I take in their appearances.

I've met and started talking to what feels like a million people in the past few weeks and I feel like I've aged ten years in this time.

"Hey, aren't you the sex tape girl?" The dark haired girl whose name is Carter speaks to me.

Sex tape? So everyone thinks I uploaded that, which is probably why nothing's happened, and everyone's pretending that it's not a big deal, I think to myself.

"Adrian..." Alex says whispers with his teeth shut together, while the other boys stare at her in shock.

She starts speaking in Spanish really quickly in Spanish and looks irritated, rolling her eyes at Alex before taking a magazine and covering her face.

"I apologise for her behaviour." Jamie says, shaking then bowing his head.

"I don't mind." I laugh.

"Do you go to Palos Hills?" Stiles asks, tying his shoe lace while he looks up and stares at me.

"Yeah, do you?" I reply politely trying to have a normal conversation.

"Yeah, we're seniors." Jamie and Alex explain, and I begin to wonder how it is that I'd never seen them before.

There are a lot of seniors and most of their classrooms are in a separate building from the rest of the school, which is probably why I haven't noticed them around.

"Oh, I haven't seen you guys before." I point out to them, I can barely trust anything anyone says ever again.

"We don't come to school that often, cause we've already been accepted to colleges, so what's the point? And even if we do, we rarely come to the junior building." Stiles says, tossing a football back and forth between him and Alex.

"How old are you anyways?" Carter says to me, dropping the magazine on her lap.

"I'm sixteen," I tell her, "I'm not seventeen till May."

"Oh that's nice of you to try and make a friend Carter." Jamie smiles sarcastically at her, and she raises a finger at him before pulling out her phone.

"We're taking off soon guys." An air hostess in red attire approaches us which her hands put together.

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